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Hi to all my blog friends. Seasons Greetings !

This time last year there were 280 subscribers;  this week there are 863 subscribers. That’s a wonderful growth of over 300% over the year and I’d like to thank you all for reading and sharing the blog around. Keep it up and let’s keep growing.

There’s been 26 blogs this year including this one- that’s one every fortnight. I’m pleased with that and of course the release of the first novel of my fantasy trilogy entitled ‘Visions of Chaos’ in March helped make this year a very special year.

Over 300 of you accepted the offer the free copy of the ebook. I hope you enjoyed it. Expect book 2 early next year.  I’ve also continued with the performance poetry in Sydney venues and thank those of you who have come along to one of the poetry sessions and said a few kind words.

The blogs this year reflected the feeling of many people that the most serious threat to Australia is the TPP  and to the world is Global Warming. Next year we expand even more.

I devoted 6 blogs to the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) which is of major concern to every Australian as given time it will detrimentally change our whole culture and our way of life. This blog summarises it.

AS well as the TPP blogs some of which mentioned Global Warming, I devoted a further 9 blogs to Global warming, 4 of which were about activism, 2 about religion and the other 3 about other serious issues such as the methane bomb; ecocide and the effect of the shipping trade on Global Warming.

Another 7 blogs were devoted to more general items like book reviews and a environmental poem and finally 4 blogs to satire.

It’s been another hectic year for me and my partner Jo as we’ve been doing a lot of travelling to talk to Aussies around the country about their thoughts on Global Warming, our conservative government and the fossil fuel mining industry.

We went to Canada and Vanuatu making new friends and exploring new ideas for stories especially those about Global warming, the environment and how these are starting to be seen as human rights and justice issues.

There’s been a massive growth in environmental activism all around Australia and the world culminating in the Paris Peace accord last week. While I would have liked to go to Paris for the Climate Conference the terrorism attack upset my travel plans. Instead I was a part of the People’s Parliament protest in Canberra

You might have expected a story about the Paris Agreement in this blog but I’ve decided to save it for January after all the Christmas activity is over.

Next year we will be doing more travelling and you can expect more stories about how people are reacting to Global warming, about their fears and hopes for their families.  There will be more stories about our Global warming denier politicians and the mining lobby.

All of my stories are researched and come with links to current literature so that you can follow my arguments and read what others think about the same issues. Share the articles with others and suggest they join the blog so they too can join the discussion. Join me on Facebook.

Above all send comments on the articles so that I can gauge your reaction to the stories. I’ve had many people tell they liked various stories when they talked to me personally but too few respond in writing so others can benefit from their thoughts.

Thanks to all of you out there in blog land. I hope you’ve enjoyed my stories and you can expect at least one each fortnight next year.

Season’s greetings- have a nice Christmas season and an exciting new year.

Best wishes,

Des Pensable

Below is a list of this year’s blogs ordered by topic so that you can check out any that you might have missed.


An Invitation to a Revolution (book review)

Visions of Chaos : Divinity Seeds trilogy book 1: a book review (my novel)

Book Launch -Visions of Chaos (my novel)

A Quick and Easy Guide to E-Publishing

The Plight of the Mighty Hawkesbury River (poem)

Is Cutting Politician’s Pay and Conditions Inevitable ? (political view)

Global Warming Activism

Civil Disobedience and Disco Dancing at the Leard Forest

Britain Raises Army of Troll Troopers to Battle Environmental Activists On Social Media. Will Australia Follow Suit?

Crossing Paths with Al Gore and Naomi Kline, Two Global Warming Activists Trying to Change Everything

Global Warming Activists Fighting the Resource Curse in Australia set up a People’s Parliament in the Nation’s Capital

Global Warming General

The World’s Christians Are Global Warming Believers But Does It Matter?

Global Warming, Over Population and Ecocide – Urgent Problems to Fix

What Does Your Cruising Holiday Have to Do with Global Warming

Has Green Pope Francis Made a Difference on Attitudes to Global Warming?

Scientists Watch the Clock Second Hand Tick Towards Global Warming Doom


The Corporate Guide to Sheeple Farming

LNP Report to Privatise the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Monsanto Gene Therapy Vaccination for Increased Survivability to Global Warming

How Tony Abbot Helped to Start WW3 and Halt Global Warming

Society- TPP

Will Malcolm Turnbull Use the ISDS in the TPP to Sell Our Souls to the DEVIL?

The Hidden Agenda of the TPP- to Block Global Warming Mitigation

Geopolitics of the TPP / TTIP/ TISA: How Will Australia Be Affected ?

TTIP/TPP/TISA Trade Agreements Mandate Corporatism and Sound the Death Knell of Social Democracy

Twenty Two Reasons Why the TPP will Adversely Affect All Australians and Should be Stopped

The TPP will Increase Global Warming and Hinder Paris Global Warming Talks



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