A little blue green poem.

Tits Should be Out and About

Tits should be out and about

Des Pensable (copyright) 2012.

As published in Narrator Australia Nov, 2012

Tits Should Be Out and About

My good friend Barry at the bar a month ago last night,
Told me of some tits he'd seen that gave him great delight,
I went home sober that night thinking I was missing out,
They sounded quite glorious and should be out and about,
A few days later I was as determined as I could be,
That pair of beautiful tits were perfection that I really had to see.
I woke early before dawn, it would be a lovely spring day,
With binoculars and a thermos of coffee I was off and on my way,.
I crept carefully through the brambles getting stuck once or twice,
In the darkness every sound was a snake or possibly just mice,
I fell over a few times, tore my shirt, and got dirt upon my face,
but finally after cursing a few times I arrived at the predetermined place,
On the bank of a creek at the back of the new housing estate,
Just down from the national park and near the ranger's entry gate,
I took up my secret hide overlooking a backyard fence,
The mist was just on rising but still far too dense,
I cleaned the lenses on my viewers as they'd received a little mud,
and had a swig of hot coffee to stimulate my blood,

As the new day dawned and the haze began to clear,
I saw those two lovely blue tits in a cage hanging quite near,
They belonged to an ornothologist that had lots of caged-up birds,
A prision for these lovely tits made me quite lost for words,
I climbed over that backyard fence and snuck up to their cage,
I released the catch on their little door in a mood of pique and rage,
I watched as they flew up high to their freedom at last,
then fled back through the trees and bushes running very fast,
Breathing heavily and covered in sweat, I returned back to my bike,
A ranger was waiting there. 'Son' he said, 'come on lets take a hike',
We've had a complaint from a customs officer living near,
You've released illegal birds in this National Park we hear,
They'll breed like bloody sparrows and soon become a pest,
They'll displace all the natives and block up gutters when they nest.
European tits like Aussie boobies should be free to fly not in cage,
But we must care for our environment in this modern day and age.
The place for tits to be free is in their native country side,
Like Aussie boobies that flourish at the beaches where we reside,
The magistrate let me off on a good behavior bond,
and a warning about foreign birds of which i'm always very fond.

I was at the bar with my good mate Barry, he's wondered where I've been,
He told me about some beautiful caged parrots that he'd recently just seen,
I went home sober that night thinking that they were missing out,
They sounded quite glorious and should be out and about.

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