German Study: TTIP Trade Agreement Will Cost Australia and Canada More Than $100 Billion Each Year Within a Decade

climate-change happens quickly

Des Pensable copyright 2016

There has been little discussion anywhere about how the massive USA- European TTIP trade agreement, (the sister agreement to the TPP) will affect Australia and Canada. That is perhaps because it will affect them adversely and the pro-trade politicians and US aligned media are keeping quiet about it.

One German Study was quite candid about the TTIP. There will be winners and losers. The biggest winners will be the USA and the UK and the biggest losers will be Australia and Canada. I’ll bet that’s a surprise!

Australia will lose the equivalent of 7.41% of its GDP growth which roughly equates to about $106 billion per year. Canada will lose about 9.48% of its GDP or about $153 billion per year in 2012 US dollars. I’ll bet most Australians and Canadians don’t know that!

The German study suggested countries outside the TTIP would lose 250,000 jobs. Presumably Australia and Canada will be hard hit losing tens of thousands of jobs. In addition to these losses Australia will lose about 39,000 jobs and Canada 58,000 jobs from the TPP.

In another study looking at different scenarios by the Petersen Institute in the USA, Australia, Canada and the USA would do the best if they all join the  ASEAN economies in an Asian Free Trade deal.

Everyone gains from this except it might mean the USA has to share world hegemonic economic power with China as a duopoly. As one analyst states It’s highly unlikely that the defence neoconservatives in the US government would wish to share power with China.

They see the TTIP and TPP as strategic parts of their geopolitical struggle to maintain US world transnational corporate hegemony. This could lead to an economic cold war between a US corporate aligned TTIP/TPP trade block and the China/Russia BRICS trading block. That would have negative consequences for everyone in the world.

Both the TTIP and TPP have only a few chapters that are specifically about trade, the rest are about restructuring all the counties internal structures to make it more amenable to control by the US /European transnational corporations.

We know that TTIP and TPP will affect every aspect of people’s lives through privatisation of government assets and changes in local health and environmental laws. Countries will not be allowed to make any laws that override the TPP laws.

It takes away the power of your elected political representatives in the future.  This takes away every country’s independence and sovereignty. All will truly become dependant vassal states of a massive USA/ European transnational corporate hegemony.

The people of the USA are also losers in these trade deals. The US people will lose jobs like when they signed the NAFTA agreement. It’s believed they lost 700, 000 jobs offshore in that deal. They will undoubtedly suffer greater inequality, more poverty and more corporate owned debt chaining them to ever worsening economic slavery, and of course less personal freedom.

There is another IMPORTANT factor that will substantially change all economic scenarios including the TTIP and TPP. Neither of these trade agreements mentions Global Warming.

This is said to be the biggest threat to our civilisation the world has ever known yet it is not mentioned in these treaties. The Paris Climate Change agreement was all about mitigating the potentially catastrophic effects of Global Warming.

The TPP has raised warning flags that it could have disastrous effects on efforts to mitigate Global Warming around the world. EVERYTHING our industrial world produces uses fossil fuels in its manufacture and fossil fuels in its transport.

International trade is mainly by sea trade which uses bunker fuel. This is environmentally the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel which already accounts 3-4% carbon pollution (more than the whole of Australia) and a large proportion of the world’s sulphur and nitrogen pollution. These gases are the prime cause of Global warming and ocean acidification.

World trade is expected to double in the next 20 years. More TPP/TTIP trade logically means the use of more fossil fuels, more environmental pollution and faster and more serious Global Warming threatening the world and YOUR family’s future. This has been CONFIRMED by a recent US sustainable development study.

In addition to the increased Global Warming from increased trade, the ISDS clauses within both the TTIP and TPP agreements create a private corporate legal system that can kill Global Warming mitigation. Both Australia and Canada are seriously at risk for hundreds of billions in costs here. Canada already knows the serious risks of the ISDS from the large number of ISDS claims from the NAFTA agreement.

The world is currently at a turning point. Global Warming threatens everyone’s future and the TTIP and TPP will add extra threats.

We have to VERY seriously consider whether the TPP and TTIP, which will cost us jobs, increase Global Warming, hamper our efforts to mitigate it and create new corporate controlled trade blocks that have the potential to create a new cold war with China / Russia aligned states is in the world’s best interest or not. Is it in YOUR best interest?

If we decide that it’s not in OUR world’s best interest then we must mobilise EVERY EFFORT to make sure these dangerous TTIP and TPP agreement are not ratified but instead placed in the dust bin of history where they belong.  Decide soon or forever rest in peace!

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The TPP/TTIP Agreements Mean More Global Warming and a World Trade War

The TPP/TTIP Agreements Mean More Global Warming and a World Trade War

thats home

Des Pensable copyright 2016

Now that the Australian elections are over we can get back to discussing the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) and Global Warming the two most important issues that will seriously affect the future of all Australians and indeed all of the people in the world.  These issues were purposely not discussed by mutual agreement between the two major parties during the election and we should all ask why?

The Australian LNP government with the agreement of the Labor party and WITHOUT ANY DEBATE in parliament signed the agreement to much protest on 4th February, 2016. However,  it will not come into force until it is ratified by our parliament expected to be later this year or next. Should we ratify it?

The 29 chapters of the TPP were finally revealed last year and we were told that WE CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING within it, we can ONLY accept or reject it.

No commercial enterprise would ever consider signing up to a multibillion dollar deal without examining a cost/benefit analysis in great detail. In fact there was a cost benefit analysis on the economic aspects of the TPP which found that Australia will hardly benefit at all economically but will lose 39,000 jobs.  An analysis of the decade old Australia / USA free trade agreement show that we are worse off than we would have been without it.

There are no studies on the cost/ benefits for human society and people but many reasons to believe that the TPP/TTIP agreements will be bad for Australian people like you and me and indeed the people in the other countries as well.

So why is there so much secrecy and lack of transparency?  Why are we joining this agreement if there are little obvious benefit and lots to lose? There MUST be a hidden agenda?


There is an environmental chapter in the TPP. It is weak and ineffectual.  Here’s what Wikileaks said about the chapter.

“The Environment Chapter clearly shows the intention to first and foremost protect trade, not the environment. The principle is spelled out in this draft that local environmental laws are not to obstruct trade or investment between the countries.’ 

There is NO MENTION of Global Warming or Climate Change in the TPP.

The TPP has raised warning flags that it could have disastrous effects on efforts to mitigate Global Warming around the world.

EVERYTHING our international civilisation produces uses fossil fuels in its manufacture and fossil fuels in its transport.

International trade is mainly via sea transport which uses bunker fuel. This is environmentally the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel which already accounts 3-4% carbon pollution (more than the whole of Australia) and growing proportion of the world’s  sulphur and nitrogen pollution that is the prime cause of Global warming and acidification of the oceans and killing our Great Barrier Reef.

More TPP/TTIP trade logically means the use of more fossil fuels, more environmental pollution and FASTER and MORE SERIOUS Global Warming threatening the world and your family’s future. This has been CONFIRMED by a US sustainable development  study.

The ISDS clauses within both the TTIP and TPP agreements create a private corporate legal system that can block global warming mitigation. Australia is seriously at risk for hundreds of billions in costs here.

This is one HIDDEN AGENDA that the Australian (and other) global warming denier governments, which mainly happen to be fossil fuel producing countries such as the USA, DO NOT wish to discuss with their citizens.

The Paris World Climate Change agreement showed that  ALL the sane caring and environmentally conscious  people of the world DO NOT WANT global warming to happen FASTER, they want it slowed and stopped.

The millions of people that supported the Paris agreement do not have a collective death wish.  They have heard the message of the world’s IPCC scientists that say unless we stop Global Warming then it will cause irreversible changes to OUR planet Earth and doom OUR civilisation.

The EVIDENCE from the IPCC studies shows that if Global Warming continues at the business as usual rate (the current rate) a 3-4C world will mean the POOREST PEOPLE in the world WILL SUFFER and MANY WILL DIE. A 6C world will mean we ALL die.   Is that an acceptable trade deal to YOU ?


Another hidden agenda is that the TTIP/TPP trade agreements have massive GEOPOLITICAL significance to the US corporate world empire. They are about maintaining and growing the US hegemonic empire.  I have discussed some of the consequences of this for Australia but it affects every member of  the world’s community of people.

ANY economist will tell you that there will be winners and losers with any international trade agreement. The TPP/ TTIP is DESIGNED to set up the international structure for which countries will be the winners and losers.

The TPP/ TTIP agreements specifically ignore China, Russia, Africa, many Asian and South American countries which have de facto been CHOSEN by the USA transnational corporate western alliance to be the LOSERS.

President Obama has stated openly that the TPP is designed to allow the USA to set the world trading rules not China. It sets up an unofficial declaration of a trade war between the USA and China which is a big problem for Australia as China is Australia’s largest trading partner. The possibility of a cold war between China and the USA is real.

Australian and other US vassal states have all presumably been TOLD to sign the TPP/TTIP agreements if they want to be on the side of the winners. Has the  Australian government ever in recent times said NO to the USA ? Does this explain why the Australian people have no say in whether the TPP is good or bad for us?

For its part, China has set up the BRICS trading alliance and according to one report  “has been busy creating or deepening economic alliances with ASEAN, South Korea, and Australia, and spearheading a large multilateral FTA, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCPE), that would include India and other East and Southeast Asian nations.”

If the TPP and TTIP agreements are likely to speed up and increase global warming and increase world war tensions they should be scrapped as we all want a healthy happy future for our families.

Many sane and caring environmentally conscious people in the USA are currently fighting a mighty battle to kill off the TPP and massive numbers of similar people in Europe are fighting to have the TTIP scrapped. For the sake of our democracies and the world’s future let’s all hope they win.

In Australia we need a massive pressure on the government and especially the Senate to NOT ratify the TPP. Our future is in protecting our environment not selling fossil fuel to help the world die or be a part of a new cold war between super powers.

This modified version of the story has been trimmed from 1500 words to 1200.

Are you ready to become a climate change activist yet?

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Mike Baird Chickens Out at the World’s Biggest Lock On Protest in Sydney



photo by Des Pensable.

copyright  Des Pensable 2016

“Thank you for your courage !” people are saying all over NSW today.      #lockonwithme , #right2protest

It was a sunny day outside the NSW parliament in Sydney this week as a few hundred NVDA activists from all over NSW representing a wide variety of groups threw down the gauntlet to Mike Baird and challenged his new anti-protest lock on laws.  Mike Baird, the would be dictator keen on creating authoritarian, anti-social laws to restrict our freedom and dismantle our democracy CHICKENED OUT !

The police, on their best behavior, witnessed dozens of people wearing chains locking on and they did NOTHING. One policeman came over to the Knitting Nannas and said he felt useless standing on the road watching us protest against the dismantling of our democracy.  He doesn’t like being a policeman in a police state. He came over and CONGRATULATED us all.

It’s quite possible that the NSW police have given notice to Baird’s ultra-conservative religious zealot Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione that they are not prepared to arrest their own fellow citizens for protecting our Aussie democratic values. They might well have said to their political boss, THIS IS OUR STATE MATE – we’re here to look after the people of NSW not to take away their democratic rights with unjust laws created by your business buddies.

When the Tasmanian police were forced to arrest Bob Brown under the new anti-protest laws there, he immediately challenged the laws in their courts and the government backed down because they knew the laws were unjust.  Consequently, the Tasmanian police union has threatened to boycott the new anti-protester laws unless they are changed. They have families and friends too !

Victoria tried anti- protest laws and they were repealed  immediately after the change of government. You see its quite simple-  Aussies won’t knuckle under to authoritarian corporate owned thugs. Luke Foley of NSW Labor and Jeremy Buckingham of NSW Greens have promised to repeal the NSW laws when they get in after the next NSW election.

Mike Baird showed where his strings are connected as a puppet of the state fossil fool industry, the hidden so called “de facto” government of our state. They ordered little puppet Mikey to introduce the new laws because the rabble in NSW were irritating them and causing a loss of profits for their mainly foreign owners.   He dutifully saluted “Hail Coal” and did so.

On Thursday the fossil fools consortium probably gave him clear instructions not to upset the peasants as there was an election near and they didn’t want any unpleasant public people beating until after the election.

Wouldn’t they be surprised if the Fossil Fool Consortium gave the order to the police to rough up a few protesters at the next protest and the NSW police did what the Tasmanian police did and said ‘NO!’ We are with the people. This is WRONG. They are our employers, not you.

There was a full spectrum of speakers from our aboriginal brothers and sisters, to politicians, farmers and taxi drivers present and they all had harsh words about the anti-protest laws and our chicken puppet dictator whose popularity has plunged all over the state in the last few months as vividly shown by the massive anti-Baird protest in Sydney just a few weeks ago.

The Knitting Nannas were there in force and very vocal. When they to have to fight for our democracy then you know something is really wrong. Here’s what Carrol Bennet representing the NSW Nannas said to the locked-on audience and attentive young police officers listening in.

“The Knitting Nanas are watching you, Mr Baird, and so far your report card is not one to be proud of. We have watched as among other things –

  • You continue to promote the fossil fuel industry, including coal and coal seam gas, against the wishes of the communities affected.
  • You increase the powers of the Police, and reduce the powers of the Attorney General.
  • You and your cohorts don’t merely whittle away at our democratic rights but take an axe to them.
  • You dismissed hundreds of honest, hard-working democratically elected mayors and councillors across the state, using flawed process, and replaced them with administrators, many of whom were heavily involved in that flawed process in the role of delegate, resulting in many small rural communities losing their voice on local issues, and paving the way for developers in the Inner city.
  • You stood by and aided and abetted in the destruction of centuries old landmark fig trees to suit the wishes of developers by doing nothing.
  • You introduced Lock Out laws , which are ruining many small businesses, but which do not apply to the large corporate owned casino.
  • You introduce new Bio-Diversity laws that sound the death knell for many of our endangered species, and will allow wholesale land clearing
  • You attempt to sell off our resources to the highest overseas bidders.

The Knitting Nannas are watching you, Mr Baird, and we think you’ve lost the plot. We don’t like bullies and scare-mongerers, and we think you’ve forgotten who you were elected to serve – that is the people of NSW not the self-serving greedy corporations, fossil fuel industry and developers.”

Our Nannafesto states – ‘We want to make sure that our servants, the politicians, represent our democratic wishes and they know they are accountable – to us

Carol Bennet  and many others at the World’s Biggest Lock On stated what we all think and feel. We are NOT HAPPY with YOU Mike Baird and you will be shown the door at the next election. In the mean while WE WILL RESIST the BAIRD BLIGHT and fight to regain our democracy at the next election in the true democratic way by PROTESTING !


93 year old Bill Ryan was there! will you be there next time?

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Australia’s Most Corrupt State Government Brings in Laws to Stop Citizens Protesting CSG Mining

Thousands Protest in Sydney Over Baird Liberal Government’s Anti-Democratic Abuse of Power

by Des Pensable, 2016



There was a massive anti-government protest in Sydney earlier this month involving several thousand people from a coalition of groups which is significant as it is unusual for so many Sydneysiders to voice their grievances in the streets.

The reason involves multiple instances where the Baird government has been accused of  un-democratically forcing a wide range of unpopular changes on communities around the state.

It should be remembered that Mike Baird was the clean new face to what has been called the most corrupt government in Australia’s history.

In just a few months this year Premier Baird has gone from the popular “Teflon Mike” with an innocent boyish smile to unpopular “Casino Mike” involved in forcing people to accept his conservative dictatorial edicts much like Campbell Newman in Queensland and we saw what happened to him.

Aussies are not happy being forced. There is much unhappiness and discontent in NSW, so let’s look at the issues.

  1. Forced Council Amalgamations

In September, 2014 the NSW Government released its Fit for the Future (FFTF) program following a three-year Independent Review of Local Government. The Greens were highly critical of the terms of reference of the review.

In May 2016 the NSW Government announced the amalgamation of a number of councils across NSW. On the surface this seems to be an attempt to improve efficiencies of local government areas.

However, the announcement forced dozens of democratically elected mayors and council members out of a job to be replaced by Baird appointed administrators until new council elections can be held next year.

This has obviously upset the personal future ambitions of many in the councils which are often stacked with local business and real estate people. Previous council mergers have highlighted many pitfalls.

The people in merged council areas have been very vocal, disrupting councils and claiming a loss of identity and grass roots representation.  They have also been highly critical of government claims of public involvement and some of the appointed administrators.

From a state politics point of view the opposition leader, Luke Foley claims that it is all about gerrymandering council boundaries to help install Liberal councils. Whatever is true it has upset many people all over NSW.

  1. Westconnex

WestConnex is a motorway scheme currently in the early stages of construction in Sydney. The scheme proposes to build or upgrade some 33 kilometres to the Sydney motorway network. The total cost of WestConnex is estimated at $15 billion and has been described as “the biggest transport project in Sydney since the Harbour Bridge”. It opens the door for a lot of corruption.

It has been criticised by the NSW Auditor General over failures of proper governance.  and the Lord Major of Sydney, Clover Moore has called for an independent inquiry into it. The Greens strongly oppose it while Labor appears to be in favour of the project. It has been the subject of escalating public protest where residents in affected suburbs have predicted wide spread non-violent public disobedience.

You don’t make people happy by forcing them to sell their homes and running toll ways through their neighbourhoods Mike Baird.

  1. CSG Mining

Coal seam gas (GSG) mining has been very controversial in NSW for several years. With considerable opposition to it throughout the state of NSW especially in the Sydney catchment area and outer Sydney suburbs.

At Bentley in northern NSW there was a real battle to stop it being introduced with hundreds blocking the gas company’s drilling rig. The government threatened to send hundreds of police to break up the protest camp ‘Liberty’ but at the last minute pulled back from the confrontation.

CSG became an election issue with the Baird government promising to buy back the most controversial gas mining leases which it did but it refused to ban CSG mining altogether and later offered more leases for sale.

More than two thirds of Australians and 85%  NSW residents polled around the state are in favour of a CSG ban but the government refuses. Consequently, there are anti-CSG protests all over the state. You need to ban CSG mining Mike Baird.

  1. New Coal mines.

Australia has signed to the Paris Global Warming agreement to reduce carbon emissions.  Global warming scientists have called for more than 90% of fossil fuels to be kept in the ground to avoid catastrophic Global Warming. However, the Australian government has decided not to support keeping our coal in the ground but rather the opposite, to sell as much as possible as quickly as possible.

In NSW there has been much controversy and protest over the destruction of the Leard State forest to build the Whitehaven coal mine and recently the approval for the Shenhua company to build a large coal mine on fertile farming land in the Liverpool plains. Secret plans have also been leaked to build as many as 16 more new mines in the Hunter valley.

This has caused large numbers of usually conservative farming community to stage noisy protests against both the Baird and federal LNP governments.  The farmers are also unhappy with the Nationals which support CSG and coal mining in NSW. Ignoring the farmers will be your downfall Mike Baird.

  1. The NSW Anti-protest Laws

In March this year the Baird government bought in a law banning protests. Needless to say there were immediate protests about the law changes from the public, opposition party politicians and concerned lawyers worried about the trends in Australia to curtail citizen’s rights.

It sounds crazy to any sane person but it will be illegal for ordinary citizens to non- violently and peacefully protest about fossil fuel companies poisoning their air and water. A poll found that 61.4% of NSW citizens are opposed to the new laws.

Many farmers are furious that their elected National Party members of parliament sold them out by supporting the bill. It’s now illegal for them to take virtually any action that will protect themselves, their farms and the health of their rural community.

Actions as simple as locking a gate or blocking a driveway can be illegal. They are liable to $5500 fines for obstructing any company going about its business poisoning the environment and 7 years in gaol for their civic moral duty to take care of their neighbours and families.

It’s an attack on our civil rights and our democracy says the NSW Law Society and many people in NSW agree. You don’t make people happy by taking away their democratic rights Mike Baird.

  1. NSW TAFE Privatisation

There has been massive growing concern and opposition to the Baird government privatisation of the NSW TAFE and the subsequent loss of thousands of TAFE jobs. In a Vote Compass survey in 2015, 70.7% of 36,000 in NSW voted that TAFE should receive more funding while only 3.1 % that it should receive less funding.

A report highly critical of the Baird government’s privatisation of TAFE concluded that it was failing. NSW people are not happy with the destruction of the TAFE by the Baird government and unhappy with the quality of the private course judging by the increasing drop out rates.

You don’t make people happy by privatising a TAFE education system that has worked perfectly well for decades depriving our children of high quality skills and taking away teaching jobs Mike Baird.

  1. Lock Out Laws.

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin for many of the young in Sydney have been the Sydney lock out laws which led to a thousands  strong protest in February. These have dramatically curtailed the revelry in the centre of Sydney by restricting the hours for purchase of alcohol and closing the numerous pubs, bars, discos, clubs and restaurants at 3 am.

This has been widely criticised by not only the many businesses catering for the revelry but also many in Mike Baird’s own party.  A recent review was carried out where over 1800 submissions were made both for and against the lock out laws.

You won’ get the votes of the young Mike Baird by taking away their access to alcohol and entertainment.


Wherever you go in NSW at the moment people at all levels in our society are complaining about issues that affect them directly. The problem is that most of them seem to stem either directly or indirectly from actions of the Baird state LNP government which is becoming more authoritarian. Some are already calling it a police state. Consequently, it’s difficult to see how the current government will last beyond the next state election.

It will also be interesting to see if any of this malcontent helps to fuel a change in the federal LNP government in the coming elections already internationally known for its poor human rights attitude.

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Why Did Australians Take Part in the World’s Biggest Global Warming Civil Disobedience Action?

climate angel

Police removing Climate Angels from protest

Des Pensable copyright 2016

On Sunday 8th May about 1500 keen Aussies of all ages from around Australia moved onto the beach at Horseshoe Bay located by the mouth of Newcastle harbour armed with about 200 kayaks and canoes with the primary objective of stopping any coal boats from leaving. My partner Joanne and I were there. A secondary objective was to block a railway bridge denying access to coal trains.  Sixty six people were arrested there.

This civil disobedience action was organised as part of the world’s biggest week of civil disobedience involving 17 countries.  It shows the power of the Internet and passion and dedication of the activists.

So why did all these Aussies from all walks of life decide to protest using civil disobedience? Why were they prepared to risk arrest and heavy fines?

Last year along with over 190 other countries the Australian government signed an agreement at the Paris Climate Change conference (COP21) to phase out carbon emissions over the next few decades to help the world fight anthropogenic Global Warming which if unchecked posed an existential risk to the world.

This is a fancy way of saying unless we get off our rear ends and do something to move away from fossil fuel based economies and keep fossil fuel in the ground we’ll all die in a climate cataclysm in the not too distant future. This is not a scientific opinion it is cold hard fact backed by overwhelming evidence.

Global warming is not a scientific or technical problem as we have the means and technical knowledge to solve it. It’s a political and social problem.

The political problem in Australian is the LNP government which is a right wing conservative government full of climate change deniers who in a blatant show of hypocrisy immediately after signing the Paris agreement moved full steam ahead to sell more coal, open more coal and coal seam gas mines; and cut back and penalise any actions to move towards more renewable energy in Australia.

The LNP government’s anti-Global Warming stance has been savagely condemned around the world with Australia being called a leaner rather than a lifter and even more disdainful – a member of the Axis of Carbon (Evil) along with Canada.

Canada has repented and is now a leader in Global Warming action but only after the Harper Conservative government was replaced by a pro science liberal Global warming “believer” government. The sacking of Australia’s worst prime minister has made little change in the government’s dismal Global Warming denialist stance.

In an absolute debasement of science in Australia, the LNP axed the Climate Change Commission; eliminated the portfolio of Science Minister, which was later resurrected in title only, then proceeded to strip the CSIRO and Bureau of metrology of Climate scientists. It made large cuts to science in particular University research and climate science.  It made massive cuts to renewable energy and  finance.

The latest punishment handed out to scientists is to force the CSIRO to spend a large proportion of its future activities on finding ways TO SELL MORE coal and coal seam gas.

Hence, the civil disobedience actions in Australia can be seen as a direct result of the frustration felt by many Australians stemming from the LNP government’s reckless anti-science determination to deny the reality of Global Warming and set Australia on a disastrous economic course to SPEED UP Global Warming rather than help the world reduce it.

The activists are above all concerned about the futures of their families and the world’s environment which is our planetary life support system. There is no planet B.

So how did Australia end up with a global Warming Denier government?

Like many third world countries Australia is now suffering from the resource curse. We have fossil fuel wealth and greedy extractivist fossil fuel barons want it. As Naomi Klein has pointed out, in her book and movie “This Changes Everything”, the result in the third world countries has been extensive political corruption and environmental destruction fuelling Global Warming. That is precisely what is happening here.

The political problem in Australia originates from the fact both the major parties in concert with the local and foreign banking and mining plutocrats have chosen policies to allow the sale of as much of our fossil fuel mining assets to foreign investors as possible.

It’s not surprising then that the foreign owners of our coal mines and coal seam gas leases want to continue producing coal and coal seam gas for sale on the world market. It’s also not surprising that they would expect and help fund a denier government to avoid action to keep the fossil fuels in the ground.

A further complication is that the three eastern states Victoria, NSW and Queensland have generated most of their electrical power from burning locally produced coal for decades and this is continuing. It made sense until the world’s climate scientists discovered that it was bad for the world’s environment.

To make things worse, against the wishes of the majority of citizens, the state governments have progressively sold off most of the state owned power generation systems to private corporate owners in back door fire sale deals well lubricated by large donations to the main two political parties.

The stench of corruption in these deals is strong with NSW being found by ICAC to be the most corrupt government in Australia’s history. NSW has recently made it illegal to protest about virtually anything involving fossil fuel corporations to stop people demanding actions on Global warming.

These private corporations don’t wish to close their newly acquired fossil fuel power plants or switch to renewable energy as they pulled a massive scam on the state’s citizens and are making a nice profit from their power supply monopoly using coal powered systems.

They don’t really care about Global Warming or the fact that the large majority of people in Australia want to phase out fossil fuel power, opting instead for renewable energy like solar and wind power. They care only about profit on their investments.

To stop any move away from the use of fossil fuels the mining lobby in what’s called the revolving door policy have hired a large number of senior public servants and ex-politicians to public relations and lobbying positions to ensure they can control any meaningful government attempts to limit coal and coal seam gas production.

The final major political problem is the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP).  This agreement subordinates Australian environmental laws to TPP trade law. Both the LNP and Labor have agreed to ratify it after the next election.

If we ratify the TPP agreement and wish to fulfil our international obligations to the Paris agreement to keep fossil fuel in the ground then we can be sued in a secret corporate court outside Australia by the foreign owners of our coal mines for loss of profit. This will cost us tens of billions.

Is it any wonder with a Global Warming emergency on hand and a totally morally corrupt anti-science anti-people conservative corporate puppet government that Australians all over the country are turning to non-violent civil disobedience in a desperate attempt to force our oligarchy to act?

One thing is for sure – there will be a lot more civil disobedience until we can get the kind of benevolent democracy that we at one-time claimed to have.

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An Aussie Cynics Guide to Politics Using Political Compass

cycle of Despair

Des Pensable copyright 2016

Part One – the Politics of YOU

Most Aussies dislike politics. It’s boring and confusing but we have a compulsory voting system which means we have to vote every couple of years for Federal, State and Council elections. Many people only decide who to vote for minutes before voting, they don’t know or care to know about the candidates and want to get it over and done as quickly as possible then forget about it.

If you are one of these people then this short guide is for you.

We’re all free people in a wonderful free Australian society aren’t we?

Let’s think about that for a few moments. If we lived alone on an island we could do as we pleased but we don’t. We mainly live in cities and towns with lots of others who have all sorts of strange personal and religious beliefs on how they want to live.

So to live together in harmony with a minimum of conflict some members of our society have created rules – lots of rules called laws which we are all obliged to accept and penalised if we don’t. You are free to do as you please as long as you obey the laws and don’t get caught breaking them.

In Australia we have a constitution which is simply a document that lays out a basic set of rules as to how the country will operate within our internationally agreed borders. Then we have laws that operate Australia wide, others that operate in each state and others that operate in your council area.

These laws have controlled everything you’ve done since before your birth and will control what happens every day of your life until you die.  When you were born you received a birth certificate which gave you certain rights but also obligations and responsibilities within our national boundaries.

You have to go to school from a certain age; you have to behave in certain socially accepted ways; you can only have sex after a certain age; you can only marry a person of the opposite gender after reaching a certain age; you can only drive a car after a certain age and must drive within the rules. You can only use certain drugs but not others.

You can’t assault or kill other people; you can’t steal their property; you can’t smoke in restaurants or public places. You can do or can’t do many things that other people outside our national borders can or can’t do BUT you are free to do whatever you like as long as you are prepared to accept the penalty if you get caught.

Your working conditions are controlled. You have to pay taxes on your labor. You have to pay your debt to the bank. You have to work every day to pay your way to be able to live where you do. You have to obey all these countless rules and laws so you really must love rules.

Wrong! Everybody hates rules but we are conditioned to accept them and many people even fear having no rules. So if we must have rules perhaps we should be sure the rules that we do have are tolerable.

Politics has created all the rules that control your daily behavior so you really do have a vested interest in any new rules or changes to current rules as they may affect you in a beneficial or detrimental way.

You can sometimes influence which rules you like and those you dislike through voting and lobbying your local politician. The trick is to choose the right politician that thinks the same way as you do.

This where political parties such as the Greens, Katter, Labor, Liberals and Nationals Parties are supposed to help. They are groups of people that are supposed to think alike.  They tell you a few of things you want to hear and expect you vote for them.

Unfortunately, political parties attract power loving people that are often corrupt dishonest and deceitful. The parties often have policies that you like as well as ones you don’t like. They have sneaky hidden agendas. They often do the opposite after the election to what they said they would do before the election.

Trust in politicians is very low. Only 31% of Australians have confidence in their political parties. Only 46% believe it makes a difference which party is in power. Its easy to ask do our politicians earn their pay but hard to get an answer.

The Aussie mass media doesn’t help as it is corporate controlled and coercive actively trying to manipulate our minds . It’s selective, presenting only issues that its vested interests wish to be pushed and often censors important news or information by omission. This leaves it to each Aussie to find out what is true or false.

Since it has becomes difficult to get the truth, it has become confusing, so many people become complacent, they don’t register, vote informal or take a punt because the law in Australia says you have to vote.

The question is how do your personal ideas, beliefs, wishes and desires align with the actual policies of the parties and politicians.

It turns out that there are several internet based sites that will do this. Some look at social/economic/ political issues from an international perspective allowing you to see how your political beliefs compare to those of other people around the world.

Other sites allow you to compare your political beliefs with those within your own country, state or locality. In this first article (part 1) we’ll look at how your Aussie personal political beliefs compare to those around the world.

This is where Political Compass can help. It’s a computerized method of mapping out the attitudes of both people and political parties to a variety of social /economic / political issues that influence every country’s laws and their people’s individual rights and freedom.

It’s run by an international non-profit organisation that uses the same set of questions for everyone around the world. You are not recorded so you remain anonymous. You can choose whether to tell others or not.

By knowing your own Political Compass coordinates and those of other people and parties you can immediately get an idea whether they have similar beliefs and personal values to your own.

It’s very simple to do.

  1. You go to the Political Compass web site answer a series of questions and get back your Political Compass X, Y coordinates that show where you fit on a graph of social / economic/ political attitudes.
  2. You can compare your results with other people, politicians and political parties in a wide variety of countries. The closer their coordinated are to your coordinates the closer their beliefs, attitudes and actions are likely to align with yours.

Political Compass coordinates are available on line for most political parties and many politicians and celebrities in many of the world’s countries. You can compare your attitudes to people both current and from the past. You can also see how people and political parties have changed over time.

You can get your coordinates here.

Here is an example showing a Political Compass graph containing high profile politicians past and present.

political people

In part 2    We will examine how to interpret your Political Compass coordinates.

Is Globalised Trade a Synonym for Economic Warfare or Planetary Destruction?


A hypothetical argument.

by Des Pensable

Imagine a world composed of many small sovereign countries.  Each country trades with its neighbors. Each is limited by its population size, its natural resources and the climate.  All use gold for trade.

Everyone is happy and trade increases and everybody trades gold for goods but then the supply of gold runs low. Trade is limited by the finite amount of gold.

All the rich elite in the countries around the globe have taken most of the gold – they lust for more. They look across their borders. There is a terrible war, tens of millions die.  A new economic cycle is started.

Country A says it has lots of gold. It is strong and wealthy. It will print paper money and exchange it for gold at any time. The rich elite agree and they start trading with A’s paper money. Everyone is happy and the population grows again.

Country A prints lots of paper money for everyone and uses it to buy from everyone. It builds a big army to protect everyone so there will be no more wars but prints much more paper money than it has gold.

Some countries become worried about country A’s spendthrift nature and its big army. They want to swap A’s paper money for gold.

Country A realizes it will run out of gold if all countries want to swap their paper money for gold so it suddenly declares no more swapping its paper money for gold. The people in lots of countries are suddenly unhappy; that wasn’t the deal they had agreed to.

Small country B rich in natural resources is unhappy with country A’s paper money and decides that it would rather trade in gold.

Country A worries that if the other countries start using gold again then they will not want A’s paper money and it will lose its value.  So Country A uses its big army to invade B installs a puppet government and takes control of its gold and resources.

Country A’s actions now threatens any others that want to trade in gold that it will invade them, install a puppet government and take their gold and resources.

Country A builds hundreds of “defence” bases all over the world to protect the world and begins spying on everyone to ensure they only do what country A wants. The world begins to fear country A has a hidden agenda. It wants to be an empire and control them all.

Country A writes a magic new trade deal that allows it to buy anything and everything in other countries with its paper money. It tells everyone that in order to remain friendly with A they must adopt the magic new trade deal that uses A’s paper money.

Large country C is unhappy with country A’s  magic trade deal and its paper money. It suggests everyone start trading in C’s own paper money backed by gold and it writes its own magic new trade deal and invites all countries to join.

Country A is unhappy with country C’s magic new trade deal and sees it as a dire threat to A’s prosperity and it’s ego.

Country A bribes or threatens politicians in many countries to agree to its trade deal and they agree. The people in many countries object but they are ignored. If they protest they are gaoled by their own corrupted politicians

Country A happily prints enough paper money to buy everything worth buying in all the countries in its trade group. The land, the water, the power stations and grids, the media, the schools, colleges and unis; the health system, ports airports and roads. Many people object but are gaoled.

Now country A owns everything in all the countries in its trade group and has control of them. It has the empire that its rich elite craved. It owns a large part of the world and the world’s production. It can set the values it pays for everything. It can say who lives and who dies. But the people are not happy.

Everyone except the rich elite and corrupt politicians are effectively now slaves of country A’s empire. It’s proud that it has done this all with just printed paper, threats and appeals to people’s greed.

Country A now looks greedily around the world and at country C and the members of C’s trading group. All the non- aligned countries become scared and join either A or C’s trade group. There is no other option.

Both Country A and C’s rich elite and their puppet governments become decadent and negligent. They revel in their own vanity. They denounce and threaten each other.

They ignore Global Warming which drastically reduces water availability and food production. The oceans rise displacing hundreds of millions of people. The decadent can afford the food and water but the majority and displaced cannot, they starve, they finally revolt, world war rages, billions like you and me and our friends and families die.

Much of the world’s agricultural land is ruined. Many regions of the planet are uninhabitable. A large proportion of the world’s animal and plant species have been annihilated. Much of the world’s knowledge is lost. The world is a very different, more hostile place.

Both Country A and C’s empire ambitions end. World population is reduced to a much lower level and a new rich elite wish to start trading again in gold.

Next cycle of economic warfare begins.

There must be a lesson for people like you and me in here somewhere?

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Australia’s Most Corrupt State Government Brings in Laws to Stop Citizens Protesting CSG Mining

mellisa - 9

photo –  Melinda Wilson

copyright Des Pensable 2016

Just 2 years ago the NSW Legislature was exposed as the most corrupt government in Australia’s history by the NSW Independant Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). In nine months, 11 Liberal politicians resigned, stepped down or moved to the crossbenches amid corruption investigations.

This very same Liberal Party  government have now brought in laws to stop citizens from peacefully protesting about unsafe coal seam gas mining in their own locality.

Before the last election in a poll on the ABC’s Vote Compass of 42,000 respondents, 62 per cent agreed with the statement: “Coal seam gas extraction should be banned in NSW” but the NSW Premier doesn’t care!

Last week hundreds concerned citizens from all over the state protested the new law outside parliament blocking the road in front of parliament but it was rushed through and passed without any citizen groups being able to have a say.

It sounds crazy to any sane person but it will be illegal for ordinary citizens to non- violently and peacefully protest about fossil fuel companies poisoning the air and water. A poll found that 61.4% of NSW citizens are opposed to the new laws.

Many farmers will be furious that their elected National Party members of parliament sold them out by supporting the bill. It’s now illegal for them to take virtually any action that will protect themselves and the health of their rural community.

Actions as simple as locking a gate or blocking a driveway can be illegal. They are liable to $5500 fines for obstructing any company going about its business poisoning the environment and 7 years in gaol for their civic moral duty to take care of their neighbours and families.

It’s an attack on our civil rights and our democracy says the NSW Law Society. Transparency International has already warned us that Australia is becoming more complacent about corruption as it is increasing every year.

In a massive reversal of natural justice the government at the same time is reducing the fines for the fossil fuel companies breaking the state environmental laws from over a million dollars to $5000 which is pocket money for multibillion dollar mining companies.  The fossil fuel companies have been given the go ahead to pollute as much as they like. This looks and smells like the worst type of political corruption.

If the LNP was a bikie gang under the Queensland anti association laws when 11 members of the Liberal Party were found corrupt it could have been outlawed by the Commissioner of Police as a criminal organisation.

They would not be able to meet with other members of the gang under threat of 15 years mandatory detention and would have any money or property found in their possession confiscated unless they could prove legitimate ownership. How would they prove that the money they moved around in paper bags was legally obtained?

 “Labor’s ship has been equally rat-infested, with names like Obeid, Macdonald, Kelly and Tripodi now bywords for the stink in Macquarie St.”

Can you guess how many are in gaol ?  None! It’s not hard to believe as one group of rats protect the other when it comes to looking after their corrupt enterprise.

We don’t have to look far for the source of the corrupt influence. It’s the local fossil fuel industry. The industry that has been found responsible for causing global warming that unless stopped is likely to cause massive damage to the world and possibly lead to the demise of human civilisation.

The fossil fuel industry doesn’t care about the environment or people’s health. They’re happy to pollute the land and walk away leaving tax payers with the bill to clean up their toxic mess. They only care about money and profit.

When politicians leave their public offices they are given jobs in the mining industry or become mining industry lobbyists passing on and facilitating the corrupt practices to the next generation of politicians.  The Greens have called it a revolving door of corruption.

If the bikie gang laws were applied to the corrupt practises of the Liberal Party then we would likely see dozens incarcerated and the corporations funding these crooked deals closed down and their directors gaoled and their corporate assets seized.

But we won’t see this type of justice because our political parties operate under the deception that they are legal enterprises. They make the laws saying that what they are doing is legal. If criminal bikie gangs were to run the state government then they would undoubtedly make laws that benefitted criminals not the ordinary citizens of the state. What is the difference now?

The citizens of NSW need to urgently call for the NSW ICAC to investigate and hunt down and reveal more of the corrupt rats in the Liberal and Nationals gang that call themselves a parliament.

The citizens in NSW in online petitions are already demanding that the new laws be rescinded and any persons found guilty between now and then pardoned and feted for their courage in resisting these vile laws.

There is a Facebook group of concerned citizens where you can join and find out more information called “Ban the NSW Anti-Protest Laws”.

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How to Sell a Poisonous TPP Trade Agreement to an Unsuspecting Australian Public

tpp meme3

A Report on the First JSCOT Public Meeting on the TPP

Des Pensable copyright 2016

The TransPacific Partnership Agreement (TPP or TPPA) was signed in NZ  to much protest by people in the 12 countries involved on 4th February, 2016 but does not come into effect unless ratified by the parliaments of countries that represent 85% of their sum total GDPs.

The USA MUST ratify it for it to come into effect. However, the leading Democrat contender (Bernie Sanders) in the current US Presidential race has stated openly that he will NOT ratify the TPP.

Both the LNP and Labor are in favour of ratifying it ASAP but the Greens and some Independents are against ratifying it unless it had been thoroughly examined by the Australian Productivity Commission and found beneficial to the Australian people.

The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) has the task of examining the TPP treaty and advising the Australian government whether it should be accepted and ratified. The JSCOT are open for submissions from the public until 11th March, 2016. This is your chance to have a say.

The Public Meeting

Yesterday Lance Priestly and I who are members of Stop TPP Australia attended the Public Forum on the TPP in Parliament House Canberra at 11-10am, 22nd January 2016. I took extensive minutes of the meeting. There were about 50 people present.

The public meeting opened with a lengthy 25 minute statement by a DFAT spokesperson who gave a prepared statement of how wonderful it would be for the future of Australia to be a part of the TPP.

She did point out that two modelling studies by the World bank and the Petersen Institute in the USA stated that we get almost zero discernible economic benefit from the TPP but pointed out that models were not always accurate and DFAT believed (without any evidence) we would do better than the models suggested.

Curiously, later when asked why DFAT doesn’t get the Australian Productivity Commission to look at the biggest and most significant Trade Agreement in Australia’s history she stated that it would be a waste of time and resources.

She pointed out that they had agonised over the ISDS clause and the Environmental Section but felt they gave Australia adequate protection.

Interestingly she stated that the DFAT had wide consultations with the unions and public groups about the TPP. Later this was queried by Melissa Parke (Labor) as no one seemed to know who DFAT consulted and she wasn’t about to give names of groups or unions.

The questions section opened with a pre-prepared question by the chair to give DFAT a further chance to tell the meeting how Australia was going to benefit from the trade side of the Agreement.

We were going to sell another 65,000 tons more sugar to the highly protected US market. Nothing much for the beef industry but reduced tariffs on cheese for the dairy industry which NZ is likely to take advantage of in a big way.

We had negotiated to sell more car parts to Japan and Malaysia. This was ironic since the government has killed off the Australian auto industry.

Interestingly she pointed out that we already had strong trade agreements with half the TPP countries and that meant the TPP wouldn’t change much at all in those countries.

She seemed very proud that they had negotiated to sell more mining equipment to some of the countries that actually don’t do much mining. In fact our mining exports were $27 million a couple of years ago and were expected to increase.

In short the new trade agreement basically delivers VERY little to the Australian agriculture industry and DFAT struggled to convince anybody present of anything otherwise.

The DFAT spokesperson was asked who had to ratify the TPP to make the deal work. It turns out that unless the USA and Japan ratify it – it will automatically FAIL. This strongly suggests that Australia and all the other 9 members should wait until the USA and Japan ratify it before we bother to ratify it.

Melissa Parke asked the DFAT spokesperson to expand on why the big US pharmaceutical companies wanted an 8 year period before generics companies could have access to the original data on the efficacy of the patented drugs.

An assistant reeled off a pre-prepared statement which sounded very much like it came directly from the US pharmaceutical industry and completely ignored that fact that the TPP gives big pharma a defacto 8 year extension of their drug patents.

Not only Australia but the whole of the third world poor LOSE BIG on this exclusive right to extend their patents. This is NOT FREE TRADE – but a serious impediment to Free trade and world health.

The discussion moved to the effects of the TPP on the Australian labour market tests. Here it seemed that the spokespeople for the DFAT were at odds with each other. One thought it would affect whether unskilled foreign workers such as those on 457 visas could do skilled jobs in Australia another thought not. It was all in how the TPP clauses were interpreted. The question was left unresolved.

Nothing was said about the TPP pushing privatisation of health or education in Australia. Presumably they didn’t want to discuss this.

The discussion moved onto the ISDS clause. The DFAT stated that they had gone to considerable trouble to make sure that the ISDS clause could be used by Australia against others but was unlikely to be used against us.

Melissa Parkes of Labor pointed out that Canada had been attacked with many ISDS cases through their NAFTA agreement and since they were mineral exporters very much like us, why wouldn’t the ISDS be used against us. The DFAT stated that somehow magically (with no evidence)  they didn’t think we would have the same problems as Canada.

They stated that they had studied all the ISDS cases thoroughly but when asked about a specific Canadian well publicized ISDS case involving environmental matters they didn’t know anything about it.

In the middle of the public hearing there was a division in Parliament which meant that the members of the JSCOT committee had to leave for about 30 minutes to resolve the issue however the public meeting wasn’t extended.

Considering that no members of the audience were able to ask questions; more than half an hour was public relations statements; a half an hour was lost by the parliamentary division and only very rudimentary questions were asked which were poorly answered by the DFAT spokespeople my personal opinion is that the meeting was just a public relations exercise rather than a genuine effort to involve the public.

I commend Labor for trying to get the DFAT to give some real answers to TPP problems. The Liberal members on the Committee were dead wood. The Greens spokesman on the committee was strangely silent. No one discussed whether the TPP would benefit the PEOPLE of Australia.

I would suggest that it is really in the nation’s ABSOLUTE interest to have the Productivity Commission thoroughly examine the benefits of the TPP for the PEOPLE of Australia NOT just the transnational corporations before we ratify it.

In fact, the TPP will usher in such a momentous changes within Australia, our culture and our way of life, that it should be put to a referendum.

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Government Betrayal Revealed as TPP Trade Agreement is Linked to Secret Plan to Privatise Health Care

TPP and medicare2

Des Pensable copyright 2016

Last week PM Turnbull signed the TPP Agreement on behalf of Australians before it has been critically assessed for value by the Australian Productivity Commission (APC). Trade Minister Rob said it didn’t need to be examined by the APC as it was only about trade and Australia couldn’t afford not to be a part of it.

Curiously, nobody else believes that the 29 chapters and 6000 pages of the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) drafted over several years by transnational corporations in secret was just a trade agreement when it can be seen that they cover every aspects of Australia society from financial control of banks to working conditions. It’s been called a brazen corporate power grab. The transnational corporations spent millions lobbying for it.

The TPP and its sister agreement TISA (still kept secret from the Australian public), specify that each country joining the agreements MUST privatise all government services. The implications of this for health care in Australia were revealed this week when a secret government plan to privatise Heath and Medical Care was leaked stating that it was about to outsource $50 billion in Heath care to private organisations.

The TTIP the USA/European sister agreement to the TPP has already caused panic in the UK when the doctors warned the public that the TTIP would mean certain death to the public health care system there.

Australian doctors have also been worried as seen in an article in the medical Journal of Australia.. ‘TPPA has greater potential to affect domestic health policy and, ultimately, the quality of health services and public health.’

‘One of the key concerns for doctors is access to medicines. Intellectual property rules proposed for the TPPA, if adopted, are likely to prolong monopolies over new medicines and delay the availability of cheaper generics.’

‘Changes to PBS processes also proposed for the TPPA could compound these problems by preventing effective price regulation and giving the pharmaceutical industry more say in PBS decision making.’

‘The TPPA could also make the shared task of tackling chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease more difficult.’

‘Doctors should also be concerned about the implications of the TPPA for health services. The TPPA is expected to include rules to ensure private companies can compete on an equal footing with publicly funded or provided services.’

‘But if parts of the health system are privatised (such as Medicare claims processing and primary health care networks), this may not be reversible under the TPPA, regardless of any subsequent evidence of detrimental effects of such privatisation.’

We could be stuck with a US style Health care system.

The news about the secret privatisation plans for Australia’s Health Care system follows panic by the Teacher’s Unions as the teachers returned to school to be told that the TPP will also lead to the privatisation of their 250,000 jobs around Australia. The Baird LNP Government is already well under way privatising the NSW TAFE system which also runs HSC school courses. There are claims that it isn’t working and a total disaster with it just happened.

Recently the World Bank released information that Australia would hardly benefit from the TPP at all. We would gain about 0.7 % increase to our GDP by 2030. The TPP also frees up investment in Australia allowing foreign investors to own EVEN MORE of our country.

It seems quite credible that the LNP government are using the TPP/TISA trade agreement to launch a full scale attack on Australia’s welfare system. This fits in perfectly with the pro-privatisation sociopathic  IPA corporate think tank which seems to be the guiding light of the Turnbull government.

What will be next? Privatisation of Australia’s prison system, water, power, public transport, beaches, public parks, roads, national parks… the list is endless. When will they sell the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge?

Don’t laugh… corporate control of all our government services will end up as corporate monopolies which can charge us anything they like for the services. Any effort to regulate them will be punished using the ISDS clause in the TPP which will allow the transnational corporations running health and education to sue the government for loss of profit and you and I will have to pay the penalties.

Kiwi protests closed NZ down last week when their prime minister signed the TPP. Nothing happened in Australia. The main stream Murdoch owned corporate media has kept uncannily silent over the TPP. It’s been more concerned about potential ISIS threats to the Australian way of life diverting out attention away from the corporate takeover of Australia by stealth through the TPP and TISA agreements. We were warned by Julian Assange about the TPP.

The Australian Greens are totally against the TPP as they believe it offers no real economic benefits, it will cost jobs, Australian sovereignty  and have many detrimental aspects on our society especially in relation to the poor. Yesterday Bob Katter, Glen Lazarus and Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson  have announced a cross bench alliance to fight against the ratification of the TPP.

It’s known that many in the Labor party are unhappy with it as well. Whether they have the guts to cross the floor over the issue still remains unclear.

Welcome to the brave new world where our conservative politicians have planned to sell our souls to shadowy foreign investors. They will all leave their political careers behind for lucrative new jobs with the transnationals that take over the country. You and your children have been BETRAYED for a quick profit by our greedy sociopathic politicians. What are you going to do about it?

Peter Whish Wilson’s office advises that there is a public parliamentary inquiry with a minimum of ninety days from tabling required to the ratification. The date will be published on the parliamentary website.

Are you going to join thousands of others in Stop the TPP protests over the next few weeks? A general protest has been called for the 8th April although this is not finalised. The union movement is also discussing strike actions.

Write to your members of parliaments.  Join the Greens.  Become an activist – think of it as your rent to live in a good country like Australia and help save our way of life.

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