Should the World Sanction or Boycott the USA for Its Inaction on Global Warming?

By Des Pensable copyright 2017

In 2015, the USA Obama government agreed with the world’s climate scientists about the economic, environmental and possible existential dangers posed by Global Warming. They consequently joined the rest of the world at the Paris Climate Change conference pledging strong action to reduce Global Warming.

This year, the new USA Trump government has suddenly denied all scientific evidence from the world that Global Warming is a problem and stated that it will no longer help the world fight Global Warming.

The Trump government has announced, that it will be pulling out of the Paris Climate Change agreement. It is also trying to abolish the US Environmental Protection Agency and significantly reduce actions and research by US government agencies including NASA and the US military on Global Warming mitigation.

So what happened?

Human caused Global Warming is already being seen to increase the severity of storms, such as hurricanes, floods,  dangerous heat waves and droughts around the world which are causing considerable economic damage.

Without serious action, towards 2050 the Global Warming will make many parts of the world unlivable which will cause riots and civil unrest leading to massive numbers, perhaps hundreds of millions of climate change refugees. It’s not difficult to imagine the world strife if this occurs. Hundreds of millions of people will die.

The USA is currently the world’s second largest source of green house gas pollution and for much of the previous century it was the world’s largest source of these gases. Consequently the USA is one of the main causes of Global Warming.

Around the world it is universally recognized that any person, corporation or even country that willfully acts to cause harm or death of people is criminally liable for their actions. The current USA actions to ignore fixing a global problem that it is largely responsible for causing should then be seen as criminal negligence.

It’s worth asking why the USA has decided to ignore the plight of the world and act so irresponsibly towards Global Warming.  At first, it doesn’t seem to make any sense. However, if we take a closer look at political changes to USA government over the last 20 years then we can get an idea as to why this has happened.

The USA has always claimed to be the world’s best example of democracy, however, over the last two decades this has changed. The USA has been transformed from a democracy run by the people for the people, to a corporate oligarchy run by corporate oligarchs for their own enrichment.  A university study showed the citizens of the USA have virtually no say.  In other words the rich people rule the USA.

The oligarchs literally own the politicians within the USA government. They select most of the politicians, spending large amounts of money in advertising to ensure their chosen people get elected. They then give the politicians guidance though large numbers of corporate lobbyists and electoral donations which are basically bribes to ensure the politicians only enact laws beneficial to the corporate oligarchs.

In recent times, the wealth of corporate USA has largely been built from fossil fuels through the petrodollar.  There is currently about $30 trillion worth of fossil fuels still in the ground which could be extracted and burnt. The scientists have provided considerable evidence that if this were to be burnt the world will be destroyed by catastrophic Global Warming.

The current corporate oligarchs such as the Koch brothers who have taken control of the current USA government have massive investments in fossil fuels. The Paris Climate change agreement, was about reducing the use of fossil fuels to zero as soon as possible. If this were to happen then the fossil fuel oligarchs would lose much of their wealth.

It’s not surprising then that with control of the government they have taken actions to not only do nothing about Global warming but speed it up by undoing all Obama era environmental laws brought in to slow down Global Warming. They have also decided to use government money to subsidize increased use of fossil fuel in the USA which will also speed it up. This is suicidal for not only the USA but the world.

The USA believes itself to be world’s only superpower and with the world’s biggest army it can and does threaten any country in the world that displeases it for any reason. The USA government considerers itself the world leader but its actions on Global Warming are not those of a leader. They are the actions of a selfish group of greedy sociopathic oligarchs threatening the world for their own enrichment.

So how can the people of the world express their displeasure at the current USA Trump government’s arrogant and selfish inaction on Global Warming?

The USA government has been the leading country to put trade and economic sanctions on other countries when those countries displease the USA government.

So why couldn’t the world use trade and economic sanctions on the USA to express its displeasure at the arrogant and selfish actions of the current USA corporate government in not taking action on Global Warming.

Climate change activist and journalist  Naomi Klein has suggested that this should be an option if the Trump government leaves the Paris agreement.

There are many USA based transnational corporations that are vulnerable to world sanctions and boycotts. This will penalize corporate USA where it hurts the most, though their corporate profits.

It would also send a loud message to the people of the USA who will be just as badly affected by global Warming as the rest of the world’s people that it is time for them to take their democracy back.

While it might be argued that many cowardly governments would be afraid to put sanctions on the USA fearing spiteful military or economic retaliation. A concerted action by a large group of countries could be accomplished through the United Nations and this would lessen the burden of any USA retaliation on individual countries.

The difference between sanctions and boycotts are that sanctions are carried out by countries but boycotts are carried out by people.  Consequently, a world boycott by the people on USA multinationals might well be an even more potent way for people to show their concern at the USA corporate government’s criminal contempt for OUR lives.

The world boycotts through the BDS program on Israel for its appalling treatment of the Palestinians shows that world boycotts can exert significant pressures on obnoxious governments when other cowardly governments are afraid to speak up.

No government can stop its own people from choosing NOT to buy or use USA services and goods. Each one of us that chooses not to use, buy or support any goods or services from the USA will help to persuade the USA to take action to stop Global Warming instead of making it worse.

The future of all our families and possibly even life on Earth depends on our unified actions to reverse the current USA corporate government madness and greed.

Let’s try to get our governments to sanction the USA but even more important let’s  take individual action. Choose NOT to support any USA corporation and watch what happens.

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Des Pensable is an independent writer and global warming activist receiving no financial support from any organisation.

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