The Global Warming War : Have we reached the Death of Hope or the Beginning of Change?



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If you are playing a strategy war game like chess that moment when you realized that you were going to lose becomes embossed on your mind. It is a moment of resignation, it’s the death of hope.  You’ve lost. In a chess game, it’s the moment you lie down your king. In a game you get to live on and play again.

In the real world it’s the moment when you finally consider surrender, when the cowards run, the religious pray and heroes are supposed to be born.  But if there is no quarter to be given, no chance of mercy, no way to stop the inevitable, no way to change the odds, no way survive, you die. It’s all over! You don’t live on to play again.

In a real life situation it could be a moment of panic, “Oh hell I’m going to die”; a moment of sadness “Dam, I’m not going to see my wife and family again.”; or it might be the classic movie moment of defiance and heroic self-sacrifice. “I’ll hold them off while you guys escape.”

In the Global Warming War we have not yet lost.  We are not quite yet at the moment of resignation or the death of hope but it is fast approaching.

Thousands of scientists have studied Global Warming as if it was a war game and found a set of conditions termed tipping points that if passed will cause us to lose the war. If we lose almost all life on Earth is likely to perish. They have also worked how we can avoid losing.

A tipping point is like the moment you slide down a slippery dip, once you let go there’s no stopping until you hit the bottom. Once a tipping point is passed there is no stopping. No prayers, no cavalry, no hope will change the outcome. There is one tipping point that is absolutely lethal to our planet. If it is passed we are all dead.

Trapped at the bottom of our oceans is thousands of billions of tons of methane hydrate. It is trapped by the fact that at the bottom of the oceans the pressure is high and the temperature too cold to allow it to rise to the surface. However, if the temperature of the water rises above a tipping point, then that methane trapped at the bottom of the ocean will begin to rise out of the sea. It’s already happening in the Arctic to a small and minor extent in shallow areas.

Methane is about 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide, the gas currently released by burning fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal.

At present 93% of all global warming heat gets absorbed into the oceans. When we pass the tipping point for the sea bottom methane to be released in large amounts, the Global Warming War is over. The world will rapidly warm causing the oceans to get warmer causing more methane to be released causing more warming, in a lethal positive feedback cycle.

Nothing we as humans can do will stop that cycle once it gets going. It is projected to cause the world average temperature to increase by more than 10 degrees Celsius. An increase of that magnitude will have the effect of making MOST of the land in the world too hot for life. Scientists believe it has happened before causing a mass extinction.

All the forests will burn. In Australia, we’ve seen the destruction of a single bushfire. It’s awesome.  Imagine a world-wide fire storm. Imagine the whole of the Amazon and African jungles burning. Massive deserts will form. Almost all of the land creatures of the world will die. Most of the creatures in the sea will fare little better as the sea will become too hot and too acidic to survive.

There will be nowhere for humans to live except underground, no food to eat, no water to drink. Perhaps 90-95% of all humanity will perish. You and ALL your family, your friends, your dogs and cats WILL MOST LIKELY be among the casualties.

We are at war with Nature. 97% of the world’s climate scientists are convinced Global Warming will destroy life on Earth unless we take action to fix it. They have the evidence and they have a cure.

It starts with keeping 80% of the world’s fossil fuel reserves in the ground and moving to renewable forms of energy.  We urgently need to start that part of the treatment now.

So what can you do about it ?

Here’s  a few ideas to start.

  • Join an activist group such as Lock the Gate , the Australian Conservation Foundation, Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth.
  • Divest in fossil fuel assets by moving your savings to a bank that doesn’t invest in Fossil fuels.
  • Become independent yourself on power by going Solar.
  • Resist new coal mine development in Australia
  • Resist Coal Seam Gas mining in Australia
  • Lobby hard for the removal of ALL government subsidies to fossil fuel companies.
  • Vote for politicians that will take serious positive action to mitigate Global Warming – get them to put it in writing.
  • Fight against the corruption of our politicians by the fossil fuel energy mining companies as revealed by ICAC.


As of October 8th, I have just modified this article to link to some important NEW information .. dated 13th August, 2014. As of late last year there have been MASSIVE discharges of methane off the Arctic coast which the models predict could lead to a MASS EXTINCTION EVENT as early as 2050 leading to some scientists to argue for  a war time alert to be announced leading to an IMMEDIATE move from fossil fuels to renewable and IMMEDIATE shut down of industrial activity in the USA and much of the world.  The massive discharges of methane follow on the highest sea temperatures ever recorded in the USA.

Watch for further article in the Global Warming War series..

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