A NASA Fractured Fantasy


Adventures of Sir Oldbod and the Cosmic Priestess

    Memoirs of Sir Oldbod, a knight of an ancient world, lost in time.


Part 2 Horsing Around

copyright Des Pensable, 2012



           We had travelled several hours and the sun was past its peak. My mind was ablaze with thoughts about what had happened the night before. I was confused. Was it a dream? Was I hallucinating from something that I had eaten that had been contaminated with toadstool spores? Was I being deluded by some foul spell perpetrated by some dark malevolent bitch witch.

I again looked at my arm where there were three pink scars. I touched them with my finger tips. They were very definitely there and the area around them slightly tender. I remembered the fight that I had to protect the woman. That beautiful woman. It still didn't make any sense. She said that she came from the future and the past. How was that possible?

She said that she was my lover there. Very weird stuff. But her body was soft and the warmth and zest of her love making was magnificently real. She said that her spirit was now cohabiting inside the body of my horse Misty.

I heard a voice as clearly as if it were from someone standing beside me.
'Hello boss.'
I looked around but saw no one.
'Er … hello.' I answered tentatively.
“Its me Misty, boss. I saw how that woman Moonshine talked to you with her mind and thought that I could do it too.”
This is too weird I though. I must be sick.

“How do I know its you Misty and not Moonshine?” I queried.

“I know everything that we’ve done together. Last week we fought off the wolf pack. One tore my back leg before you despatched it and you tended it until it healed. Two weeks ago when we left the town you were drunk and fell off me on the way to our camp and I waited all night for you to wake up.”

‘All right. I concede that you are more likely to be Misty than Moonshine. Is Moonshine really in there with you? Does she know that you are talking to me. Can she hear what you are saying?”

“Yes she is in my body with me. I think that she’s asleep. She’s feeling a little sick. I don’t think she’s used to being inside a body like mine. I‘m not supposed to talk to you. It‘s against the rules she said.”

‘Errraaargh. I feel terrible!” said another voice.

‘Is that you Moonshine?’ I asked.

‘Yes. I’m not used to travelling in one of these creatures. The world looks so different from where I am. I think that I’m suffering from some type of motion sickness. Yech.”

‘Would it help if we stopped and made camp early?” I asked.

‘It might. Let’s try it. If I can turn back into a human form then I might feel better. Can you set up my ecodome tent. No one must see me transform. It is against the rules.” she replied.

‘Err … what rules are those?’ I asked curiously.

‘Cosmic etiquette code 123 subsection 4 Transmogrification must only be carried out in private and kept a secret lest it upset local customs.’

‘Oh that one.’ I replied not having a clue what she was talking about.

I rode on for several minutes looking for a suitable camp site and finding a private grassy clearing next to a small mountain stream I halted, dismounted, removed Misty’s saddle and set up camp while she chomped happily on sweet tender grass shoots.

I unrolled Moonshines strange tent and pushed the button she had indicated and the thing writhed around slowly taking shape whilst making rather disgusting windy sounds.

‘Moonshine. This tent of yours. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it. It sort of sticks out as being unusual and is likely to attract attention which you seem to be trying to avoid.’ I said.

‘Tell them that’s you saw it advertised on the Internet and imported it from overseas.’ she replied.

‘Err … what’s an Internet and who’s this fellow Overseas?’

‘Oh dam. I’m sorry I forgot for a moment. This is only a class 1c society and you haven’t invented an Internet yet. Never mind I’ll switch on the habitat emulator and the tent will create an illusory field that makes it look like one of the more usual dwellings.‘

‘Ummm … I’m not sure what you said but I’m interested in learning.’ I replied wondering where this woman/horse had learnt such things or was I just hallucinating.

When the ecodome stopped writhing and groaning and seemed to be finished its growth. I opened the entry flap and Misty passed through into the structure.

‘Stand back a few paces and watch.’ she said verbally and a minute of two later and to my great surprise the ecodome changed its look to that of a small country cottage complete with a herb garden and flowers around the edge.

‘What magic is this?’ I asked quite astonished.

‘The ecodome is an off world model equipped with a trans spectral solar powered holographic generator. What you see is just an illusion. Pretty good eh. Why don’t you come in I’ve changed to my human form.’

Hesitantly I went in to see Moonshine standing there covered only in a see-through gossamer gown that left nothing to the imagination. She was a real woman with a sumptuous body that made my head spin with desire.

I began to remove my clothes in anticipation.
‘Wait!’ she said. ‘I’m still feeling a bit queasy. Can you give me a while to recover and you smell a little sweaty perhaps you can have a bath in the stream.’

‘All right.’ I replied trying to be agreeable.

I left the strange abode, retrieved a bar of soap and a drying cloth from my saddle bag and went over to the stream to cleanse my body. The water was deathly cold but it was the anticipation of Moonshine’s sweet love that motivated my actions and assisted my mind in ignoring the shock and pain as I bathed in the sparkling crystal clear icy melt water.

Feeling fully alive and squeaky clean after the bracing torture of the stream I returned to the illusory cottage but a nasty thought seeped into my mind as I did so.

‘What if Moonshine was an illusion just like the cottage. What if she was really still in the shape of a horse but just looked like a woman? How could I make love to my horse? That would be improper.’

‘I’m feeling much better. I had some anti-histamines and that’s cleared away the queasiness. Lets make smouldering love.’ she said in a husky enticing voice from inside the ecodome.

‘Wait!’ I said ‘How do I know that you’re not really in the shape of a horse. You really smell like one and this strange holo-something illusion thing you have might be deceiving me.’ I asked.
‘I don’t like the idea of making love to my horse in here.’ I stated.

‘Why ever not.’ said a voice in my mind which I suspected was Misty. ’I’ve been looking forward to this. I won’t mind.’

‘I smell like a horse?’ said Moonshine a little annoyed.

‘Yes. Why don’t you go and have a wash in the stream like I did. That way I can see if you really are a woman again and you won’t smell like I’m making love to Misty.’ I said .

‘And by the way. If that is Misty’s horse body then she is still in there. Won’t I be making love to her as well?’ I asked.

‘Well firstly I can’t just go out there and wash in the stream until after dark to show you that I am really in a human female form otherwise someone might see me and secondly technically speaking Misty will err … probably be aware of us making love, however, she said that she will try to ignore it.

Besides she said she has watched you make love to other maidens before. She said that once you made love to one while the woman was leaning against her side! She’s actually looking forward to it.’ said Moonshine.

‘Hmm … I’ll have to think about this a little first. Lets wait until dark so that I can see you at least.’ I replied.

‘Okay I’ll rest for a while.’ she said a little disappointed. ’Why don’t you heat up some water so that I can have a wash. That stream water must be quite cool.’

‘It is!’ I replied as I left the ecodome with a moral dilemma.

I was a knight of the Old Order. My whole life had been devoted to doing what I considered was morally right and just. I was charged to right wrongs and protect the weak and innocent and to rid the world of foul creatures and magic. Was this woman really a witch. Was making love to Moonshine while Misty’s spirit was watching on and feeling our lovemaking morally right? Since it was really Misty’s body shaped to look like Moonshine’s body would I in fact be making love to Misty while Moonshine was watching on and feeling everything? It was extremely confusing and worrying.

I set about making a campfire and placed in it several rocks the size of my fist then dug out a shallow hole near the fire and lined it with an oiled soft leather water proof liner that I kept for this purpose and filled the depression in the ground with water to create a sort of earthen wash basin then waited until dusk while munching on some way bread.

As darkness fell I removed the fist sized stones from the fire placing them in the earthen wash basin thus heating the water to an acceptable warm temperature just as Moonshine came out of the cottage.

‘Now are you convinced that I have really transformed to a human form.’ she said with a pleasing smile.

I was indeed convinced. As she stood there naked in the glow of the camp fire I was enchanted by her presence once more. I handed her a wash cloth and the soap and showed her the pool of warmed water and watched eagerly as she washed over her sumptuous body. I couldn’t understand the magic that was able to transform a horse into this beautiful form. It was beyond my comprehension.

‘How is it possible to change from a horse into that beautiful human form. You must be a witch of some type.’ I said.

‘No. I am not a witch. I am a person like you but have much advanced knowledge of secrets that you might think that only the gods know. They allow me to do things which seem impossible here but elsewhere in time and space are considered normal. In other times and places where we have been together you have mastered many of the arts. I can teach you of amazing things as we journey together if you are willing but only if you can free your mind and accept the impossible.’ she said.

‘Why are you here?’ I asked a little afraid.
‘I have already told you. I am waiting for GYTOBEB The god yet to be born. It may take a long time but I am determined to be ready when it happens and until then I will keep waiting and watching and learning and you are my protector.’ she replied.

‘Oh. That’s right I remember now. I suppose this GYTOBEB won’t consider it morally unacceptable for us to make love while Misty is watching on then.’ I said.

‘I doubt it.’ she replied .’He or she hasn’t been born yet so he or she can’t really be worried about that.’ she chuckled.

‘That seems logical.’ I replied. ’I’m starting to like this god or goddess of yours. He or she leaves it up to us to decide what is right or wrong and what is acceptable or not.’

‘What if we die before Gytobeb is born?’ I asked out of curiosity.

‘Oh we can’t. You see even if you die here in this place and time then you’ll still be alive somewhere else in some other time.’ she replied.

‘Oh.’ I said ‘It seems rather complicated. So what happens after he or she is born?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.’ she chuckled. ‘Now are we going to make love or talk all night?’

‘Okay I’m convinced but I might need one of those elixirs of youth as my short sword is not very sharp. How about I go into the cottage and make myself comfortable while you get another blue tablet.’ I said.

‘All right. That seems like a good plan.’ she replied as the moonlight glowed on her milky white skin. Moments later she vanished in a shower of moon dust.

I went into the cottage and lay back on the wonderfully soft couch which seemed to re-adjust its shape for me. Strange rather pleasant music began to play although I know not where from and I settled back to wait with great anticipation of a wonderful night of love making and dozed off.

I awoke the next morning well rested and left the cottage to find Misty munching on grass near the burnt out camp fire.

‘What happened. My love did we have a wonderful night of love making. I can’t seem to remember what happened.’ I asked.

‘No you missed out. ’ said the mental voice of Misty into my mind.

‘What happened?’ I asked.

‘Moonbeam went back to her star in the sky and found out that the machine that makes the elixir of youth had broken down. She spent hours trying to fix it and just when it was starting to work properly along came dawn. She had to come back here to change back into my horse form and now she’s so tired that she’s gone to sleep.

‘Dam machines!’ I said ‘They are malevolent inventions!’ as I deflated the ecodome and started packing up the camp. Still not all was lost I had a good night’s sleep and began looking forward to another exotic night with the cosmic priestess.


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