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Most of us go through every day like automatons, we wake, we eat, we got to work, we think about someone else's problems to someone else's timetable and priorities. We come home, we eat, we communicate sparingly, we watch entertainment and sleep.

Our life ticks away relentlessly as we chase the dollar to survive. We barely have time to talk to the people that we like, love and live with.

We don't take the time to really discuss the important issues affecting our society yet these are getting more and more complex. Half the children in our society live in single parent families that struggle just to get through each day let alone have time or inclination to ponder life.

Massive companies with turnovers bigger than the Gross National Products of many countries in the world control our day to day lives and think only of the bottom line (and that's not you or me).

Communications technology has opened up the world to us yet closed down our ability to communicate face to face. If we think then it's in small tweets that are soon lost in a sea of other twitter. We see young people texting silly comments to each other while standing only a few meters apart.

I always considered that the difference between humans and all the other life forms was that we had the chance to think about the choices we make if we choose to. We were not just following hard wired genetic behavioural patterns like most of the animals which are primarily biological automatons.

I'm a part of a generation that existed in a time when we had time to think. To sit in silence and ponder issues. To discuss them with others, to argue their merits or problems and not just think about them when they are on a current affairs program on TV.

Consequently, this site contains original thoughts, ideas and concepts thought by someone who doesn't wish to be a silent automaton in our society. Many are satirical and some hopefully amusing, and probably some you might consider to be graphiti.

You are free to agree or disagree, like or dislike these offerings. I hope that in some small way they enrich your day and perhaps tempt you to think about issues that you would otherwise ignore.

Maybe you could do some writing and share your thoughts with others. I'll listen and comment. I may not agree but I'll tell you why. If we disagree then that is good. We each know we are truely thinking about a topic from different perspectives. Either of us could be right or wrong depending upon the criteria used to arbitrate but both of us will learn somethink new.

I hope you enjoy this site and all comment is welcome.

Des Pensable.

Last updated 16th August, 2015.

Des Pensable

Des is a person who has travelled widely around the world on both business and pleasure, seen a lot and is somewhat philosophical about our future..

Regardless of the state of the world he enjoys life and love and especially enjoys a bit of humour and satire about the establishment and some of the craziness that seems to abound in our western society.

He has studied and worked in many areas including government, private enterprise and university teaching and published in a diverse range of areas. He has a PhD in neuroscience.

He currently has a keen interest in story telling, writing, poetry, philosophy and social commentary.

Des is an independant thinker with no ties to any government or commercial enterprise or funding from any commercial, political or religious body.

He recently joined the Australian Greens Party as they are the only party with a true social democractic policy in the country. He believes that secular social democracy is the best path to peace and harmony within our troubled world.

For a list of Des's political views..

Des Pensible,Mar, 2015

A man`s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. - Albert Einstein