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New Age Satirical Association (NASA)

Around the world in most of the western countries there is a growing dissatisfaction with the way both governments and religions are coping with the modern world. This has caused a lot of people to be suspicious of government and to reject main stream religions in order to seek a more spiritual replacement which is often Buddhism or other eastern philosophies.

The movement loosely called the New Age is characterized by people rejecting many aspects of our collective society. They want to be individuals and authentic. They often become vegetarians. They are suspicious about food additives so go for organic alternatives, they are suspicious about modern drugs so go for herbal remedies and mystical healing. They often believe that the answers for the future will come from the past not the present, they often turn to magic over proven technology.

While there is much wisdom and personal benefit to be gained from eastern philosophies such as Buddhism there are also a lot of people out there peddling a range of silly ideas, fake medicines and idiotic practices which are designed to dupe vulnerable people into parting with their hard earned savings rather than give any real help.

NASA is my association created to further the distribution of satirical literature on selected silliness and deception that goes on in the New Age together with some from the Old Age and perhaps a few comments from the Present Age.

The above group of New Age Orthodox priests are obviously getting into the mood for change. They have all enrolled in a Jeddi Knight course at the local TAFE. May the farce be with them.

Transcends Rainbows is a complete NASA site that examines New Age stuff in detail. It is currently under construction and will be available soon.

Have you discovered the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). It's an interesting and fun way to challenge the idiocy of the creational scientists pushing intelligent design.


I hope you enjoy this section.

Des Pensable

Last Update 19th April 2016.

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