A NASA Fractured Fantasy


Adventures of Sir Oldbod and the Cosmic Priestess

    Memoirs of Sir Oldbod, a knight of an ancient world, lost in time.


Part 4 Decision NO

copyright Des Pensable, 2012



I looked at Moonshine and the President of this Federation as they called it and felt that they were not a part of my world. Why should I join this strange group of people. Moonshine was a witch of that I was now sure. She had bought the plague upon my poor friend Lord Percy. She would have to be killed before she could do any more harm. It was clear that she was playing with dangerous magic that would harm my people in my world. It was my job to eliminate the danger she posed.

'No' I said 'I do not want to become part of your Federation. Please return me to my world.'
'As your wish.' she stated and disappeared.
'Mother recreate the illusion and take us back to the time when we left.' was all that Moonshine said and we were once again in the ecodome tent.

'I will have to kill you witch even though you cowardly hide in the body of my horse.' I said. 'but before I do I an curious as to whether I killed you in any of my other lives.'
'No you didn't and you won't ever get another chance for this is our last life together and in approximately 58 minutes we will both cease to exist.'

'What do you mean?' I asked becoming a little concerned.
'Every decision that you and I have ever made has affected the future. Three days ago you made the decision not to continue our quest to find the God Yet To Be Born.'

'As a consequence, three days ago this world was declared a dead world as a horrible plague has been released here by our enemies to stop the birth of the GYTOBEB. Unless the future is changed this plague will devastate the Federation of Enlightened Worlds causing deaths of 99% of their populations. It is hoped that it originated here and by destroying this world and us that the future may be changed and the fate of those worlds changed.'
'However, they won't know until after you and I and this world is destroyed.'

'Every place, every living creature , every person you ever knew, every one of their future children, their collective knowledge and dreams will cease to exist as if it had never existed.'

'Welcome to the end of the world and this future time line. Our deaths may save billions of people or none. We have 56 minutes to enjoy life. What would you like to do?'

'Umm ... Can I change my mind? ' I asked.
'Fortunately we are in a time machine so it is possible. Would you like to say YES my love?'
Now I knew why I had never killed her in any of our previous lives together. It was my survival instinct.

'Errr ....YES'. I said.

If you choose NO then BOOM ... the END.

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