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By Des Pensable copyright 2016

Hi Everybody.

You’ve probably been wondering about my next environmental or political blog but as many of you know I write a wide variety of stories and poetry. I love science fiction and fantasy so last year I started writing that too.

This week I’m giving YOU a FREE Ebook copy of my 488 page Divinity Seeds fantasy trilogy part 2, Agents of Chaos.

Hundreds on my readers on my blog last year took the opportunity to get a free copy of Divinity Seeds part 1 Visions of Chaos. Now it’s their chance to get a FREE copy of Ebook part 2. The paperback version is also available on the link below but that will cost you money.

Since last year I’ve had well over a thousand new readers join the Indespensable blog.  Why should you miss out on book 1? Well I’ve decided to let you have ebook part 1 for just US $0.99.

Yep that’s under one dollar for you to catch up with the 547 page story and you can still get the Ebook 2 for FREE. This offer is only available until the end of October. So get your copies quickly.

If you’re still reading my blog next year you will also get the opportunity to get a free ebook of part 3 of the trilogy due out mid year.  If that’s not a good deal I don’t know what is.

Here’s a short review of the story this far…

‘Lies, misinformation, deception, coercion, illusion, magic, shape changing are all the standard ingredients in this story set in a post apocalyptic jungle world attached to other strange worlds via magical gateways. The two main characters Aquitain, a male wizard and shapechanger with a Jekyl and Hyde character and his partner in chaos, a druid priestess with a magical tattoo that protects much more than her virtue continue on their chaotic journey.

In book one of the trilogy, Visions of Chaos, the two meet and create the starting conditions for the fulfilment of prophesy of a Time of Chaos. In book 2 , Agents of Chaos, the two are at first separated by a chance misfortune and while seeking to find each other trigger a cascade of chaotic happenings that can only signal the approaching Time of Chaos or does it? Our male hero discoverers his true nature but will he accept it. Will his lover Miranda accept him when she finds out? Things can only get worse before they get better.’

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