TransPacific Partnership (TPP)

Ignorance isn't Bliss and Now we have the TPP to Confuse Everyone



YOU ARE BOUND BY YOUR BELIEFS that have been carefully crafted by religion and laws drafted by politicians who serve the true power brokers who previously called themselves kings and emporers but these days anonymously hide behind behind company logos. They now offer you the Transpacific Parnership Agreement (TPPA) a trade treaty that is about much more than trade- its about corporatocracy- world corporate rule.

Secular Democracy is arguably the fairest, most egalitarian form of social system yet devised by humanity to allow multitudes of people with different religious and political views to live together in peace and harmony yet it, like all other systems, has been corrupted by greedy and power hungry sociopaths hiding from sight.

Hundreds of millions believe Democracy is wonderful. They see it as Freedom. Countless people have paid with their lives to make their parts of the world democratic. We hear shouts and screams of Power to the People! Government by the people for the people!

Democratic government is supposed to make decisions by the people in the best interests of the people. Yet Democracy relies on people being informed and making decisions based upon factual information.

What happens in a system when the majority of the people are too lazy, too complacent, too disinterested, too ignorant to find out the facts. What happens when they are fed disinformation via their newspapers and TV news. What happens when they are fed misinformation by their elected politicians corrupted by wealthy business interests.. What happens when the anonymous wealthy sociopaths set out to deceive a gullible audience of sheeple.


We have spent centuries trying to find a fair system for all humanity only to let it whither and fail by ignorance and complacency... I guess we deserve what we get. We reap what we sow.

But what about those people that did care, that did find out, that were not complacent. Why should they suffer because of the ignorance and stupidity of others?

History was not changed by the sheeple. The Enlightenment that bought us out of the Dark Ages was not sparked by the ignorant masses but by a few activists. People that disagreed with system. People that rocked the boat, argued and made a noise. People that thought critically , examined the truth behind the facts and forced changes. Democracy was created by these people and it needs them again to maintain it and nourish it.


Check out the blogs linked to the column on the right. They are in order of when published rather than topic but they all show that I believe these are probably the most important issues other than Global Warming that will shape the future of the world as we all know it.

This site is for people that believe in secular democracy and want to help preserve it. I hope you like it.

Des Pensable

Last Updated 13th November, 2016.

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