Art and Poetry

Visual art and poetry go together like two lovers one entwined in the other. Some art is poetry and some poetry art. Both can stir the imagination and fire up the emotions. Both are used to describe the intimacy of love and the brutality of war, both have been with us for centuries and will continue to enrich our lives.

There are many styles of poetry just as there are styles of music and they go through cycles of popularity. I like a humorous narrative style of poetry that tends towards the absurd. Consequently I write stuff that will hopefully give you a chuckle and possibly even leave a message.

Some say that if a poem rhymes that it's not modern. We don't do that now. I like rhythme and rhyme so too bad. My poems rhyme. The irony with poetry is that the same lines written by a poet and a novelist can be treted differently. If written by an established poet, the lines are poetry, while if written by the novelist they are rhyming prose. What a load of pretentious bullshit !

How many poems do you have to write before you become an establshed poet? I guess it depends on whether anyone reads them and says they enjoyed them.

I've tried to marry images which I've found on the Internet which I believe to be public domain with my poems and writing. If anyone objects to these images on commercial grounds I am quite prepared to remove them. If you just find any of the images offensive too bad.

Spiritual Makeover was written as an slam poetry entry. Sadly owing to other commitments I never got to the competition with it in 2011. Maybe some other time.

"I used to be an Activist " is a little tongue in cheek. I was an activist but I don't think anyone called me a poet in those days. Lots of colorful words beginning in F, B and C more likely.

'Tits Should be Out and About' a little blue green poem..

Natural Ice Cream Koans - my contibutions to Zen Poetry

Stardust to Destiny is an effort to reconcile our origins with our future. It's the story of evolution.

Bill's Caught a Virus or is it Just Love is a play with Dawkin's concept that Religion is a virus.

Dodgy Dick is an anti Coal Seam Gas mining poem

Fleopatra's Sealine is an excercise in fun with spoonerisms

What Would You Say is an IN YOUR FACE environmental poem

New Recruit is my entry to the Nimbin World Poetry Cup

Plight of the Hawkesbury another environmental poem


I hope you enjoy this section.

Des Pensable

Last Updated 23rd October, 2017.

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