Twenty Two Reasons Why the TPP will Adversely Affect All Australians and Should be Stopped

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The TPP regulations cover not just trade but almost every aspect of our lives. Only 3 chapters of 29 are about trade, the rest cover everything from the use of the Internet, to labour and working conditions, food and agriculture, medicine and drugs, environment and pollution to flow of money in and out of countries and it’s been completely done in secret. Hundreds of advisers from the multinationals are involved but no consumer organisations and very few of our own parliamentarians in Australia are privy to its contents.

If both the TPP and the TTIP are signed and ratified, without the people being a part of the process then the multinational companies will have a template to rule the world. It’s been called a “corporate coup in disguise” in the USA and strongly criticised in the UK and other countries. The multinationals have much to gain, and similarly you and I in Australia have much to lose.

These so called “Free Trade“ agreements will cause a dramatic reduction in democracy around the world as no one will be able to instruct their own governments to make laws to protect them from corruption, pollution, environmental destruction and the often antisocial and malevolent actions of some of the multinational corporations.

Since we only know what’s in 3 chapters we can only list how the contents of these chapter will adversely affect the people of Australia. These reasons are a compilation from my previous articles.

The Ramifications for Australia 
(for intellectual property links  see here)

  1. Unfair restrictive laws with regard to the Internet, books, software, games, videos  and movies that will NOT benefit any Australian.
  2. Regulations and penalties to FORCE Internet service providers to police their Internet users connections and take down / block any sites that appear might be in breach of the US based copyright laws. It means Internet CENSORSHIP. It means that the Australian government will lose the rights to make laws regarding IP on the Internet. A similar rule to this was blocked by International protest last year.
  3. Treat temporary reproductions of copyrighted works without copyright holders’ authorization as copyright infringement.  You won’t be able to save ANYTHING shown on commercial radio, TV or the Internet to show other people or even comment about without being in breach of the law. This will drastically affect social media and Youtube content.
  4. The TPP wants copyright terms to go well beyond the internationally agreed period in the 1994 Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). This is NOT about fair compensation for the authors. It’s about big multimedia companies controlling art and literature and making profit out of it forever.
  5. Restrictions on Fair use of IP for example in reviews and research. This will affect libraries, schools, universities, social media and anyone wishing to do research or study.
  6. Digital Locks. The TPP calls for more extensive use of digital locks on media content. This will override Australia’s  2007 TPM regime exclusions for region-coding on movies on DVDs, videogames, and players, and for embedded software in devices that restrict access to goods and services for the device. In the US, business competitors have used digital locks to try to block printer cartridge refill services, competing garage door openers, and to lock mobile phones to particular network providers.
  7. Ban parallel importation of genuine goods acquired from other countries without the authorization of copyright owners. This will allow local branches of overseas companies to fix prices to limit competition and it will stop people from buying cheaper versions of the same software or media from overseas suppliers. Definitely NOT free trade.
  8. Adopt criminal sanctionsfor copyright infringement that is done without a commercial motivation. In short it means MASSIVE PENALTIES perhaps thousands of dollars and gaol sentences for any person caught copying a single song, video, movie or anything under copyright even for use within the same household. We will all be criminals.
  9. No more local content on the TV or at the movies.. Gone will be all the Aussie sitcoms, and Playschool as the government bodies won’t be able to subsidize local content or specify Aussie actors.
  10. Increased Cost of Medicine and Drugs in all TPP countries. Oxfam says that the “US [TPP] proposals will have dire health consequences across Asia and Latin America. Medicine Sans Frontiers(MSF), says this about the TPP effect on public health in Australia.
  11. “US proposals would require the further patenting of modifications of old medicines, even in the absence of therapeutic benefits. They would also require patenting of surgical, therapeutic and diagnostic methods which could increase medical liability and the cost of medical practice and thus reduce access to medical procedures.”
  12. “It would prohibit pre-grant opposition to patents. This would make it much more difficult and costly for local organisations to challenge patents and drugs protected by patents even if the patents were invalid.”
  13. “It would also extend patents past the current 20-year norm and prohibit national drug regulatory authorities from approving generic medicine until patents have expired.”
  14. “It would prevent drug safety regulators from using existing clinical data to give market approval to generic or biosimilar drugs. These are all great wins for big pharmaceutical companies. But they come at the cost of public health.”
  15. The ISDS clause in the agreement sets up a court outside Australia which allows transnational corporations to sue the Australian government if they think any federal, state or local law affect their ability to make maximum profit. Trade is considered above all other matter including pollution of the environment or Global Warming. This will inhibit or stop action on pollution, health issues and Global Warming and inhibit action in Paris this year in all countries who sign the TPP/TTIP/TISA agreements. In short it will stop you from protesting about foreign companies polluting your backyard.
  16. If we sign the TPP every transnational will be able to sue us if we take firm action in the future. This could cost Australia $1 trillion to keep our 85% of our coal and CSG in the ground as required by the IPCC.
  17. Based upon previous trade agreements, the TTP will have little or no trade benefits. In previous agreements Australia has LOST trade. In the USA – Australia Trade agreement Australia has been estimated to have lost $53 billion.
  18. The TTIP will have a very strong adverse effect on our economy. It’s estimated that we will lose about 7.5% of our GNP. This is rarely discussed as most people believe that an agreement between the USA and Europe won’t cost us trade. The opposite is true It will cost us $105 Billion per year.
  19. The TPP and TISA agreements set up the mechanism to force all countries to privatize all government services. That means no ABC , SBS, no state owned banks, no state owned power grids, no public transport, no public schools, TAFEs or universities, no Medicare, no public libraries, no meals- on wheels, no needle exchange programs, no National Parks. Imagine Australia without all of these. I bet you can’t.
  20. The TPP is an attempt to force the population of Australia to accept the failing doctrine of neoliberalism and block any social society activities that the people of Australia might like our Federal and or state governments to offer.
  21. The TPP/TTIP/TISA are a template to create two trading/ political blocks within the world. One block controlled and administered by the USA corporates and a second block all those countries out the USA sphere of influence. It sets up the mechanism for a new cold war with Russia and China but China is our biggest trading partner.
  22. Loss of thousands of jobs all over Australia. Will it be your job?

WE are not alone, many Australians have spoken out and activist groups all around the world are fighting against the TPP/TTIP/TISA agreements.

Here’s some suggestions… verify this story by reading more articles. Watch the videos linked below. When satisfied there is a problem become active. Fight to block these agreements and help save your family, our country and its future from corporate tyranny.

short video on TPP by Getup (3 min)

short video on loss of democracy and ISDS. (6 min)

short video on TTIP (Us/Europe) agreement (8 min)

Australia anti-TPP activist groups AFTINETStop the TPP- Australia, Stand Up Australia

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  1. “The TPP and TISA agreements set up the mechanism to force all countries to privatize all government services. That means no ABC , SBS, no state owned banks, no state owned power grids, no public transport, no public schools, TAFEs or universities, no Medicare, no public libraries, no meals- on wheels, no needle exchange programs, no National Parks. ”

    Absolute poppycock.

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