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Global warming is Real

GLOBAL WARMING is Happening and Humans are causing it. Its as real as GRAVITY or EVOLUTION. You can stick your head in a hole in the gound and try to ignore it but it won't go away. You can give up or you can fight to try and save the world from the socipaths and psychopaths that wish to destroy it. There is NO planet B.

Does this sound like you...(read more)

Des is a member of several Environmental Groups.

Stop the TPP

Check out Des Pensable's Blogs on the Bad News Called the TPP

The Transpacific Partnership (TPP) regulations cover not just trade but almost every aspect of our lives. Only 3 chapters of 29 are about trade, the rest cover everything from the use of the Internet, to labour and working conditions, food and agriculture, medicine and drugs, environment and pollution to flow of money in and out of countries and it’s been completely done in secret. Hundreds of advisers from the multinationals are involved but no consumer organisations and very few of our own parliamentarians in Australia are privy to its contents.

If both the TPP and the TTIP are signed and ratified, without the people being a part of the process then the multinational companies will have a template to rule the world. It’s been called a “corporate coup in disguise” in the USA and strongly criticised in the UK and other countries. The multinationals have much to gain, and similarly you and I in Australia have much to lose.

These so called “Free Trade“ agreements will cause a dramatic reduction in democracy around the world as no one will be able to instruct their own governments to make laws to protect them from corruption, pollution, environmental destruction and the often antisocial and malevolent actions of some of the multinational corporations.

for MORE on the TPP

adNAUSEUM is about Philosophy

Love to argue? Philosophy is where it's at. Solve all the world's problems in a night over a few ales. Of course noone will probably believe you as they all have their own solutions to the world's problems as well but its fun and sociable. Much better than texting your friends about all the quirks of your boss who doesn't appreciate your wisdom. He or she will soon be forgotten by history as one of the countless idiots you wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. (read more)

Des Pensable.

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Poets Pie

Performance poetry is the future of poetry. It's out there amongst the real people. The unholy drunken mob like you and me. (Perhaps only me?) If you penetrate the alcoholic fog with your words of great beauty, political heresy or just bizarre humor and get a clap for it you've done your job. You're a modern day bard and if you're lucky you might even be shouted a free drink for all your mind bending word juggling frustrations. Make your words mean something get into performance poetry. Read some of my poetry. (read more) Des is a member of Sydney Poetry.


Like a little satire, a comment on the unreality of our current reality. Satire is the way to go. Although its hard to create satire about our current Federal government as they are operating in a totally different world to the rest of us. Check out my Satire menu.