Australia’s Most Corrupt State Government Brings in Laws to Stop Citizens Protesting CSG Mining

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Just 2 years ago the NSW Legislature was exposed as the most corrupt government in Australia’s history by the NSW Independant Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). In nine months, 11 Liberal politicians resigned, stepped down or moved to the crossbenches amid corruption investigations.

This very same Liberal Party  government have now brought in laws to stop citizens from peacefully protesting about unsafe coal seam gas mining in their own locality.

Before the last election in a poll on the ABC’s Vote Compass of 42,000 respondents, 62 per cent agreed with the statement: “Coal seam gas extraction should be banned in NSW” but the NSW Premier doesn’t care!

Last week hundreds concerned citizens from all over the state protested the new law outside parliament blocking the road in front of parliament but it was rushed through and passed without any citizen groups being able to have a say.

It sounds crazy to any sane person but it will be illegal for ordinary citizens to non- violently and peacefully protest about fossil fuel companies poisoning the air and water. A poll found that 61.4% of NSW citizens are opposed to the new laws.

Many farmers will be furious that their elected National Party members of parliament sold them out by supporting the bill. It’s now illegal for them to take virtually any action that will protect themselves and the health of their rural community.

Actions as simple as locking a gate or blocking a driveway can be illegal. They are liable to $5500 fines for obstructing any company going about its business poisoning the environment and 7 years in gaol for their civic moral duty to take care of their neighbours and families.

It’s an attack on our civil rights and our democracy says the NSW Law Society. Transparency International has already warned us that Australia is becoming more complacent about corruption as it is increasing every year.

In a massive reversal of natural justice the government at the same time is reducing the fines for the fossil fuel companies breaking the state environmental laws from over a million dollars to $5000 which is pocket money for multibillion dollar mining companies.  The fossil fuel companies have been given the go ahead to pollute as much as they like. This looks and smells like the worst type of political corruption.

If the LNP was a bikie gang under the Queensland anti association laws when 11 members of the Liberal Party were found corrupt it could have been outlawed by the Commissioner of Police as a criminal organisation.

They would not be able to meet with other members of the gang under threat of 15 years mandatory detention and would have any money or property found in their possession confiscated unless they could prove legitimate ownership. How would they prove that the money they moved around in paper bags was legally obtained?

 “Labor’s ship has been equally rat-infested, with names like Obeid, Macdonald, Kelly and Tripodi now bywords for the stink in Macquarie St.”

Can you guess how many are in gaol ?  None! It’s not hard to believe as one group of rats protect the other when it comes to looking after their corrupt enterprise.

We don’t have to look far for the source of the corrupt influence. It’s the local fossil fuel industry. The industry that has been found responsible for causing global warming that unless stopped is likely to cause massive damage to the world and possibly lead to the demise of human civilisation.

The fossil fuel industry doesn’t care about the environment or people’s health. They’re happy to pollute the land and walk away leaving tax payers with the bill to clean up their toxic mess. They only care about money and profit.

When politicians leave their public offices they are given jobs in the mining industry or become mining industry lobbyists passing on and facilitating the corrupt practices to the next generation of politicians.  The Greens have called it a revolving door of corruption.

If the bikie gang laws were applied to the corrupt practises of the Liberal Party then we would likely see dozens incarcerated and the corporations funding these crooked deals closed down and their directors gaoled and their corporate assets seized.

But we won’t see this type of justice because our political parties operate under the deception that they are legal enterprises. They make the laws saying that what they are doing is legal. If criminal bikie gangs were to run the state government then they would undoubtedly make laws that benefitted criminals not the ordinary citizens of the state. What is the difference now?

The citizens of NSW need to urgently call for the NSW ICAC to investigate and hunt down and reveal more of the corrupt rats in the Liberal and Nationals gang that call themselves a parliament.

The citizens in NSW in online petitions are already demanding that the new laws be rescinded and any persons found guilty between now and then pardoned and feted for their courage in resisting these vile laws.

There is a Facebook group of concerned citizens where you can join and find out more information called “Ban the NSW Anti-Protest Laws”.

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4 thoughts on “Australia’s Most Corrupt State Government Brings in Laws to Stop Citizens Protesting CSG Mining”

  1. The Government is infested with illuminati. So it is. Wake up the people and things will change. Do they really want to wake up though!? Majority LOVE vaccinations thinking it keeps them and their children safe. They do not want to know the true reason for vaccinations. To de-populate. Same with CSG and mining. Kill off people. Less people to control then. Fear. However all we can do is what we are meant to do. I hold light. I am a Starseed. I see it all. I understand this dichotomy creates more awareness and consciousness. And only love can solve the fear. Great work Des. Keep the wake up calls coming. ❤️

  2. the corrupt practises of the Liberal Party

    The word you want is “practices”… my old schoolteacher father taught me that “ise” contains the verb “is”, so it is a verb; “ice” is a thing, therefore a noun, so “practices” is a noun. So a doctor’s “practices” are his offices, i.e. things; where his “practise” as a doctor is a verb: it’s what he does, i.e. active verb.

  3. same old shit. short-term profit, long-term suffering. species extinction, celebrity cults. taps on the shoulder, families mentioned. get on board, you might even own your own home. corporations rule. in my youth, when faced with The Decision: what is important to me and what will i put my energies into? i turned away from personal wealth. i tried to save the world. the laws are written to protect industry, to protect the invading force. i am broken, just another who has glimpsed the true face of commerce. i will never own a home, i admire the tenacity of the blue wren, i cry for the innocent forms of life i have failed to protect. do i teach my child what is right? or what is best to succeed in this system? for they are surely not the same thing.

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