Visions of Chaos : Divinity Seeds trilogy book 1: a book review.

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It might seem a bit strange that the author of a fantasy book would write a review about his own book. But what the hell – I know more about the story than anyone else. What I’m going to talk about are some of the concepts hidden within the story.

First of all it’s an epic fantasy with wizards, sexy druid females, an assortment of exotic weird and often magical creatures and of course dragons. No fantasy would be complete without a dragon or two.  Look how popular Game of Thrones is. My story is full of the motifs that every fantasy reader knows and loves and of course non-fiction lovers generally hate.

So let’s talk about what’s different. Firstly it’s not based on a good versus evil motif, instead it’s based upon a chaos versus order motif. There are no good or evil people as I have tried to get away from the religious labels created to divide people. To do this I had to eliminate the good and evil based terminology that permeates our language and inevitably biases our thoughts and actions. That was no easy feat. So what drives the characters – a search for knowledge, power and the instinct to survive.

Next I have treated magic a little differently. Magic is generally understood to be either created by divine entities and shared with the humans or discovered by accident or experimentation and poorly understood. In this story the youthful hero Aquitain is an artisan of magic. He uses magic in his trade of making magic items following traditional methods much like physicians in the middle age dispensed their quackery. As the story progresses he begins to understand what magic actually is; how it actually works and why it exists in his world at all.

Our hero uses his mind to manipulate magic which is sometimes called psionic magic. Rather than using fire balls and lightning and such destructive macho magic he uses the more subtle magic of coercion, deception and illusion. In Visions of Chaos he hasn’t got much magic so he largely relies on his wits, a newly discovered talent of shape shifting, help from Miranda and a ball of clay.

In the trilogy, I have explored the philosophical concept of a type of duality where a spirit or soul can separate from the body without the need to die and explore the ramifications of the idea. To fully work out what a magical incorporeal spirit might be able to do I worked out a model of the physical properties of a spirit and how it might interact with a body as a container, the world in general and of course where magic fits into the scheme.

I also created a model of the whole world, its characters and creatures and how and why it existed. That occupies a separate 100 page guide book which was helpful to keep the story and its concepts coherent.

Now let’s get to the fun bits. The main plot line in Visions of Chaos involves our seemingly innocent hero Aquitain who meets and joins up with a rather deceptively pious druid priestess of Nature called Miranda. She doesn’t normally associate with or trust wizards because her unusual mother hates them. She really can’t take them home to meet her mother for afternoon tea as they probably wouldn’t survive although they might die smiling.

Our hero and his pretty female druid friend go for a romp in the jungle of a world that has just been repaired by an order of druids after a “great storm” which was the equivalent of a nuclear winter. Unfortunately, there is a prophesy that states that another great storm is immanent and some people believe our hero has a chaotic part to play in starting it.

The two of them are manipulated through a series of trials by unseen forces and become close friends but can never be lovers while Miranda is cursed with a magic tattoo that keeps her chaste. This creates all sorts of sexual tension and personal problems which they have to deal with while avoiding nasty lethal traps and hazardous situations during their quest to find missing fathers and discover the truth about what caused the previous great storm.

The ability of spirits to swap between and cohabitate within bodies creates a real nightmare when trying to recognise friends from enemies creating a story that is full of deception where every character might have a hidden agenda or worse, a hidden spirit with a hidden agenda. This aspect of the story is more fully revealed in the second book of the trilogy due out in 2016.

October 2016 Update

The story continues in Book 2  — now available from the start of October 2016.

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I hope you enjoy the stories…

In my next blog we get back to the horror story called Australian politics.

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