Is Globalised Trade a Synonym for Economic Warfare or Planetary Destruction?


A hypothetical argument.

by Des Pensable

Imagine a world composed of many small sovereign countries.  Each country trades with its neighbors. Each is limited by its population size, its natural resources and the climate.  All use gold for trade.

Everyone is happy and trade increases and everybody trades gold for goods but then the supply of gold runs low. Trade is limited by the finite amount of gold.

All the rich elite in the countries around the globe have taken most of the gold – they lust for more. They look across their borders. There is a terrible war, tens of millions die.  A new economic cycle is started.

Country A says it has lots of gold. It is strong and wealthy. It will print paper money and exchange it for gold at any time. The rich elite agree and they start trading with A’s paper money. Everyone is happy and the population grows again.

Country A prints lots of paper money for everyone and uses it to buy from everyone. It builds a big army to protect everyone so there will be no more wars but prints much more paper money than it has gold.

Some countries become worried about country A’s spendthrift nature and its big army. They want to swap A’s paper money for gold.

Country A realizes it will run out of gold if all countries want to swap their paper money for gold so it suddenly declares no more swapping its paper money for gold. The people in lots of countries are suddenly unhappy; that wasn’t the deal they had agreed to.

Small country B rich in natural resources is unhappy with country A’s paper money and decides that it would rather trade in gold.

Country A worries that if the other countries start using gold again then they will not want A’s paper money and it will lose its value.  So Country A uses its big army to invade B installs a puppet government and takes control of its gold and resources.

Country A’s actions now threatens any others that want to trade in gold that it will invade them, install a puppet government and take their gold and resources.

Country A builds hundreds of “defence” bases all over the world to protect the world and begins spying on everyone to ensure they only do what country A wants. The world begins to fear country A has a hidden agenda. It wants to be an empire and control them all.

Country A writes a magic new trade deal that allows it to buy anything and everything in other countries with its paper money. It tells everyone that in order to remain friendly with A they must adopt the magic new trade deal that uses A’s paper money.

Large country C is unhappy with country A’s  magic trade deal and its paper money. It suggests everyone start trading in C’s own paper money backed by gold and it writes its own magic new trade deal and invites all countries to join.

Country A is unhappy with country C’s magic new trade deal and sees it as a dire threat to A’s prosperity and it’s ego.

Country A bribes or threatens politicians in many countries to agree to its trade deal and they agree. The people in many countries object but they are ignored. If they protest they are gaoled by their own corrupted politicians

Country A happily prints enough paper money to buy everything worth buying in all the countries in its trade group. The land, the water, the power stations and grids, the media, the schools, colleges and unis; the health system, ports airports and roads. Many people object but are gaoled.

Now country A owns everything in all the countries in its trade group and has control of them. It has the empire that its rich elite craved. It owns a large part of the world and the world’s production. It can set the values it pays for everything. It can say who lives and who dies. But the people are not happy.

Everyone except the rich elite and corrupt politicians are effectively now slaves of country A’s empire. It’s proud that it has done this all with just printed paper, threats and appeals to people’s greed.

Country A now looks greedily around the world and at country C and the members of C’s trading group. All the non- aligned countries become scared and join either A or C’s trade group. There is no other option.

Both Country A and C’s rich elite and their puppet governments become decadent and negligent. They revel in their own vanity. They denounce and threaten each other.

They ignore Global Warming which drastically reduces water availability and food production. The oceans rise displacing hundreds of millions of people. The decadent can afford the food and water but the majority and displaced cannot, they starve, they finally revolt, world war rages, billions like you and me and our friends and families die.

Much of the world’s agricultural land is ruined. Many regions of the planet are uninhabitable. A large proportion of the world’s animal and plant species have been annihilated. Much of the world’s knowledge is lost. The world is a very different, more hostile place.

Both Country A and C’s empire ambitions end. World population is reduced to a much lower level and a new rich elite wish to start trading again in gold.

Next cycle of economic warfare begins.

There must be a lesson for people like you and me in here somewhere?

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Australia’s Most Corrupt State Government Brings in Laws to Stop Citizens Protesting CSG Mining

mellisa - 9

photo –  Melinda Wilson

copyright Des Pensable 2016

Just 2 years ago the NSW Legislature was exposed as the most corrupt government in Australia’s history by the NSW Independant Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). In nine months, 11 Liberal politicians resigned, stepped down or moved to the crossbenches amid corruption investigations.

This very same Liberal Party  government have now brought in laws to stop citizens from peacefully protesting about unsafe coal seam gas mining in their own locality.

Before the last election in a poll on the ABC’s Vote Compass of 42,000 respondents, 62 per cent agreed with the statement: “Coal seam gas extraction should be banned in NSW” but the NSW Premier doesn’t care!

Last week hundreds concerned citizens from all over the state protested the new law outside parliament blocking the road in front of parliament but it was rushed through and passed without any citizen groups being able to have a say.

It sounds crazy to any sane person but it will be illegal for ordinary citizens to non- violently and peacefully protest about fossil fuel companies poisoning the air and water. A poll found that 61.4% of NSW citizens are opposed to the new laws.

Many farmers will be furious that their elected National Party members of parliament sold them out by supporting the bill. It’s now illegal for them to take virtually any action that will protect themselves and the health of their rural community.

Actions as simple as locking a gate or blocking a driveway can be illegal. They are liable to $5500 fines for obstructing any company going about its business poisoning the environment and 7 years in gaol for their civic moral duty to take care of their neighbours and families.

It’s an attack on our civil rights and our democracy says the NSW Law Society. Transparency International has already warned us that Australia is becoming more complacent about corruption as it is increasing every year.

In a massive reversal of natural justice the government at the same time is reducing the fines for the fossil fuel companies breaking the state environmental laws from over a million dollars to $5000 which is pocket money for multibillion dollar mining companies.  The fossil fuel companies have been given the go ahead to pollute as much as they like. This looks and smells like the worst type of political corruption.

If the LNP was a bikie gang under the Queensland anti association laws when 11 members of the Liberal Party were found corrupt it could have been outlawed by the Commissioner of Police as a criminal organisation.

They would not be able to meet with other members of the gang under threat of 15 years mandatory detention and would have any money or property found in their possession confiscated unless they could prove legitimate ownership. How would they prove that the money they moved around in paper bags was legally obtained?

 “Labor’s ship has been equally rat-infested, with names like Obeid, Macdonald, Kelly and Tripodi now bywords for the stink in Macquarie St.”

Can you guess how many are in gaol ?  None! It’s not hard to believe as one group of rats protect the other when it comes to looking after their corrupt enterprise.

We don’t have to look far for the source of the corrupt influence. It’s the local fossil fuel industry. The industry that has been found responsible for causing global warming that unless stopped is likely to cause massive damage to the world and possibly lead to the demise of human civilisation.

The fossil fuel industry doesn’t care about the environment or people’s health. They’re happy to pollute the land and walk away leaving tax payers with the bill to clean up their toxic mess. They only care about money and profit.

When politicians leave their public offices they are given jobs in the mining industry or become mining industry lobbyists passing on and facilitating the corrupt practices to the next generation of politicians.  The Greens have called it a revolving door of corruption.

If the bikie gang laws were applied to the corrupt practises of the Liberal Party then we would likely see dozens incarcerated and the corporations funding these crooked deals closed down and their directors gaoled and their corporate assets seized.

But we won’t see this type of justice because our political parties operate under the deception that they are legal enterprises. They make the laws saying that what they are doing is legal. If criminal bikie gangs were to run the state government then they would undoubtedly make laws that benefitted criminals not the ordinary citizens of the state. What is the difference now?

The citizens of NSW need to urgently call for the NSW ICAC to investigate and hunt down and reveal more of the corrupt rats in the Liberal and Nationals gang that call themselves a parliament.

The citizens in NSW in online petitions are already demanding that the new laws be rescinded and any persons found guilty between now and then pardoned and feted for their courage in resisting these vile laws.

There is a Facebook group of concerned citizens where you can join and find out more information called “Ban the NSW Anti-Protest Laws”.

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No Not In MY Backyard

fracking kill wildlife

A new environmental poem…. (slightly modified from when first published).

by Des Pensable (c) 2016

My  neighbor has a flash car and boat and is an important commercial banker,

He likes to flaunt his wealth, his pedigreed dog and is a bit of a loud mouthed wanker,

He’s only concerned about the stock exchange and how it’s continually changing,

He said the market is down and Aussie debt was up and it really needs rearranging,

He said the yanks are making fortunes from fracking, a type of unconventional gas mining,

We could do it all over Australia if the farmers and greenies would just stop whining,

He said … but I don’t want it my backyard mate, no not in my backyard


The mining company director was really happy, he’d secured another good deal.

The foreign shareholders would all agree to the payment of his bonuses with great zeal.

He wanted to build hundreds of coal seam gas mines in the middle of prime agricultural land.

He was going to flood the world with gas if the prices stayed as high as planned.

He wasn’t worried about the water needed, there was plenty deep underground.

He’d paid all the pollies quite well, but he was worried about greenies hanging around.

He thought … I don’t want them in my backyard mate, no not in my backyard.


The Pilliga farmer was unhappy, he’s just found out what the local council had planned,

They had agreed to a coal seam gas mining lease on the block adjacent to his land.

In panic he went to see his local MP, a fine country bred National party man.

His MP said there’s money to be made, we need to build CSG mines as fast as we can.

With Global Warming coming, there’ll be drought and your farm’s as good as dead.

I can’t help you at all, I’ve quit farming and welcomed the miners to my land instead

The farmer replied..but I don’t want them in my backyard mate, no not in my backyard.


The farmer studied up on coal seam gas mining and it soon became crystal clear,

It would pollute the underground water and poison the air for animals and people living near,

It would ruin the farming land for generations and speed up Global Warming as well,

It was invented by foreign investors for profit but makes the environment as toxic as Hell.

The farmer cried for help, the farm unions were deaf but the greenies heard of his plight

They rallied the city slickers and tree huggers; thousands came to help him fight

This is our farming land … we don’t want gas mining in our backyard mate, no not in our backyard.


The moral of this story is quite clear, when you see a greenie give him or her a hug and smile

Say thanks for your help in caring for our great land; I couldn’t understand you for a while

Now I realize your intentions were pure, I listened to the pollies and got the message wrong,

Those political bastards have sold us all out, there will be nothing left before long

Aussies all over this great land are all in the same boat, we must unite while we can,

We need to vote out all the corrupt pollies and create a national gas mining ban.

Australia is our backyard and we don’t want it in our back yard mate, no not in our back yard.


I think I’ll come out and join you protesting. I hope your pub hasn’t run out of beer.   I might even vote Greens next election. What about you?

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