German Study: TTIP Trade Agreement Will Cost Australia and Canada More Than $100 Billion Each Year Within a Decade

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There has been little discussion anywhere about how the massive USA- European TTIP trade agreement, (the sister agreement to the TPP) will affect Australia and Canada. That is perhaps because it will affect them adversely and the pro-trade politicians and US aligned media are keeping quiet about it.

One German Study was quite candid about the TTIP. There will be winners and losers. The biggest winners will be the USA and the UK and the biggest losers will be Australia and Canada. I’ll bet that’s a surprise!

Australia will lose the equivalent of 7.41% of its GDP growth which roughly equates to about $106 billion per year. Canada will lose about 9.48% of its GDP or about $153 billion per year in 2012 US dollars. I’ll bet most Australians and Canadians don’t know that!

The German study suggested countries outside the TTIP would lose 250,000 jobs. Presumably Australia and Canada will be hard hit losing tens of thousands of jobs. In addition to these losses Australia will lose about 39,000 jobs and Canada 58,000 jobs from the TPP.

In another study looking at different scenarios by the Petersen Institute in the USA, Australia, Canada and the USA would do the best if they all join the  ASEAN economies in an Asian Free Trade deal.

Everyone gains from this except it might mean the USA has to share world hegemonic economic power with China as a duopoly. As one analyst states It’s highly unlikely that the defence neoconservatives in the US government would wish to share power with China.

They see the TTIP and TPP as strategic parts of their geopolitical struggle to maintain US world transnational corporate hegemony. This could lead to an economic cold war between a US corporate aligned TTIP/TPP trade block and the China/Russia BRICS trading block. That would have negative consequences for everyone in the world.

Both the TTIP and TPP have only a few chapters that are specifically about trade, the rest are about restructuring all the counties internal structures to make it more amenable to control by the US /European transnational corporations.

We know that TTIP and TPP will affect every aspect of people’s lives through privatisation of government assets and changes in local health and environmental laws. Countries will not be allowed to make any laws that override the TPP laws.

It takes away the power of your elected political representatives in the future.  This takes away every country’s independence and sovereignty. All will truly become dependant vassal states of a massive USA/ European transnational corporate hegemony.

The people of the USA are also losers in these trade deals. The US people will lose jobs like when they signed the NAFTA agreement. It’s believed they lost 700, 000 jobs offshore in that deal. They will undoubtedly suffer greater inequality, more poverty and more corporate owned debt chaining them to ever worsening economic slavery, and of course less personal freedom.

There is another IMPORTANT factor that will substantially change all economic scenarios including the TTIP and TPP. Neither of these trade agreements mentions Global Warming.

This is said to be the biggest threat to our civilisation the world has ever known yet it is not mentioned in these treaties. The Paris Climate Change agreement was all about mitigating the potentially catastrophic effects of Global Warming.

The TPP has raised warning flags that it could have disastrous effects on efforts to mitigate Global Warming around the world. EVERYTHING our industrial world produces uses fossil fuels in its manufacture and fossil fuels in its transport.

International trade is mainly by sea trade which uses bunker fuel. This is environmentally the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel which already accounts 3-4% carbon pollution (more than the whole of Australia) and a large proportion of the world’s sulphur and nitrogen pollution. These gases are the prime cause of Global warming and ocean acidification.

World trade is expected to double in the next 20 years. More TPP/TTIP trade logically means the use of more fossil fuels, more environmental pollution and faster and more serious Global Warming threatening the world and YOUR family’s future. This has been CONFIRMED by a recent US sustainable development study.

In addition to the increased Global Warming from increased trade, the ISDS clauses within both the TTIP and TPP agreements create a private corporate legal system that can kill Global Warming mitigation. Both Australia and Canada are seriously at risk for hundreds of billions in costs here. Canada already knows the serious risks of the ISDS from the large number of ISDS claims from the NAFTA agreement.

The world is currently at a turning point. Global Warming threatens everyone’s future and the TTIP and TPP will add extra threats.

We have to VERY seriously consider whether the TPP and TTIP, which will cost us jobs, increase Global Warming, hamper our efforts to mitigate it and create new corporate controlled trade blocks that have the potential to create a new cold war with China / Russia aligned states is in the world’s best interest or not. Is it in YOUR best interest?

If we decide that it’s not in OUR world’s best interest then we must mobilise EVERY EFFORT to make sure these dangerous TTIP and TPP agreement are not ratified but instead placed in the dust bin of history where they belong.  Decide soon or forever rest in peace!

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