How Tony Abbot Helped to Start WW3 and Halt Global Warming

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A chilling satirical post apocalyptic short story. Hopefully NOT a prophesy.

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I’m sitting here in Sydney in 2020 in the middle of what used to be summer wearing a heavy jacket having a cup of tea. The sky is covered in swirling orange brown clouds. There is an occasional burst of lightning caused by the build-up of static electricity they say. I haven’t seen the sun this year yet but the political bureau said that their scientists had created a weather model that predicted that we might see the sun some day soon.

I pondered again on how the world’s politics had deteriorated so quickly. It just needed a spark they said and our PM lit the fuse it seems. He denies it of course. It all started when commercial airliner MH17 with dozens of Aussies aboard was shot down over the Ukraine by either a missile or some say a warplane from the new right wing Ukraine government installed by the US neo conservatives. Either way it was murder.

The then struggling PM of Australia decided to accuse the Russians of shooting a missile without waiting to see any evidence. He did an admirable job of acting upset for the US. Sanctions were imposed and he was heralded as a hero by the right wing US owned Australian mass media and the die was cast.

In late 2015 the Australian government signed two trade agreements with hidden agendas, called the TPP and the TISA in quick succession. They were really templates for multinational world control. Without bothering to ask the Australian people, the country was handed to the multinationals on a plate. All in our best interest!

The fire sale of fire sales followed … everything was privatized. Health, medicine, transport, education, the power and the water. We all became dependent upon the foreign owners of our birthright. We were economic slaves in our own country dispossessed of any rights to have any say in anything. The government was effectively redundant, the corporations ruled.

The same year was an epic year of misfortune and will long be remembered in history as the year the shit hit the fan. The economic situation in Europe deteriorated. Greece rebelled and wanted out. Spain and Portugal followed. Germany was chastised for making agreements with Russia after the NATO war games in Europe in late 2015 raised tensions to boiling point.

The Climate Conference in Paris was sabotaged by a group of terrorists from the middle east. Hundreds were killed. The Pope died of a “heart attack”. The CIA was implicated but there was no evidence until Wikileaks came up with a copy the “Plan to Contain Global Warming” written by some psychopathic neo conservative in the back waters of a Republican right wing think tank.

They did agree that Global Warming was real after all. The main reason was world over population. The report stated that there were too many blacks, commies, Arabs and other irrelevant races that were breeding like rats. So some bright spark thought of a quick way to solve the overpopulation problem and Global Warming in one easy step. It was based on what was called the Theory of Nuclear Winter.

The idea was that if you exploded enough nuclear bombs and put enough particulate material into the atmosphere it would block out the sun for a few years and when it was all over presumably the wealthy nutcases who sponsored the idea could come out of their 5 star bomb shelters and resume their lives in new high tech utopia with much diminished world population and no more Global Warming.

Things rapidly went pear-shaped after that. In 2016 people protested all around the world. The authoritarian western countries all clamped down with new laws against protesting of any type. They introduced night time curfews, censored the Internet by total geo blocking. Only authorized government servants and the federal security were allowed to have access to Internet outside Australia. The only news allowed was government authorized news from the Fox World Media Center in the USA.

Of course, people with hidden satellite communications managed to find out some of the things that happened. In 2017 we were all stunned with the news that Hawaii was obliterated by a nuclear blast. The missile was apparently fired from an unidentified  submarine in the Pacific. The USA immediately blamed Russia. Russia said it was innocent and it was a false flag attack by the USA or one of USA’s allies. It really doesn’t matter anymore who did it.

The US controlled media echoed the Australian PM’s cry for blood and got it.  Half the world died in the next few weeks. Australia was spared. The US plutocrats and politicians had to have somewhere to hide.

Oh well it’s time to get back into the shelter again. That nasty wind that blows in from the north is still very radioactive. Hopefully we’ll see the sun soon so that we can start growing food again. I’m really sick of this artificial muck we eat. They say it’s nutritious and it probably is but it’s got no flavor at all and everyone wonders what Monsanto makes it from. It’s a trade secret they say.

It’s rumored this all happened because the wealthy US elite didn’t want to lose all their money invested in Fossil fuels. I don’t know whether that’s really true or not. It hardly matters any more. The thing that does matter is that humanity has failed the evolution test. If we don’t kill ourselves off this time it will be next time as greed, narcissism and sociopathy are not a good combination for survival.

I sometimes wonder what it might have been like if there was more love, empathy and compassion in Australia and we had had the guts not to sign those fake trade agreements and to get rid of the political corruption that stole our country before it was too late. I guess I’ll never know.

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Des is a native of Sydney where he currently lives with his partner Joanne. He has a PhD in neuroscience and worked as a biomedical scientist where he published widely in several areas of science. Since retiring, he’s been a keen writer of poetry, stories and philosophy which appear on his web, blog site and on line literary publications. He is also a performance poet that appears regularly in venues around Sydney.

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