A NASA Fractured Fantasy


Adventures of Sir Oldbod and the Cosmic Priestess

    Memoirs of Sir Oldbod, a knight of an ancient world, lost in time.


Part 1 - The Reunion

copyright Des Pensable, 2010


It was in that quiet period just before dark, and I was leading my mount Misty around the edge of the base of a mountain, looking for a sheltered spot to camp. We were both tired. Our bones were getting old, and we were no longer the strong and tireless team that we had been once, long ago. Some sort of spirit creatures had besieged a friend living in the wilds, and we were on our way to help.
           A pleasant horseshoe-shaped nook appeared in the grey dreariness of the mountainside, and we trudged towards it to examine it more closely. The ground was relatively flat and covered in a thick carpet of dry greenish yellow moss. Nearby there was a small silvery stream flowing over rough fist-sized chunks of rock. There were a few small birds of prey circling lazily in the sky, and the clouds were changing hue from dark grey to deep scarlet with the setting of the sun.
           I unpacked our camping gear while Misty drank from the stream. I fitted her nosebag, filled with sweet grasses that I had collected during the day, and she munched happily as I brushed her down. I remember making a fire with some dead wood I had collected at the base of the mountain, and brewing a cup of my favorite herbal mix as I munched on some way-bread.
My mind was on a small piece of bittersweet citrus fruit of an unfamiliar kind that I had been lucky enough to find this morning. It was next on my menu.
           As the daylight dimmed and the night crept upon me I sat with a steaming cup of brew overlooking the forest below. There were a few birdcalls, and then an eerie silence seemed to take hold of the area. As I watched, a section of the forest became darker than its surroundings. The patch of darkness began to move in a direction further around the mountainside from where I was sitting.
           I moved to a position where I might see what motivated the darkness in the forest to move as it did, and I spied another small smokeless campfire not unlike my own.  There was another traveller perhaps four hundred paces away, unaware of the approach of this black menace. I decided to investigate. Perhaps they could use my help.
           Misty was also aware of the malevolent presence in the forest below. She was nervous and skittish. Her eyes had opened wide and her ears bent back. She moved and nuzzled into my side as I approached her. I sang a mantra of calming into her ear then another of courage over her shoulders and she took on the bearing of a mighty war steed ready to fight to the death with me.
‘No,’ I whispered. ‘You take guard. I will deal with this alone.’
           I knelt and said a quick prayer to the Maker, retrieved my mail chest piece from my saddlebag and donned it, strapped on my sword and set off in the direction of the other campfire. It took me several minutes to find a suitable path and I ended up overlooking it from a position several paces above and twenty paces distant.
           A beautiful woman clothed in a simple white gown stood in front of the fire, facing three roughly human shaped clouds of darkness, each with glowing red eyes. The creatures seemed to be unable to approach her and she seemed unwilling to harm them. I scrambled down to her level and approached from her left side, making more noise than the usual to ensure my presence was known.
           ‘Are you in need of help?’ I asked.
           ‘They cannot harm me, Sir Knight,’ she replied without a hint of fear in her voice.  ‘At dawn they will disburse to their bleak existences but they may harm you.’
           ‘You cannot stand here all night keeping them at bay, dear lady. You will get no rest. May I send them on their way?’ I asked.
           ‘You may if you so desire, Sir Knight, and I will pray for their souls,’ she replied, and she began to sing.
            Her song was beautiful and full of power. It inspired me to greatness. I felt like I was a youth again full of courage, fire and resolve. I unsheathed my blade and waded into the fray. She created a barrier of protective light around my body and none of the three dark spirits had a chance.
           Her shield kept me from harm and my blade cut magical swathes though their incorporeal essences. No sooner had the fight started than it was over. Together we had defeated the menaces with the ease of skill and experience.
           True to her words, she sang a prayer for the souls of the departed spirits and talked of them as if they were friends. Her spirit seemed the essence of goodness and love..
           ‘May I know your name?’ I asked.
           ‘I have many names in many places but you may call me Moonshine,’ she replied.
           ‘Thank you Moonshine, I am known as Sir Oldbod,’ I replied, then asked ‘Why didn’t you destroy those malign spirits?’
           ‘They were once like us. They lived and loved. They didn’t wish to suffer the fate they have. They are innocent and I cannot harm them. The guilt lies with the deceptions they have been fed by the false gods they followed,’ she replied.
           ‘Which god do you follow Moonshine?’ I asked, a little afraid of what her answer might be.
            ‘I am a priestess of GYTOBEB, a god yet to be born. He is not widely known but he lives in my heart as surely as you stand there. I have searched the heavens to find him so that I may follow him wherever he goes. He will bring balance and harmony, peace and love to all the worlds,’ she replied.
            Just then, more of the shadowy black creatures arrived. I redrew my blade and charged at them with the priestess guarding my back. Again and again the creatures pressed us, but we overcame them all. Finally, a large black creature that was all spikes and claws and fangs attacked us. We must have fought for several minutes until we finally overcame it. I had never seen anything like it.
           ‘You are injured - let me heal your wounds,’ she said.
           The creature had managed to get through my defences and had left three scarlet furrows across my left arm with its claws. She placed her gentle hand over the wounds and they closed, leaving only pink scars.
           ‘These are creatures from my nightmares. They wish to prevent my god from being born. By protecting me you have saved him again,’ she said.
           ‘Again?’ I asked.
           ‘Yes again,’ she replied as she rolled up the sleeve of her left arm, revealing an identical set of scars to my own then she hugged into my chest.
           ‘Wherever I have been searching for wisdom and waiting for GYTOBEB, you have always been there to protect me. We have met in many places and many times in the past and the future, for we are bound by fate. We are safe until dawn. Will you let me love you once more?’
           I had an eerie feeling that she was right. I felt her warm body pressed against mine and knew it. I looked into her eyes and could remember the eternal love that we had always had for each other and as these memories resurfaced I felt sad.
           ‘I’m sorry my love, my body has grown old while I was waiting for you. My manhood has lost its resolve and I will only disappoint you,’ I said despairingly.
           ‘I am healer as well as a priestess. I shall heal you my love,’ she said as she slipped her hand down the front of my pants; alas, she found little response to her gentle coaxing.
           ‘Hmm,’ she said, ‘This may require something stronger.’ And she pointed at a bright star in the sky.
            ‘I shall need to visit my home up there for a short time. You return to your camp. I shall be back soon.’ And she burst into a rain of golden stardust that sprinkled over the ground, and was gone.
            I returned to my trusty mount wondering whether I had dreamed the whole adventure. However, five minutes later, in a cloud of stardust, she returned with a silver blanket, which she rolled out upon the ground. Moments later it expanded, bobbing and weaving and making terrible puffing sounds on the ground until it magically transforming into a silver dome shaped tent of sorts. She turned to me and handed me a small blue diamond shaped tablet.
            ‘This is the essence of youth. Swallow it and join me in this small abode and we will rekindle our love together,’ she said with a seductive smile as she entered the dome.
           I quickly swallowed the essence of youth and entered her silver realm, to find her lying clothed only in a gossamer of moonlight. My manhood came alive with such desire that I was transformed into a youth of just twenty. Later I fell into a deep sleep, hoping not to awaken as a toad.
           When I awoke with a warm sun beating down upon my face I felt rejuvenated. Long lost memories of past wenches and the fun we had, had returned. Misty stood nearby happily munching on some grass. I thought about the incredible dream that I had had. That strange bit of citrus fruit I had found yesterday must have caused it.
           It was hot, so I rolled up my sleeves and noticed the scars on my arm.
           ‘Oh you’re awake my love,’ said Misty.
           My mind reeled; what was happening?
            ‘Have I gone mad?’ I asked aloud.
            ‘No my sweet! This is Moonshine talking. I have been advised not to reveal myself to others lest I cause a temporaI disconuity so I have moved my spirit into your mount Misty. We are cohabitating her body. While I am in this body I should not attract undesired attention and we can all be together for rest of your days.'
            ‘Each day we will search for adventure and wisdom and each night as the moon comes out I will transform Misty's body into my woman form, and we will keep each other warm and content.’
            ‘Are you some type of witch?’ I asked, a little worried.
            ‘Are witches considered good here?’ she asked.
            ‘No! I smite them wherever I can,’ I replied.
            ‘Then no. I’m not like a witch,’ she replied.
            ‘What do they call witch-type people that you like here?’
            ‘Enchantresses.’ I replied thinking about that lovely red headed woman in the Ugly Lion I had known years before.
            ‘Well I’m a priestess, but I guess you can think of me as a enchantress if you wish,’ she replied.
            ‘Will my manhood return again?’ I asked thinking about the wonderful night we had spent together.
            ‘Don’t worry my love. Its memory returned last night,’ she replied with a smile. ‘Your small sword is now sharp once more. If we have any problems I can always shoot back to my star and get some more essence of youth.’
            ‘If we are to be together until the end of my days what will happen then?’ I asked.
            ‘You will die as all men do, and I will search and find you again in another place and time.’
           ‘Am I really in lots of other places right now?’ I asked trying to understand this strange concept.
           ‘Yes and No. In different realities you’re in different places at different times, but don’t worry I will always find you,’ she said gently.
            ‘How do you do this, my love?’ I asked, quite amazed.
            ‘My heart leads me to you, my love. I also use a microtransdimensional temporal analyzer, which helps a lot.’
           ‘By the way,’ she said, ‘Don’t forget to pack my ecodome, I won’t get a good night’s sleep without it.’
           ‘‘This seems like good fortune, it seems very good indeed!’ I thought as I started to pack all my gear on Misty - Moonshine.


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