A Global Warming Denier US President – How Did It Get To This?


By Des Pensable copyright 2016

What a bleak year it has been. We saw the Brexit referendum divide the people within the UK and its European neighbours. Now we’ve seen a yearlong US election campaign that has polarised the people of the USA and the rest of the world.

The whole USA election media circus steered well clear of the real US problems of massive wealth inequality, poverty, incarceration, unemployment, pollution, racism, bigotry, congress inaction and total loss of faith in both the government and the mass media. Instead we’ve all seen the really ugly truth about USA with the rigged elections, the corporate control, the media bias, much of it elegantly exposed by Wikileaks and Australia’s Julian Assange, arguably the world’s greatest people’s hero this year.

So what was the choice the US people were given?

Their option was to elect the Democrat Hilary Clinton, a corrupt champion of the US military / industrial complex that threatened war with Russia over Syria which would likely draw in China causing WW3. The only alternative according to the media was Donald Trump, a wealthy obnoxious racist, misogynous business man widely painted by the elite establishment media circus as impossible to elect.

What wasn’t discussed on main stream media but spread far and wide over the independent and social media was that Trump wants to stop the USA from combating Global Warming thereby threatening his own world catastrophe.

So the REAL CHOICE then was Clinton for WW3 or Trump for Global Warming catastrophe all else is meaningless. A quick death or a slow death and the people chose the slow death but most certainly not from careful deliberation of those two choices. This is probably fortunate.

Some good is likely flow from the election of Donald Trump as President although that is highly debatable what at this stage as US Presidents have very restricted powers. In 6 years Obama only managed to get one budget through a hostile congress while he was in power and although trumpeted as a champion of Global Warming action he was severely limited in his ability to get the USA to combat Climate Change owing to a hostile climate denier congress.

It’s likely that the TPP and TTIP which were designed to set up a western world corporate cabal controlled by transnational corporations will not go ahead at least for a few more years under Trump’s government but nothing is sure. This cabal would likely have started a new trade cold war between US aligned TTP/TTIP states and the Russia/China BRICS trading alliance.

Obama is still the President until the reins of power are handed over and it is conceivable that he might just be able to get congress to approve the TPP in the lame duck session of congress before he leaves. Although this has been recently ruled out.  The death of the TPP will be a great relief to many Australians.

The real problem is the damage Trump can do to the world effort to stop Global warming. He has threatened to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Treaty and to eliminate all Obama programs targeted at clean energy. He has chosen a Climate Change denier to run the energy department.  Considering that the USA is the world’s second largest carbon polluter after Russia this would severely damage world efforts to contain Global Warming under 2C.

The Climate Change conference currently in Marrakesh has stated the world will continue Climate Change action without the USA if necessary.

Trump has further stated that he will open up the whole country to coal, oil and gas exploitation and to help the coal industry re-establish its position as an employer in the coal rich areas of the USA. This of course is quite likely pie in the sky as the coal industry is wilting under pressure from the renewables industry all around the world and in the USA. Trump could however weaken the resolve of other countries such as India to move from coal to renewables. It will also make it much more difficult to persuade countries like Australia to keep it in the ground.

The Trump campaign has also done massive damage to all human rights programs around the world in championing xenophobia, racism, bigotry and misogyny. He has stated that he will try to reverse the Roe vs Wade ruling on abortion to placate the Christian fundamentalist community which will undoubtedly bring about massive confrontations again all over the country. This is a huge step backwards in time.

In Australia it will give the many xenophobes, racists and bigots that champion the radical Right Wing parties and the ultraconservative nut cakes. They will think they can run riot around the country. It will cause more polarisation among the people in a country that was one time comfortably multiracial until the ratbag conservatives in the Liberal Party took it hard right.

It’s also argued that Trump’s stated trade war on Chinese goods shipped to the USA and talk of tariff protection could harm Australia’s trade with China. I suspect it’s too early yet to  speculate on that.

So what good might come out of Trump’s victory.

The Corporate Globalisation of the world might slow the New World Order a little.

The killing of the TPP/TTIP might slow the formation of a world trade cold war a little.

The killing of the TPP might slow the pro-trade anti global warming agenda.

A large program of public works throughout the USA might reduce unemployment a bit.

The breaking of the bank power through a new Glass / Segal Law might work if he can get it through a hostile corporate owned Congress which is unlikely.

He might suddenly discover that Global Warming is real and caused largely by the USA that would be wonderful.

In all, still a bleak outcome for the world and we still have to live in it as there is no planet B and the prospect of WW3 hasn’t gone away yet.

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