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copyright Des Pensable 2017

Since everyone can’t attend the book release here’s what you might expect if you were there.

Interviewer: Des Pensable has just published the third and final book of his Divinity Seeds trilogy, Edge of Chaos. We’re going to find out a little about him and his story.

Interviewer: Is Des Pensable your real name?

Des Pensable: No. I learnt many years ago that people judge others by the origin of their name. I wanted people to judge me only on the quality of what I write. So I chose a pen name.

The word pensable comes from the French meaning thoughtful. The word dispensable generally is taken to mean something that can be discarded. So Des Pensable is a play on thoughts and concepts that can be used or discarded if you don’t like them.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about yourself.

Des Pensable: I was born in Sydney Australia and have lived there for most of my life. I was married and have two children and four grandchildren. I went to a public high school; I am a scientist. I’ve worked in a range of science jobs in private enterprise and government; I’ve travelled extensively around the world and spent considerable time camping and walking in wilderness areas.

Interviewer: You write on a wide range of topics. What is your favourite?

Des Pensable: I have written a lot on the issues surrounding Global Warming lately as I see it as the largest and most serious threat that our civilisation has ever faced. I have researched the data thoroughly and believe the science is correct. I’m convinced that if we continue as normal our civilisation will collapse and the survivors will live in a very inhospitable world for centuries to come.

I was pretty fired up on the subject a couple of years ago so I went to Canada and did one of Al Gore’s Climate Change leadership courses. It was a lot of fun and I met some great people. Since then I’ve concentrated on writing short stories, poems and satire about fracking, coal mining, climate change activism, protests and of course global warming politics.

However, my favorite project has been my epic fantasy trilogy Divinity Seeds which has been an epic journey in itself. It’s about half a million words long and was written over several years. The third part of the story has just been published.

Interviewer: What inspired you to write an epic fantasy?

Des Pensable: I got addicted to science fiction stories in high school. I read all the old classics from H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clark, Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein, John Wyndham etc. Then in 1975, my wife and I visited her grandparents in the UK and we heard about this story called Lord of the Rings. On my return I got a copy of it and The Hobbit and both my wife and I fell in love with that style of epic fantasy.

From then on I think we just about read every epic fantasy that we could get out hands on.  When my kids were old enough we started playing Dungeons and Dragons and built up a group of friends that played each week for years. During that period we often talked about writing stories but of course nobody got around to do it.

A few years ago, I had a bit of spare time and decided to write a novel size story based upon one of my Dungeon and Dragons characters who used psionics, a form of magic derived from the power of the mind. I was inspired here by the fantastic Golden Torque series by Julian May.

I was also interested in my character being able to shape change as it offered a lot of possibilities to discuss philosophical, ethical and moral issues within a fantasy story setting. I was inspired here by Mavin the Many Shaped by Sheri Tepper.

My first effort was a bit of a flop. Being a scientist my writing style was quite technical. I had to relearn how to write in a more interesting fantasy style. For this story, I decided to first write a concept story about the world, the creatures and characters in it and the basic plot line and subplots. That story was about 100 A4 pages long.

I then wrote the story in book 1 which grew larger and went through eight versions. Ideas flowed as I understood my characters better.  Eventually,  the story grew long enough for 3 books.  After book 3, I moved some of the chapters around, chopped out some chapters and wrote some more to flesh out the story to make it flow more naturally. I published the first part two years ago; the second part last year and now the third part of the story is available.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a bit about the characters in the story.

Des Pensable: My main characters are Aquitain, a roughly 20 year old male wizard. He’s a sort of magic technician whose job is the make and fix magic items in his grandfather’s shop in a city called Panmagica.  His world gets torn apart when he starts showing signs of becoming a shape changer. He runs foul of the law and is quickly shipped off to a remote planet called Mudrun to hide for a while.

Not long after arriving on the planet he runs into Miranda, a female druid about his age inflicted with a magic tattoo supposedly to protect her chastity and so starts an incredible journey of chaotic adventures together through three worlds, where they both grow from friends to frustrated lovers and from novices to dangerous masters of their magical art.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about the plot.

Des Pensable: The story starts in the city state of Panmagica and quickly moves to Mudrun a wilderness planet recovering from an apocalyptic magic storm called the Great Storm a few hundred years earlier. Aquitain gets a job with the local wizard and not long after, he starts getting drawn into strange happenings. He discovers a prophesy of a Time of Troubles which could create another apocalyptic storm and it seems he is somehow unwittingly involved.

I have discarded the good vs evil plot for the rarer chaos vs order plot. This allows my characters much more freedom when dealing with issues of morality which often vary owing to religious and cultural differences.

Aquitain discovers he is different to others. He is actually half newman / half dragon. He has been created to be an Agent of Chaos. He is told that no rules apply to him. In books 1 and 2 he is bound by his cultural upbringing as a Newman but later in book 3, when he accepts his true nature, he starts making his own rules. That’s when things get really interesting. We also discover that Miranda his partner in chaos has a carefully hidden past redefining her role.

The story ventures into spiritual areas when it explores what might be possible if his soul/ spirit could move out of his body and what sort of possibilities and problems that could cause.

Finally, both Aquitain and Miranda, his lover can shape change. This can create some real problems for a writer that most writers try to avoid. We are moving into a taboo area. People have dirty minds. How did I balance the possibilities that they could get into culturally unacceptable situations. You’ll have to read the story to find out.

I hope that I’ve steered a careful course through this potential minefield. There are, however, some passionate situations in this story that you won’t normally read in the classic epic fantasy story. The story was written for adults not children. I hope you enjoy it.

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Hi Everybody.

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In book one of the trilogy, Visions of Chaos, the two meet and create the starting conditions for the fulfilment of prophesy of a Time of Chaos. In book 2 , Agents of Chaos, the two are at first separated by a chance misfortune and while seeking to find each other trigger a cascade of chaotic happenings that can only signal the approaching Time of Chaos or does it? Our male hero discoverers his true nature but will he accept it. Will his lover Miranda accept him when she finds out? Things can only get worse before they get better.’

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Crossing Paths with Al Gore and Naomi Kline, Two Global Warming Activists Trying to Change Everything

Climate Reality-6

Des Pensable (c) 2015

I was rather fortunate a few weeks ago to be selected to attend the Climate Realty Project Leader training session in Toronto Canada which was held two weeks ago. To be selected you had to be a reasonably hard core Global Warming activist or at least committed or influential enough to help stimulate Global Warming action in your home region. They probably selected me using the hard core criterion.

My selection set the scene for an interesting week in Canada and perhaps what some would call a brush with fame, the chance to hear Al Gore in action and get in a photo with Naomi Klein and David Suzuki. If you don’t know who these people are you must be living in an alternate reality.

These are some of the big guns of the North American Global Warming Action Team leading the troops in the media war to stop Global Warming against crazy suicidal denier zealots and brigades of fossil fuel loving authoritarian Canadian conservatives and US Republicans.

When I was organising the trip from Sydney to Canada, accompanied of course, by my lovely partner Joanne, I noticed that there was to be a massive Climate Justice rally in Toronto the week before the Climate Reality conference.

Being rather partial to protest rallies we decided to attend this one representing the Australian Greens, ACF, Lock the Gate, Stop CSG Sydney, Greenpeace Australia and (Australia) – yep it must have been the hard core criterion that got me selected.

The trip is a long one from Sydney to Toronto. It’s half way around the Earth and about 24 hours or longer flying each way.  To while away the time I took a copy of Naomi Klein’s book called ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate’ which I had been trying to find time to read as it’s a rather formidable tome. As it turned out, I had the time to read it from cover to cover. It’s useful being a fast reader at times.

It’s very easy to understand why Naomi Klein titled her book as she did. From the first page she got straight into it. Humans and to be specific neo-liberal materialistic capitalistic greedy humans have upset the balance of Nature on our home world.

We are now altering the life support system of our planet to the extent that it is beginning to threaten all of the world’s species and coincidentally our civilization’s existence. In short we need to change our ways or commit millions of species and ourselves to extinction.

The beauty of ‘This Changes Everything” and the strength of her argument is that it is full of real world examples not scientific graphs or moral platitudes. Using her background as a journalist she has woven a powerful and compelling story of a smart ape civilisation leading up to the threshold of its potential demise through greed, ignorance and inaction.

She doesn’t waste time pleading for ratbag deniers, ignorant selfish conservatives, egocentric economists, money worshipping oligarch loving business flunkies or weak willed graft ridden sociopathic politicians to wake up to the reality of Global Warming.  She believes the scientists have spoken, the evidence is in and it’s time to act.

She is targeting the progressive-leaning silent majority of normal Homo sapiens who might be sitting on the fence, living in mass media induced ignorance or waiting comatosely for someone else to do something. This is what she is saying very clearly and loudly.

WAKE UP! This is YOUR story, YOU are in it and it’s up to YOU to write the ending.

My decision to attend the Climate Justice rally and march was a good one and quite fortunate. Joanne and I turned up an hour early and stood around among the press gallery watching and listening to the rally organisers giving the press the reasons for the rally and plenty of time for photoshoots.

Both Naomi Klein and David Suzuki were there among many other Canadian celebrities whom I didn’t know and apologise now for not mentioning them and their contributions to the Canadian and world anti Global Warming movement.

As luck would have it I was standing right beside and just behind David Suzuki and holding up a Lock the Gate placard when the main TV news interviews and speeches started. The Lock the Gate sign was shown prominently on the Canadian news and countless Canadian viewers probably wondered what the hell it meant and possibly even who was the old guy wearing the Chinese commo hat.

Over the next hour about 10-15,000 ordinary people of all ages, from all walks of life turned up for a massive display of unity calling for action on Climate Change and Justice for all the people and particularly the first nation people affected by the destructive and divisive conservative neoliberal policies damaging the Canadian environment  and society.

Joanne and I had ample opportunity to talk to dozens of Canadians and took lots of pix which are shown on our Facebook Pages. We agreed that they came over as no different to Aussies. They were ordinary people like those found in the marches in Australia who CARE about not just their city or state or country but about the world and all the people in it.

It was a great privilege for us to walk the streets of Toronto with these caring and loving people. It was thrilling to chant with them and call for action on Global Warming and Justice for all the people of Canada and the world that it is affecting right now.

The icing on the cake was when Naomi Klein appeared out of nowhere during the march and Joanne took a picture of me with her. We didn’t talk we didn’t need to, we were just two people marching with thousands united by the same humanitarian cause.

A few days later I attended the Climate Reality conference with about 500 others from many countries round the world. What a wonderful bunch of friendly people from all walks of life they were, all there committed to helping to change the world. These were not the glossy eyed zealots the right wing mass media would like to portray them as.

These were the people’s heroes, the responsible members of our human society that believe in the Science, the ones who understand the threat, the ones responding to the clarion call for action, the ones prepared to step forward and catalyse the changes needed to avert the dangers of catastrophic Global Warming.

They are also the vanguard of the changes we need to transform our world from the ‘greed is good’ extractivist economics that is destroying our home planet, to a more caring and biologically sustainable society living within the boundaries set by Nature, not the cheque books of greedy bankers and their sociopathic oligarchic cronies.

I sat around tables with people from Barbados, Chile, India, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, United Kingdom, and of course Canada. They are damn nice people, all of them and now friends. They are all determined to catalyse the changes the world needs. They all know it won’t be an easy job.

We spent two days listening to Al Gore and other Climate Realty speakers outlining the problems to be faced and how we might make a positive contribution to saving humanity. They were all pretty persuasive but I guess you could argue they were talking to the converted. I didn’t get a chance to meet Al Gore personally, perhaps another time.

The key thing we learned was that there is a myriad of like-minded  people of all nationalities, cultures and faiths around the world who do believe that Global Warming is a real threat and is caused by human activity.  They do care about the world, its people and all the species of animals and plants that exist only on Earth. They are determined to share their knowledge and experience and to unite in action to help fix the problem and we will.

While Joanne didn’t get to the Climate Reality conference she had a great time as tourist and managed to get to see Niagara Falls.


Joanne at Canada-5_a

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Visions of Chaos : Divinity Seeds trilogy book 1: a book review.

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copyright Des Pensable 2015

It might seem a bit strange that the author of a fantasy book would write a review about his own book. But what the hell – I know more about the story than anyone else. What I’m going to talk about are some of the concepts hidden within the story.

First of all it’s an epic fantasy with wizards, sexy druid females, an assortment of exotic weird and often magical creatures and of course dragons. No fantasy would be complete without a dragon or two.  Look how popular Game of Thrones is. My story is full of the motifs that every fantasy reader knows and loves and of course non-fiction lovers generally hate.

So let’s talk about what’s different. Firstly it’s not based on a good versus evil motif, instead it’s based upon a chaos versus order motif. There are no good or evil people as I have tried to get away from the religious labels created to divide people. To do this I had to eliminate the good and evil based terminology that permeates our language and inevitably biases our thoughts and actions. That was no easy feat. So what drives the characters – a search for knowledge, power and the instinct to survive.

Next I have treated magic a little differently. Magic is generally understood to be either created by divine entities and shared with the humans or discovered by accident or experimentation and poorly understood. In this story the youthful hero Aquitain is an artisan of magic. He uses magic in his trade of making magic items following traditional methods much like physicians in the middle age dispensed their quackery. As the story progresses he begins to understand what magic actually is; how it actually works and why it exists in his world at all.

Our hero uses his mind to manipulate magic which is sometimes called psionic magic. Rather than using fire balls and lightning and such destructive macho magic he uses the more subtle magic of coercion, deception and illusion. In Visions of Chaos he hasn’t got much magic so he largely relies on his wits, a newly discovered talent of shape shifting, help from Miranda and a ball of clay.

In the trilogy, I have explored the philosophical concept of a type of duality where a spirit or soul can separate from the body without the need to die and explore the ramifications of the idea. To fully work out what a magical incorporeal spirit might be able to do I worked out a model of the physical properties of a spirit and how it might interact with a body as a container, the world in general and of course where magic fits into the scheme.

I also created a model of the whole world, its characters and creatures and how and why it existed. That occupies a separate 100 page guide book which was helpful to keep the story and its concepts coherent.

Now let’s get to the fun bits. The main plot line in Visions of Chaos involves our seemingly innocent hero Aquitain who meets and joins up with a rather deceptively pious druid priestess of Nature called Miranda. She doesn’t normally associate with or trust wizards because her unusual mother hates them. She really can’t take them home to meet her mother for afternoon tea as they probably wouldn’t survive although they might die smiling.

Our hero and his pretty female druid friend go for a romp in the jungle of a world that has just been repaired by an order of druids after a “great storm” which was the equivalent of a nuclear winter. Unfortunately, there is a prophesy that states that another great storm is immanent and some people believe our hero has a chaotic part to play in starting it.

The two of them are manipulated through a series of trials by unseen forces and become close friends but can never be lovers while Miranda is cursed with a magic tattoo that keeps her chaste. This creates all sorts of sexual tension and personal problems which they have to deal with while avoiding nasty lethal traps and hazardous situations during their quest to find missing fathers and discover the truth about what caused the previous great storm.

The ability of spirits to swap between and cohabitate within bodies creates a real nightmare when trying to recognise friends from enemies creating a story that is full of deception where every character might have a hidden agenda or worse, a hidden spirit with a hidden agenda. This aspect of the story is more fully revealed in the second book of the trilogy due out in 2016.

October 2016 Update

The story continues in Book 2  — now available from the start of October 2016.

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An Invitation to a Revolution


Des Pensable (c) 2015

I’ve just been on a short holiday to visit remote members of my family and like many people decided to buy a book to read on the journey.  I chose Revolution by Russel Brand as I had seen videos of Russel on Facebook marketing his book in his typical poke-fun-at-the-establishment style which provoked a Pavlovian response among the Tories and Republicans ensuring that his marketing would be successful.

I didn’t quite know what to expect as Russel is hardly either an academic or a revolutionary and I don’t generally bother reading books from media celebrities as they’re written by ghost writers as a public relations exercises for fans and have little of substance within. This book surprised me in that while it was written for fans it contained a few gems of revolutionary thought borrowed from such legends as Carl Marx, Che Guevara and Noam Chomsky.

At first glance the book could be considered as a cynical exercise in egoism. The first 80 pages are little short of an autobiography of how Russel was a lost soul as a child who related to nothing and no one and used drugs to drop out of society.  Then he found spirituality, eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation and it changed his life.  He accidentally became the American dream, the rags to riches story and now having tasted the fruits of capitalistic success has decided that it’s not the answer to the meaning of life.

He now sees the uber-rich champions of capitalism as little more than a hierarchy of drug dealers flogging drugs in the form of materialistic goods and mental diversions to an addicted enslaved populace trapped in a false reality.

He sees western society as more like a prison where the people are held in a tranquil, hypnotic, mindless, helpless state by a complicit mass media of morally corrupt commercial puppeteers. In this way they can be deceived, coerced, exploited, looted and discarded with psychopathic disregard as if they were no more than depleted human battery hens.

Consequently, it’s not surprising that he’s been labelled a hypocrite by both the rich and the poor who see him as little more than a name dropping dog that bites the hand of the system that is feeding him.

On the other hand, if you are prepared to be a little less cynical and see him as a man that has genuinely travelled a hard road through adversity, deprivation, self-hate and suffering; a man that has genuinely found a path to a level of spiritual enlightenment allowing him to see beyond the smoke and false shadows cast on the walls of our Platonic cave society then maybe he has a message to give you.

He says quite honestly that the short cameos of revolutionary wisdom within his book are the product of others and are not his. He states that owing to the fact that he is a media celebrity he has been privileged to be able to share the story of many others that are currently working on revolutionary new ideas on how to transform our western materialistic society away from the capitalistic neoliberal nightmare that it is today. He even drops a few names that might be termed celebrities in the world of revolutionaries such as Naomi Klein and Thomas Piketty.

While not a scientist or even professing to know much science, he is a firm believer in Global Warming and sees it as the writing on the wall that we MUST seriously address or the world will see suffering beyond all imagination.

He calls for a revolution to start the transformation of western society away from the failing destructive exploitative materialistic form of society that we currently have imposed upon us by faceless commercial oligarchs. He calls for a revolution without violence based on love and empathy, sharing and cooperation and his path to this revolution is through adopting a more spiritual life style with yoga, meditation and organic farming.

I couldn’t help feeling that within his book there was a genuine call for the people of the western world to wake up, take notice and join the revolution. The book was not meant to be DIY book on Revolution or the Idiots Guide to Revolution but an Invitation to the Revolution that is already happening around the world quietly behind the scenes.

The Climate Scientists of the world have shown convincing evidence that our whole civilization is threatened by runaway Global Warming and we have only limited time to fix the problem. It will need a revolutionary transformation of society that involves moving away from a fossil fuel based civilization currently tightly controlled by obscenely wealthy energy oligarchs, to a more enlightened renewable energy based civilization.

It will also mean a revolutionary move away from environmentally damaging exploitative crony capitalism to a more environmentally friendly, socially sustainable society. That transformation must come before we reach the death of hope of irreversible Global Warming and it will not come easily.

We are already on the road towards that revolutionary change. Millions around the world walked in protest about inaction on Global Warming last year. More than twenty million concerned people from around the world called for a complete shut-down of the use of fossil fuel by 2050 in an Avaaz petition to the Lima Climate Change conference last December. Hundreds of millions around the world want a better life and a more even distribution of the world’s resources.

Global Warming is forcing a revolutionary change on the world whether any of us like it or not. There are likely to be many pathways and outcomes in this energy revolution. Russel Brand has wisely suggested one pathway, a peaceful spiritual eco-friendly sustainable pathway to the revolutionary transformation of our civilization based on love not hate. No one can fault him on that! What road will you choose?

Book Review : Revolution by Russel Brand. Published by Century Press, London , 2014.

ISBN 9781780893068.

Another interesting book review of Revolution

Russell Brand was nominated by George Monbiot as one of the Heroes of 2014.

Russel Brand nominated 4th Most Influential Thinker in the World 2015

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