TTIP/TPP/TISA Trade Agreements Mandate Corporatism and Sound the Death Knell of Social Democracy

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Des Pensable (c) 2015

The TTIP, TPP (TPPA) and TISA are three international trade agreements that have been drafted in secret mainly by corporate America and are being pushed extremely hard by the USA Obama government at the moment. They might well have gone unnoticed by most of the world’s people had it not been for Wikileaks who released three chapters of the 29 chapter TPP agreement, a good portion of TISA and are now offering $100,000 for someone to leak more important chapters of the TPP and TTIP.

The three chapters of the TPP and the TISA information have raised alarm bells all around the world and Australia among the left wing of politics, religion, the unions, social welfare, the environmental movement and social economists. The ramifications of these three trade agreements are world changing but not in a socially benevolent way.

They have attracted considerable attention by the lawyers, independent media, social media, the Australian Productivity Commission and in Australian politics by the Greens and Labor. There have been mass rallies against the TPP in many countries including Australia and New Zealand. There has been very limited attention in the right wing corporate controlled mass media in any of the western alliance countries. This is curious as these trade agreements have the ability to change almost everything we take for granted in our world democracies.

Perhaps the scariest aspect of the three new agreements is that they will irretrievably bind most of the world’s western leaning countries into both an economic and military block that will most likely bully the rest of the world.

All world political, economic and military policy will be set by the USA which is already considered to be no longer a democracy but a corporate autocratic oligarchy. It means a US corporate empire spanning the globe asserting itself as a geopolitical hegemon over the rest of the world. It will change everything.

These agreements will lead to a loss of sovereignty which will lead to the demise of our democracies. We, the people will be powerless in puppet vassal states of the US corporate hegemony and likely cannon fodder in a new cold war with Russia and China. Meanwhile, the US mining and energy multinationals will loot the resources of the Middle East, Africa, South America and Australia leaving only pollution and a toxic environment in their wake.

Even more important is that the world will be stopped from tackling Global Warming in a meaningful way as the three trade agreements make it quite clear that corporate “free trade” is more important than ANY other matter including the environment and Global Warming. Even US Senators are worried about this. These trade agreements will force countries like Canada and Australia to pay massive sums in compensation for fossil fuels not mined if they decide to genuinely tackle Global Warming.

This is likely as the fossil fuel industry controls vast wealth already, it has been intimately involved in drafting the agreements and is extremely reluctant to keep 90% of all fossil fuels valued at about 30 trillion dollars in the ground as stated is necessary by the world’s climate scientists. Greed rules economic decisions.

Let’s look at some of the evidence for these dire predictions. Firstly and very important is that all three agreements were drafted primarily by the US multinational corporate sector and pushed by the US government which is controlled largely by the corporate sector with NO input from consumers.

Consumers groups and citizens of all the countries involved are not allowed to see the text of any of the agreements until after their governments pass it into legislation. Most politicians in the countries involved have not seen the text of the agreements but are expected to approve it sight unseen. Some parts of the TISA agreement won’t even be available for viewing for five years after it is approved.

“Last year, Obama’s top trade rep, Ron Kirk, declared that locking out the people is necessary, because the deal’s details would outrage Americans and spook Congress from rubber stamping it. In short, to win public approval of TPP, the Obamacans say they must keep it hidden from the public.” states one political observer.

Would you sign an agreement that will change the world and consequently your life and future without having any input or even seeing the text? Even worse once approved it can’t be changed. Let that sink in for a moment. It can’t be changed by any country’s parliament. This is NOT democracy it is a demand, a decree, to sign it. The multinationals are saying WE KNOW BEST ! You don’t count!

These trade agreements have a provision called the ISDS that sets up a secret international court that is above every court in every country even the USA. Multinational Corporations can sue counties that change or make ANY laws that might affect the corporation’s future incomes adversely.

In the case of Canada which has experience with an ISDS through the NAFTA agreement they are being sued by 35 different corporations for billions of dollars for doing things the companies didn’t like such as trying to protect the health of the people or the environment.

The governments or people of the countries have NO appeal and must pay any penalties demanded by the secret court. The governments or people have no rights to sue the multinational corporation even if they have grievances against those corporations.

This is not democracy – it’s handing the people’s sovereignty to the multinational corporations. It’s been called a corporate coup, an attack on democracy.  It’s giving private unelected, unaccountable people power over every country and its people. Giving them immense power and we know too well that power corrupts.

These trade agreements have provisions that mandate that all countries must privatize all government owned and operated enterprises. This is capitalism and neoliberalism on steroids. The government must divest control of education, medicine, drugs, transport, prisons, power, water and working conditions and not be allowed to reverse its decision. The government will have to allow free flow and movement of foreign capital and have virtually no control of its banks.

These provisions in the trade agreements will effectively end all welfare state activities. Socialism will be banned. All benevolent social state activities banned. All activist opposition to any antisocial, sociopathic, immoral right wing conservative activity banned. The Australian Labor Party and Greens will effectively be left with nothing to do. The corporations will tell our parliament how to run the country, even more than they do now.

The free flow of foreign investment funds will mean that everything in the country will be for sale regardless of whether the people of Australia want that to happen or not. We will not be asked for our opinions. Land, farms, buildings, parks, national parks, companies, schools, colleges, hospitals, unis the ABC, the SBS, the NBN – everything can be and will be sold.

Since the free trade agenda also forbids local content rules. Locally made TV shows and movies will become a thing of the past. Buy local campaigns will be banned. All produce will have no indication of where they came from or whether it is of GMO origin. Food labelling will go. Plain packaging of cigarettes, warnings on alcohol products, all public health advertising is likely to go.

Jobs will go to third world countries. Education and medicine will become too expensive for the average person. Human rights abuses will become common. The police and military will be expanded to make the corporations more secure and to stop us rebelling. The Internet, social media and the main stream news will all be censored. You’ll be offered a job in the corporate’s military or police wings to fight the bad guys who will be your neighbours and relatives.

The TPP will severely affect access to all intellectual property. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks said. “If instituted, the TPP’s IP regime would trample over individual rights and free expression, as well as ride roughshod over the intellectual and creative commons.” And “If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you’re ill now or might one day be ill, the TPP has you in its crosshairs.”

There will be severe penalties including gaol and huge fines for pirating or even using anything that might be considered commercial without corporate permission and since everything will be privatised we will own very little and be paying the corporations for everything. The moment we stop working or are injured and uninsured we will be valueless to the empire, we will be left to starve, suffer and die.

If we break any rules we are likely to be sent to a private gaol and made to work as slave labour for some corporation hiring from the prison for long sentences for trivial offences as already happens in the US prisons. Welcome to world of George Orwell, the brave new world of totalitarian corporate control. Are you scared yet? You should be.

So what do we gain from joining the TPP and TISA. The government has been unusually quiet about this. You would expect massive charts showing the benefits in dollars. There are virtually none and where they are their figures are very rubbery and often over inflated. In one study Australia was found to gain an increase in GDP of about 0.2% by 2020. The National Farmer’s Federation stated that the TPP could increase farm exports to TPP countries by a couple of billion dollars.

In a study on the Australia-USA FTA, 10 years after it was signed, it has been estimated that Australia is $53 billion worse off than if it had not signed the agreement. This could well happen with the TTP. The TTIP has been estimated in a German study to cost us as much as 7.4% of our GDP in LOST earnings.

The people of Australia are likely lose out big time. Our way of life will be dramatically affected and it is likely cost us a good chunk of our economy as well. Should we really be a part of this corporate takeover madness? You will have to decide quickly.

Of course, if we fight together and stop the government signing the TPP and TISA agreements we might just survive this attempted coup to take over the world. So what are you going to do now?

Here’s some suggestions… verify this story by reading more articles. Watch the videos linked below. When satisfied there is a problem become active. Fight to block these agreements. Help save your family, our country and its future from corporate tyranny.

short video on TPP by Getup (3 min)

short video on loss of democracy and ISDS. (6 min)

short video on TTIP (Us/Europe) agreement (8 min)

Australia anti-TPP activist groups AFTINET, Stop the TPP- Australia, Stand Up Australia

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The Plight of the Mighty Hawkesbury River

A poem about a mighty River called the Hawkesbury that defines the northern boundary of the sprawling metropolis of Sydney, Australia.


photo- Sunset on the Hawkesbury. Image from


The Plight of the Mighty Hawkesbury River

Copyright Des Pensable 2015

I was born near a mighty river, a panorama of life, strength and awe.

Flowing majestically through time, Nature’s powerhouse and nursery

for yabbies and mussels, eels and fish, shags and pelicans galore.

In the dawn it was a sleepy golden serpent stretched across the land.

At midday, a busy highway for a myriad of small craft weaving white wakes.

In the evenings, a dark and mysterious, sinuous, silver moonlit brand.

My earliest memories were of excitement, laughter, joy and fun,

of diving and swimming, canoeing and fishing, in the cool swirling eddies

of that generous host of small green islands basking lazily in the sun.

Later in my youth I took my first love up to the birthplace of the stream.

We picnicked and skinny dipped, laughed and made love on the bank.

Its essence was fresh and healthy; my memories, a beautiful dream.

I ventured to Sydney to find work; we needed money they said to live.

An eternal rat race, a soul sapping drab endless fight for a gulp of fresh air,

I yearned for the inner peace that only my beautiful river could give.

I journeyed back in time to where my memories happily lived as a child,

to replenish that spirit of life that nature’s magic wand freely recharges.

What I saw shocked me to the core and left my mind uneasy and wild.

Oh my Hawkesbury! What have they done to your majestic metallic sheen?

You lay there ill and bloated with effluent from the city’s bowels and sewers,

tainted with slime and weed; pitiful, ailing and weak; now fetid and green.

We were charged to share; to be stewards and protectors of the land’s health.

Why do we toil for idiot goals, value printed paper, call companies people?

Why do we loot, pollute and scoot from our responsibilities for illusory wealth?

Why do we hide behind locked doors, mindlessly ignoring the growing blight?

It’s time to escape, to grow up, to renew our timeless contract with Nature.

It’s time to transform from zombie barbarians to caring eco warriors with might.

It’s time to balance the books with the land; the Hawkesbury’s not a drain!

It’s time to say no to profit before Nature and only the bottom line counts.

Let’s unite and fight to fix the Hawkesbury so it’s healthy and proud again.


photo courtesy of the NSW Dept Natural Resources

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