Another Year Ends, Another Starts, Let’s Make It One to Remember


des pensable

by Des Pensable

Hi All,

It’s been a hectic writing year for me this year involving not only the blog but also new poems, short stories and finishing the first book of a new speculative fantasy trilogy which will be launched early in 2015.  I’ve decided to give a free download of the story to you and my Facebook friends during the first few weeks so watch out for that. It will come out in multiple formats and be available from Amazon. I’m currently waiting for the cover art to be finished.

I planned to start the Indespensable blog series earlier during 2014 but for various reasons I didn’t get it operational until June but since then there’s been a blog roughly every two weeks making 15 blogs in all. Each article is thoroughly researched and as you’ve seen loaded with links so that you can readily read further articles on aspects of my story that interest you.

Your response has been great. Readership has grown from the initial 50 friends and associates to about 280 readers over the course of six months and I’d like to thank all of you for your support. The blogs are also read by a number of environmental groups and this is likely to grow next year.

I’m particularly pleased with the Global Warming War blog series and it will continue on next year with in depth articles on Global Warming issues. You can also expect a sprinkling of human rights articles, a couple of satires and maybe some political poetry.

I know it’s difficult for you to comment on an article at the moment but when I tried to make it easier I was getting over two thousand bits of spam a week.   I’m currently experimenting with a new look and a new spam filter that will allow you to reply to the articles a lot easier.

I’d like to wish you all a pleasant and restful Christmas break and an exciting new year.

Best wishes,

Des Pensable.

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Des Pensable

Des is a native of Sydney where he currently lives with his partner Joanne. He has a PhD in neuroscience and worked as a biomedical scientist where he published widely in several areas of science. Since retiring, he’s been a keen writer of poetry, stories and philosophy which appear on his web, blog site and on line literary publications. He is also a performance poet that appears regularly in venues around Sydney.

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