A review of a part of my former life

I used to be an Activist

I used to be an activist

Des Pensable (copyright) 2012.

I Used to be an Activist

I'd fight for peace and happiness,
I'd fight for trees and wilderness,
I'd fight to legalise weed,
I'd fight to end corporate greed,
I'd fight for people's human rights,
I'd get in many bloody fights,
I'd wave my placards way up high,
I'd shake my fists as the police went by,
I'd dodge and run from the gas,
I'd shout things that were pretty crass,
My stress was hign, my life was fast,
Your blood pressure's up you will not last,
Said my doctor with a real sad face,
Slow down to a more measured pace,
Fighting for freedom's a real good goal,
But its a lot harder when you're on the dole,
If you want to improve the world's health,
Make money and increase your wealth,
Eat good food and do good deeds,
Help people with their daily needs,
Be a friend of those with none,
You'll find it more useful than a gun,
I'm older now my stress is down,
I love my life in Sydney town,
I love beauty and all thats nice,
But I still have my favorite vice,
I still fight for what I think is right,
It's kept me awake many a night,
I fight with words as sharp as knives,
To try and improve our our daily lives,
And ocassionally would you know it,
The bastards call me a bloody poet.

(slightly modified in Jan 2013.}

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