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Fantasy Girl

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Fantasy girl is a boy meets girl in the future story. The problems and passions are still the same as we know now as human nature doesn't change very fast.

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Fantasy Girl

Des Pensable (copyright) 2010.

Personal Log;  Dave Matton, Alternate Reality Engineer. Class 1
Alpha Base 4 ;
Stardate 2010.234

I first met fantasy girl at a dinner at my place to meet one of my son’s workmates. He was a gregarious mid twenties guy searching for the right woman. She was an attractive middle-aged woman a little taller than normal with a squarish jaw line slightly unkempt mid brown hair and green eyes enhanced with the latest autoadjusting lenses. She wore an education officer’s uniform, which gave her the look of a librarian or perhaps a schoolteacher.  She was polite and quiet, sat and ate elegantly and hardly spoke a word. She and my son seemed to have little in common.

I began to speak of fantasy story that I was creating for our new holosuite on the base and she came alive. She spoke of a fantasy world that was real to her. It was an alternate reality that contained all the wild strange and bizarre things that we normally only meet in a holosuite or such similar place but in her mind. It was a land rich in the tapestry of epic history, religion and philosophy.

She had a vision of a radiant god but his garden wasn’t on any planet. Instead it spanned the galaxy and beyond. Her joy flowed not from the beauty of flowers or trees but the grandiosity of the universe. She saw the sky as her garden and the stars her flowers.

When she talked of her cosmic world her eyes lit up like the first rays of light at sunrise shining through golden clouds. Her smile was that of a goddess wishing one and all a peaceful and loving day. Her voice was melodic and musical and her words seemed to sprinkle stardust around like magic.

When she stopped speaking it was like night had suddenly returned and the moon had eclipsed. Her eyes lost their glow and her expression held a hidden sadness that almost made me cry. She bore pain in her heart but stoically tried to keep it hidden from all.

She left dinner that night much as she had come with a bland expression that held little joy. Tomorrow for her was just another step in and endless trek on a dark journey across the galaxy seeking atonement for a deed lost in the shadows of time.. When she left I had to know all about her from my son. He told me a little but wished to respect her privacy. She kept her secrets to herself. She liked him so she had revealed more of herself to him than to most others and I wondered why.

It was five years later, my partner had died of a nuclear reactor accident and I was near the end of a period of grieving when my son told me that fantasy girl was leaving our area to work in another base a long way away. He wanted to give her a farewell dinner and asked whether I wished to come. Of course I told him remembering her beautiful smile that radiated through the darkness.

I went to the dinner that night excited at the prospect of meeting her again and to see and feel some of that radiance that came from her smile. She came in with that blank expression but when she saw my son she cheered up. She gave me a polite smile and even a little hug. I was surprised, there were only four us, my son, his new girlfriend, fantasy girl and me.

To my great delight we sat opposite each other and we talked fantasy concepts and trans dimensional holocasting. I revealed that I had created a new universe with new worlds and I was emersed in it. She opened up on her world and we compared them. Hers was full of goodness, gods and radiant symbols pointing a path through an argent galaxy with silver knights challenging the darkness and overcoming all.

Mine was perhaps not as grandiose being full of darkness, deception, coercion and puzzling scenarios. My hero a male was strange and atypical perhaps an antihero. He was to meet female who was just as strange and wore hidden secrets that few except he could see. I told her how I planned to bring them together to solve a problem of cosmic proportions and she listened attentively and seemed genuinely interested.

Hours passed and neither my son nor his girlfriend was able to get much of a word into our conversation. I was enchanted and enthralled by fantasy girl and was deeply disappointed when we had to part. I gave her a hug goodbye and she disappeared into the mist rising off the dark base road.

Two good things had transpired. One was I felt as though we had touched spirits for a short time and she had perhaps seen that her world was not that different to mine. The other more important was that we had exchanged holomail addresses. I looked for her holomail over the next few weeks but none came. She was busy moving. She needed time to get set up. I should have called her but I didn’t as too many things were happening over the period.

It wasn’t until I looked at my holomail again several weeks later that I noticed amongst the several hundred bits of junkmail that I saw a short note from fantasy girl. Would I like to chat about topics of mutual interest? My heart almost stopped. I quickly sent a holorequest back hoping for a quick reply and to my great relief I got one a day or two later. She was interested.

We started holomailing each other. At first one then two then three a day. There was magic happening. I was fascinated by the scope of her knowledge and intellect. She had a mind for logic and a deep-seated love for planetary science and cosmology. I couldn’t believe it. We loved the same things but the sadness was still there and evident in her words. I wondered what I should do. Should I talk about it or just leave old skeletons buried.

One night she sent an holomail that reeked of unhappiness. I had to see her and find out what had caused this problem perhaps I could help in some way. It seemed totally crazy to catch a ground transporter 8 hrs just to say hello and ask what made her sad. I holomailed and said I might be in the area and offered to buy her a nice dinner of real terrestrial food and she replied that it would be nice if I did. I told her I was coming and left the next light cycle.

This was crazy. What would she be thinking? Perhaps something like I better humour this fellow as after all he is the father of my good friend. I thought of all sorts of excuses why I was going that far to see her but none made sense so in the end I decided to give no explanation. I should play it by ear and see what happened.

I sent her a holomail message as to when I was likely to arrive. I tried to contact her on the way but the signal was poor, the solar static was high and couldn’t get through. I also had a new holophone and couldn’t work it properly. It was frustrating. Then she rang just after the time I had told her that I was likely to arrive. Her voice was magic. She gave me directions and after a brief stop at the planetary tourist information centre I found my way to where she was.

She stood in a dome terrarium park surrounded by trees. She wore a black sarong embroidered with silver thread that glowed feintly. Her hair was of pure gold and hung below her shoulders. I love it here she said. It’s so beautiful and I can feel the trees relating to me. It must lie in some sort of magical nexus and I can see the stars clearer here during the dark cycle. We chatted politely and she offered me a synth-apple pie for lunch. I accepted it and tried to eat it while drinking in her beauty. She was so elegant and poised. She spoke with clarity and great depth about her reality. Her voice was music to my ears.

She had booked us in for that genuine dinnerI promised her in a local restaurant specialising in terrestrial imports. We were first to arrive.  We sat drinking a wonderful green infusion from the leaves of an ancient jungle tree. She liked hers weaker than I liked mine so she had the first cup and I waited several minutes before I poured mine. We talked and talked and drank more of the brew. She gave me the most wonderful smiles. The waiter was getting frustrated as we wouldn’t order food but we didn’t care.

Eventually she chuckled and said ‘I guess we better order as that waiter is giving me very dark looks.’

We talked and talked into the night until we were the only two left in the restaurant. I didn’t want to stop talking as I could feel a mystical connection. I suggested we have a drink and we found the last place on the base open. It stayed open until near mid-dark cycle and we were forced to finish off.

We caught an autotaxi to her apartment and as she was getting out I asked her for kiss goodnight. A flash of surprise crossed her face and she quickly agreed leaning in close so that I could feel the warmth of her body. The kiss was friendly but lingered longer and longer. Both of us felt the magic that coursed though our bodies. There was a cosmic connection between us. My heart was accelerating to warp speed as she left the vehicle and closed the door.
‘You came 8 hours overland to give me kiss.’ she said. ‘No one’s ever done that before.’
‘I’ll give you a thousand more if you’ll let me.’ I said as she walked away.
‘Perhaps some day.’ She replied with an enigmatic smile.

It took me two hours to get to sleep that night. Her mind and her ideas dazzled me and she hid her secret from my sight. I awoke and remembered that I had promised to give her two holodisks of Martian chants. I quickly rang her and went to where she worked to give them to her. When she came out I wanted to hug into her and not let her go.

We exchanged pleasantries and the disks then said goodbye and I hugged her and felt her body yield to my touch and her spirit meld into mine. I knew she felt the same magic that I did. We were tied together through space and time. We had met before in another place, another dimension and another reality.

I took the ground transporter back to my base but it felt like a short journey, as my mind was totally captivated by her charm. I sent her a holomail to say I had arrived home safely and was pleasantly surprised by her quick reply. I could see by the tone of her messages she was deeply moved by our brief encounter and perhaps wondered about our mysterious connection.

We spent the next two days holomailing each other but the frequency rapidly rose to one every few minutes. I could see I was falling for fantasy girl. She was working her way into my very soul. Our connection was truly of cosmic proportions. We opened a secure comm-channel and soon were talking for hours at a time and we drew closer and closer in both mind and spirit.

Then one night she began to tell me her story of her home. She was a shy girl with three brothers in a family where her mother and father were divided. Their fights hurt her to the core. Her father left for another woman she was broken hearted and displaced from her family home. She met a man who she thought loved her and became pregnant. To her horror, he moved on in haste having no thoughts of commitment. and she was left to decide on her little boy's fate.

Being so young and with no family or support, she was advised by a heartless technocrat to give her baby boy away. Heartbroken she conceded but cried for days after he was gone. She tried to keep in contact but was eventually lost to him and he to her when his adopting family moved. The guilt consumed her. She wandered from planet to planet , from man to man seeking to forget but found no answers and always there was a deep wound in her heart. Her little boy was lost to her.

To ease the pain she created her own world in her mind, one without pain and loss and she spent much of her time there. Unfortunately, the mind needs the body and the body lives in the world of pain and anguish so she had to return for sustenance.

During her wanderings she met my son. He was the same age as hers and they talked. He talked of his life and his lost mother that he had loved so much and her heart went out to him? Did her son talk to someone about his lost mother? Did her son know that she had searched the galaxy for him. Did he know how lost she felt?

My heart weeped for fantasy girl but then I thought that perhaps there was a solution. If she stayed in my fantasy world with me perhaps I could love her enough to ease her pain. Perhaps she could be my fantasy girl.  Perhaps she could be a surrogate mother to my son. Perhaps one day her son might ring and say hello mother I’ve been searching for you and he would heal her wounded heart with a loving hug.  I live in hope.


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