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Short stories are the best thing around these days in an age of oversupply of information and entertainment. Our time is short so a five minute story is ideal. It can take your mind to another dimension almost instantly and if it gives you an emotional kick or leaves you with an idea or a question then it has worked its wonder.

My speculative fiction stories are between one and five A4 pages long and generally encompass various forms of fantasy including scifi and religion..

Sir Oldbod and the Cosmic Priestess is a series of short scifi / fantasy stories that will endeavour to mix star trekkian concepts with feudal romanicism. In true epic fantasy style they trek to find GYTOBEB the god yet to be born. Ideas for a few adventures of Sir Oldbod have been listed and they will appear as time permits. The first five are shown here. I suggest you read them in order as each episode will continue more or less on from the previous one. How it will end is anybody's guess LOL.

I hope you enjoy this section.

Des Pensable

Last Update 16th November, 2017

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