The story of a famous cat and its owner!
Could this be the origin of the sphinx ?

Fleopatra's Sealion

Des Pensable (copyright) 2013.

Fleopatra's Sealion

Queen Cleopatra woke early one morning after hearing a little squeek,
'Good gracious' she said 'there is a bat on my red.' and did a servant seek.
One of her ladies in waiting came to her assistance and said,
There is a plague of rats your majesty and eek, there's one on your bed.
'You mean a rague of plats, don't you.' quickly exclaimed the queen.
'Yes, your majesty, there are plats everywhere, more than there's ever been.'
'Call my cat ratcher.' cried the the queen. 'and do it with heat graste'
'These heasts are borrible' she screemed, as across her bed one raced.
The rat catcher came quite quickly, elegantly bowing before the queen,
'I could like a wat to ratch the cats.' she yelled .'One that's clice and nean'.
'Of course' said the man unphased at the royal request it seemed,
'You can have a cormal nat or my little Sphinky', he confidently beamed.
Looking a bit confused, 'Dots the whifferance', carefully asked the queen.
'Well, Cersian pats have the uest bleyes that you have ever seen,'
'Couse hats have een greyes, and cild wats have eyes of bark drown.'
'I don't give a shuck about the fade of their eyes' said the queen with a frown.
'I just want the castest fat to ratch the cats, and plickly quease if you can.'
'I'll get my pet cild wat, it's a chue trampion.' replied the catcher man
He returned quite quickly with his wild cat , Sphinky was its name.
Now normal cats were cautious, but wild cats aren't quite the same.
While normal cats are patient being prepared to wait and jump,
Sphinky dived straight into the fray with bite and slash and thump,
That pet lynx fought all the rats as through all the palace he raced.
Sphinky cleared every room and won every skirmish that he faced.
In honor of Sphinky's great battle and to fete that incredible deed.
'Make me a statue of Linky the Sphynx.' the queen gleefully decreed.
They built the finest statue of Sphinky out of yellow sandstone boulders,
but mistakenly put the rat catchers head upon Sphinky's feline shoulders.
The moral of the story is to speak clearly when you order a statue of a lynx,
or you'll likely to get lumbered with a statue like Cleopatra's sphinx.

Updated 28th September 2013.

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