The TPP/TTIP Agreements Mean More Global Warming and a World Trade War

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Now that the Australian elections are over we can get back to discussing the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) and Global Warming the two most important issues that will seriously affect the future of all Australians and indeed all of the people in the world.  These issues were purposely not discussed by mutual agreement between the two major parties during the election and we should all ask why?

The Australian LNP government with the agreement of the Labor party and WITHOUT ANY DEBATE in parliament signed the agreement to much protest on 4th February, 2016. However,  it will not come into force until it is ratified by our parliament expected to be later this year or next. Should we ratify it?

The 29 chapters of the TPP were finally revealed last year and we were told that WE CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING within it, we can ONLY accept or reject it.

No commercial enterprise would ever consider signing up to a multibillion dollar deal without examining a cost/benefit analysis in great detail. In fact there was a cost benefit analysis on the economic aspects of the TPP which found that Australia will hardly benefit at all economically but will lose 39,000 jobs.  An analysis of the decade old Australia / USA free trade agreement show that we are worse off than we would have been without it.

There are no studies on the cost/ benefits for human society and people but many reasons to believe that the TPP/TTIP agreements will be bad for Australian people like you and me and indeed the people in the other countries as well.

So why is there so much secrecy and lack of transparency?  Why are we joining this agreement if there are little obvious benefit and lots to lose? There MUST be a hidden agenda?


There is an environmental chapter in the TPP. It is weak and ineffectual.  Here’s what Wikileaks said about the chapter.

“The Environment Chapter clearly shows the intention to first and foremost protect trade, not the environment. The principle is spelled out in this draft that local environmental laws are not to obstruct trade or investment between the countries.’ 

There is NO MENTION of Global Warming or Climate Change in the TPP.

The TPP has raised warning flags that it could have disastrous effects on efforts to mitigate Global Warming around the world.

EVERYTHING our international civilisation produces uses fossil fuels in its manufacture and fossil fuels in its transport.

International trade is mainly via sea transport which uses bunker fuel. This is environmentally the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel which already accounts 3-4% carbon pollution (more than the whole of Australia) and growing proportion of the world’s  sulphur and nitrogen pollution that is the prime cause of Global warming and acidification of the oceans and killing our Great Barrier Reef.

More TPP/TTIP trade logically means the use of more fossil fuels, more environmental pollution and FASTER and MORE SERIOUS Global Warming threatening the world and your family’s future. This has been CONFIRMED by a US sustainable development  study.

The ISDS clauses within both the TTIP and TPP agreements create a private corporate legal system that can block global warming mitigation. Australia is seriously at risk for hundreds of billions in costs here.

This is one HIDDEN AGENDA that the Australian (and other) global warming denier governments, which mainly happen to be fossil fuel producing countries such as the USA, DO NOT wish to discuss with their citizens.

The Paris World Climate Change agreement showed that  ALL the sane caring and environmentally conscious  people of the world DO NOT WANT global warming to happen FASTER, they want it slowed and stopped.

The millions of people that supported the Paris agreement do not have a collective death wish.  They have heard the message of the world’s IPCC scientists that say unless we stop Global Warming then it will cause irreversible changes to OUR planet Earth and doom OUR civilisation.

The EVIDENCE from the IPCC studies shows that if Global Warming continues at the business as usual rate (the current rate) a 3-4C world will mean the POOREST PEOPLE in the world WILL SUFFER and MANY WILL DIE. A 6C world will mean we ALL die.   Is that an acceptable trade deal to YOU ?


Another hidden agenda is that the TTIP/TPP trade agreements have massive GEOPOLITICAL significance to the US corporate world empire. They are about maintaining and growing the US hegemonic empire.  I have discussed some of the consequences of this for Australia but it affects every member of  the world’s community of people.

ANY economist will tell you that there will be winners and losers with any international trade agreement. The TPP/ TTIP is DESIGNED to set up the international structure for which countries will be the winners and losers.

The TPP/ TTIP agreements specifically ignore China, Russia, Africa, many Asian and South American countries which have de facto been CHOSEN by the USA transnational corporate western alliance to be the LOSERS.

President Obama has stated openly that the TPP is designed to allow the USA to set the world trading rules not China. It sets up an unofficial declaration of a trade war between the USA and China which is a big problem for Australia as China is Australia’s largest trading partner. The possibility of a cold war between China and the USA is real.

Australian and other US vassal states have all presumably been TOLD to sign the TPP/TTIP agreements if they want to be on the side of the winners. Has the  Australian government ever in recent times said NO to the USA ? Does this explain why the Australian people have no say in whether the TPP is good or bad for us?

For its part, China has set up the BRICS trading alliance and according to one report  “has been busy creating or deepening economic alliances with ASEAN, South Korea, and Australia, and spearheading a large multilateral FTA, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCPE), that would include India and other East and Southeast Asian nations.”

If the TPP and TTIP agreements are likely to speed up and increase global warming and increase world war tensions they should be scrapped as we all want a healthy happy future for our families.

Many sane and caring environmentally conscious people in the USA are currently fighting a mighty battle to kill off the TPP and massive numbers of similar people in Europe are fighting to have the TTIP scrapped. For the sake of our democracies and the world’s future let’s all hope they win.

In Australia we need a massive pressure on the government and especially the Senate to NOT ratify the TPP. Our future is in protecting our environment not selling fossil fuel to help the world die or be a part of a new cold war between super powers.

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