LNP Report to Privatise the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge


baird and Abbot

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Sydneysiders were shocked today by a report leaked by a National Party staff whistle blower entitled “Lets Privatize NSW”. The report detailed everything that the current government could possibly sell within the state; how much it was worth and more shockingly detailed the list of potential buyers who have been secretly advised to put in a bid.

On the list were the state’s power grid, the state’s fresh water, a few more coal mines on prime farming land and various state forests. The surprise entries in the report developed by  Privatizations R US, a subsidiary of the giant Halliburton  Corporation was that the Liberal and National Party also believed that they should sell the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The report detailed a solid case was made for selling the Opera House as it has been running in the red for many years now. “It’ll soon be run by the reds.” said the NP staffer as it’s believed that a lucrative bid has already been made by the Chinese government on behalf of the Chinese Opera Company.

The company have been planning to expand internationally for some time and it’s believed that they would use the Opera house as their new base.  The whistle blower said that a part of the deal would be the hiring and training of aboriginal dancers to add a true Aussie look and feel to future Chinese operas in Sydney.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge widely known as Sydney’s crown jewel will fetch a fortune according the report. The Chinese have made a bid but the surprise bid was from Canada. They also have a city called Sydney. The Canadian government was keen to get the bridge disassemble it and reassemble it in Sydney, Canada as they believed that it would be a great tourist asset.

The report listed privatising Sydney Harbor for Coal Seam Gas mining but that has been put on hold until after the Sydney Ferry Services and Ferry Terminals are sold. It’s believed that Privatization R US strategists have suggested that the Baird government wait until after they get an environmental report from their Environmental Division that will show conclusively that Coal Seam Gas mining will be safe to mine in the harbor.

A spokesperson from Stop CSG Port Jackson was shocked when shown the report. “CSG wells are known to leak methane gas. Imagine what is likely to happen when we have our annual New Year’s Eve fireworks show. If there’s enough methane leaking out of the wells and bubbling up in the water it could blow up half of Sydney.”

When asked about the secret report premier Baird said that he knew nothing about it but if it were true they would ensure that no methane was leaking from the wells during the annual New Year’s fireworks show.

“We are serious about tourist safety in Sydney.” he said. “It would give us a bad name if any tourists were harmed. The Chinese would also be worried about their investment in the Opera House as well. We can’t have that. Overseas investors must always have confidence that NSW is open for business and we will protect their interests.”

The NP whistle blower said that the Baird government were going to release details of the report after the NSW state election on or about the 1st of April this year.


Before the Election … Most people were against privatisation

After the election … Mike Baird’s 3 Billion sell off

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The Hidden Agenda of the TPP- to Block Global Warming Mitigation

The TPP a Template for World Corporate Rule – Part 3.

Corporate Mining monster1

story and photo copyright Des Pensable, 2015.

Imagine you are a group of fossil fuel barons and you are faced with keeping 80-90% of your fossil fuel assets in the ground owing to the fact that they are likely to cause destruction of our civilisation. It would reduce the value of your $30 Trillion assets by 80-90%. How could you save your wealth?

You could try to slow the adoption of regulations designed to force you to keep it in the ground by denial, creating confusion and bribing government officials or you could find a sucker to buy it off you.  The masterstroke of ingenuity would be to have a punitive trade treaty that would force fossil fuel producing countries to pay you to keep their fossil fuels in the ground. This is the hidden agenda of the punitive Investor State Dispute Settlement,  (ISDS) clause in the TPP and its sister agreement the TTIP.

Australia with its coal and CSG gas and Canada with its tar sands are both endowed with a large proportion of the world’s unused fossil fuels. Both have Global Warming denier get rich quick governments that wish to sell as much of their carbon wealth as quickly as possible. In a world where 90% of this carbon MUST be kept in the ground to prevent the existential threat of runaway Global Warming, this is not foolish, it’s reckless. It threatens the lives of billions of people.

Australia and Canada have both sold off licences to huge areas of their countries to large multinational companies owned by fossil fuel fools with black gold fever that live to lust for MORE wealth. They are relishing the thought of the foolish denier governments of Australia and Canada signing onto the TPP with its nasty hidden ISDS sting.

The reason for this fiendish delight is that the ISDS clause will enable them to take the countries to an independent international court and FORCE them to pay for all of the lost profits on their fossil fuel extraction licences should those countries either decide to be responsible world citizens or be forced by international pressure to leave their precious black gold in the ground.

In Australia the state and federal governments have sold off licences (PELs) to mine for Coal Seam Gas (CSG) for over 90% of the whole of Australia. There are 91 proposed new coal mines in NSW and Queensland to be opened up. The coal from the Galilea basin Queensland alone is enough to use up about 10% of the world’s remaining carbon budget to keep below the internationally agreed 2C limit.

The simple fact is that if Australia signs the TPP with the ISDS clause allowing the fossil fuel barons to sue it in a court outside the country with no appeal then Australia will likely be forced to possibly pay in excess of a $1000 billion in lost profits to the fossil fuel barons. That will be paid through taxes on every citizen of the country. The same is likely to happen in Canada who are already fighting 35 punitive ISDS claims for billions of dollars at the current time though the ISDS clause in the NAFTA agreement. In the USA they also warn of danger.

The multinational champions of the TPP, including US President Obama, will argue that the treaty has an environmental section which allows the countries to set laws to protect their environment. The secret environmental chapter of the TPP was leaked by Wikileaks who stated.

”the Environment Chapter does not include enforcement mechanisms serving the defence of the environment; it is vague and weak, and adheres to the lowest common denominator of environmental interests.” and

“The Environment Chapter clearly shows the intention to first and foremost protect trade, not the environment. The principle is spelled out in this draft that local environmental laws are not to obstruct trade or investment between the countries.”

Their assessment of the section was that it has no binding clauses that will allow any country to create any laws that will protect their environment and there is NO MENTION of Global Warming or Climate Change.

How can the world’s biggest trade treaty NOT mention Global Warming which is the world’s biggest threat?  The TPP is specifically designed to stimulate world trade causing the massive release of more carbon dioxide which will increase the Global Warming problem. Where are the clauses that OFFSET the carbon to be released by the extra trade?

The simple facts are that the TPP must NOT be used as an excuse to do less about mitigating Global Warming. It must NOT be used as a punitive measure to force countries to pay the fossil fuel barons to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

If the denier governments of Australia and Canada decide in their collective wisdom to sign the TPP, for everyone’s peace of mind and to protect their own future economies, they should not include the ISDS clause. They should also ensure they set stringent protections for their environments which will override any weak TPP environmental rules so as ensure their children a healthy and safe environmental future in which to live.

Australia and Canada still call themselves democracies rather than oligarchies. It’s time for the people of those two great countries to demand that their conservative governments fight against the very real threat of Global Warming. It’s time to demand that they don’t make foolish decisions to sign trade agreements which have hidden stings that could cripple their future economies.

It’s time to embrace the change that is being forced upon the world by our use of fossil fuels. There is NOWHERE TO HIDE. It’s time to help mitigate global warming problem, to adapt to it, to learn how to adjust our life styles, our aspirations and society to the new reality.

The TPP could be a great benefit to the world or it could be a straight jacket severely limiting our ability to survive the challenges ahead. IT’S YOUR DECISION. So what are you going to do about it?

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Update 2016 – a year later

United Nations agreement should include provision protecting climate measures from ISDS challenges

OIL CORPORATIONS VS CLIMATE TH E KEYSTON E XL CASE | Briefing Paper 2016   How investors use trade agreements to undermine climate action

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Visions of Chaos : Divinity Seeds trilogy book 1: a book review.

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copyright Des Pensable 2015

It might seem a bit strange that the author of a fantasy book would write a review about his own book. But what the hell – I know more about the story than anyone else. What I’m going to talk about are some of the concepts hidden within the story.

First of all it’s an epic fantasy with wizards, sexy druid females, an assortment of exotic weird and often magical creatures and of course dragons. No fantasy would be complete without a dragon or two.  Look how popular Game of Thrones is. My story is full of the motifs that every fantasy reader knows and loves and of course non-fiction lovers generally hate.

So let’s talk about what’s different. Firstly it’s not based on a good versus evil motif, instead it’s based upon a chaos versus order motif. There are no good or evil people as I have tried to get away from the religious labels created to divide people. To do this I had to eliminate the good and evil based terminology that permeates our language and inevitably biases our thoughts and actions. That was no easy feat. So what drives the characters – a search for knowledge, power and the instinct to survive.

Next I have treated magic a little differently. Magic is generally understood to be either created by divine entities and shared with the humans or discovered by accident or experimentation and poorly understood. In this story the youthful hero Aquitain is an artisan of magic. He uses magic in his trade of making magic items following traditional methods much like physicians in the middle age dispensed their quackery. As the story progresses he begins to understand what magic actually is; how it actually works and why it exists in his world at all.

Our hero uses his mind to manipulate magic which is sometimes called psionic magic. Rather than using fire balls and lightning and such destructive macho magic he uses the more subtle magic of coercion, deception and illusion. In Visions of Chaos he hasn’t got much magic so he largely relies on his wits, a newly discovered talent of shape shifting, help from Miranda and a ball of clay.

In the trilogy, I have explored the philosophical concept of a type of duality where a spirit or soul can separate from the body without the need to die and explore the ramifications of the idea. To fully work out what a magical incorporeal spirit might be able to do I worked out a model of the physical properties of a spirit and how it might interact with a body as a container, the world in general and of course where magic fits into the scheme.

I also created a model of the whole world, its characters and creatures and how and why it existed. That occupies a separate 100 page guide book which was helpful to keep the story and its concepts coherent.

Now let’s get to the fun bits. The main plot line in Visions of Chaos involves our seemingly innocent hero Aquitain who meets and joins up with a rather deceptively pious druid priestess of Nature called Miranda. She doesn’t normally associate with or trust wizards because her unusual mother hates them. She really can’t take them home to meet her mother for afternoon tea as they probably wouldn’t survive although they might die smiling.

Our hero and his pretty female druid friend go for a romp in the jungle of a world that has just been repaired by an order of druids after a “great storm” which was the equivalent of a nuclear winter. Unfortunately, there is a prophesy that states that another great storm is immanent and some people believe our hero has a chaotic part to play in starting it.

The two of them are manipulated through a series of trials by unseen forces and become close friends but can never be lovers while Miranda is cursed with a magic tattoo that keeps her chaste. This creates all sorts of sexual tension and personal problems which they have to deal with while avoiding nasty lethal traps and hazardous situations during their quest to find missing fathers and discover the truth about what caused the previous great storm.

The ability of spirits to swap between and cohabitate within bodies creates a real nightmare when trying to recognise friends from enemies creating a story that is full of deception where every character might have a hidden agenda or worse, a hidden spirit with a hidden agenda. This aspect of the story is more fully revealed in the second book of the trilogy due out in 2016.

October 2016 Update

The story continues in Book 2  — now available from the start of October 2016.

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AND if you haven’t read book 1 you can during this period purchase it for just US 99 cents. Yep $0.99 and get book 2 for FREE.

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