Mike Baird Chickens Out at the World’s Biggest Lock On Protest in Sydney



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“Thank you for your courage !” people are saying all over NSW today.      #lockonwithme , #right2protest

It was a sunny day outside the NSW parliament in Sydney this week as a few hundred NVDA activists from all over NSW representing a wide variety of groups threw down the gauntlet to Mike Baird and challenged his new anti-protest lock on laws.  Mike Baird, the would be dictator keen on creating authoritarian, anti-social laws to restrict our freedom and dismantle our democracy CHICKENED OUT !

The police, on their best behavior, witnessed dozens of people wearing chains locking on and they did NOTHING. One policeman came over to the Knitting Nannas and said he felt useless standing on the road watching us protest against the dismantling of our democracy.  He doesn’t like being a policeman in a police state. He came over and CONGRATULATED us all.

It’s quite possible that the NSW police have given notice to Baird’s ultra-conservative religious zealot Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione that they are not prepared to arrest their own fellow citizens for protecting our Aussie democratic values. They might well have said to their political boss, THIS IS OUR STATE MATE – we’re here to look after the people of NSW not to take away their democratic rights with unjust laws created by your business buddies.

When the Tasmanian police were forced to arrest Bob Brown under the new anti-protest laws there, he immediately challenged the laws in their courts and the government backed down because they knew the laws were unjust.  Consequently, the Tasmanian police union has threatened to boycott the new anti-protester laws unless they are changed. They have families and friends too !

Victoria tried anti- protest laws and they were repealed  immediately after the change of government. You see its quite simple-  Aussies won’t knuckle under to authoritarian corporate owned thugs. Luke Foley of NSW Labor and Jeremy Buckingham of NSW Greens have promised to repeal the NSW laws when they get in after the next NSW election.

Mike Baird showed where his strings are connected as a puppet of the state fossil fool industry, the hidden so called “de facto” government of our state. They ordered little puppet Mikey to introduce the new laws because the rabble in NSW were irritating them and causing a loss of profits for their mainly foreign owners.   He dutifully saluted “Hail Coal” and did so.

On Thursday the fossil fools consortium probably gave him clear instructions not to upset the peasants as there was an election near and they didn’t want any unpleasant public people beating until after the election.

Wouldn’t they be surprised if the Fossil Fool Consortium gave the order to the police to rough up a few protesters at the next protest and the NSW police did what the Tasmanian police did and said ‘NO!’ We are with the people. This is WRONG. They are our employers, not you.

There was a full spectrum of speakers from our aboriginal brothers and sisters, to politicians, farmers and taxi drivers present and they all had harsh words about the anti-protest laws and our chicken puppet dictator whose popularity has plunged all over the state in the last few months as vividly shown by the massive anti-Baird protest in Sydney just a few weeks ago.

The Knitting Nannas were there in force and very vocal. When they to have to fight for our democracy then you know something is really wrong. Here’s what Carrol Bennet representing the NSW Nannas said to the locked-on audience and attentive young police officers listening in.

“The Knitting Nanas are watching you, Mr Baird, and so far your report card is not one to be proud of. We have watched as among other things –

  • You continue to promote the fossil fuel industry, including coal and coal seam gas, against the wishes of the communities affected.
  • You increase the powers of the Police, and reduce the powers of the Attorney General.
  • You and your cohorts don’t merely whittle away at our democratic rights but take an axe to them.
  • You dismissed hundreds of honest, hard-working democratically elected mayors and councillors across the state, using flawed process, and replaced them with administrators, many of whom were heavily involved in that flawed process in the role of delegate, resulting in many small rural communities losing their voice on local issues, and paving the way for developers in the Inner city.
  • You stood by and aided and abetted in the destruction of centuries old landmark fig trees to suit the wishes of developers by doing nothing.
  • You introduced Lock Out laws , which are ruining many small businesses, but which do not apply to the large corporate owned casino.
  • You introduce new Bio-Diversity laws that sound the death knell for many of our endangered species, and will allow wholesale land clearing
  • You attempt to sell off our resources to the highest overseas bidders.

The Knitting Nannas are watching you, Mr Baird, and we think you’ve lost the plot. We don’t like bullies and scare-mongerers, and we think you’ve forgotten who you were elected to serve – that is the people of NSW not the self-serving greedy corporations, fossil fuel industry and developers.”

Our Nannafesto states – ‘We want to make sure that our servants, the politicians, represent our democratic wishes and they know they are accountable – to us

Carol Bennet  and many others at the World’s Biggest Lock On stated what we all think and feel. We are NOT HAPPY with YOU Mike Baird and you will be shown the door at the next election. In the mean while WE WILL RESIST the BAIRD BLIGHT and fight to regain our democracy at the next election in the true democratic way by PROTESTING !


93 year old Bill Ryan was there! will you be there next time?

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