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Quick Guide to Some Global Warming Literature

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General Information.

1. Global Warming.. the facts by Wikipedia.
2. Answers to skeptics questions by the Australian Climate Change Council.
3. Graphs and Charts on Global Warming (2012)
3A. More charts.. 11 graphs from 2014
4. Dangerous Climate Myths: the reality
5. What’s Causing Australia’s Heat wave
6. What Aussies think about Global Warming
7. Aussies Global Warming Concern Rebounds
8. Rise of the new Aussie hero- the green activist
9. 97% of scientists agree about Climate change
10. Why we need to keep 80% Fossil Fuels in the Ground
11. We have to cut emissions by half by 2020
12. How Australian Coal is Causing Global Damage
13. Why the USA is slow to act on Global Warming
14. Why the rich don’t want action on Global Warming
15. President Obama on Global Warming
16. President of the World Bank on Global Warming
17. Ban Ki-Moon of the UN on Global Warming
18. Al Gore : New Hope for the Climate


Whats happening in the Sea

1. Arctic Sea Ice ... whats happening
2. The 21st Century energy wars
3. On Sea level rise
4.. Problems with Ocean Acidity
5. More on Ocean Acidity
6. Ocean acidity will cost our economy billions

The Problems if we don’t act

1. The Six Steps to Hell
2. International panel (IPCC): Breakdown of Food systems and Increased Conflict
3. US National Intelligence Agency: Migration and Increased Conflict  
4. US Military : Global Warming will cause World Instability
4A. US military changes tactics because of Global Warming.
5. Global Warming and Food Security

5a Ocean Acidification Threatens Food Security, Report
6. Global Warming and the Effects on Weather
7. Talking about the RISKS for business
8. Mass extinction from methane
9. The Methane Monster
10. the 2050 Weather forcast from the UN

Divestment in Fossil Fuels

1. The Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment short
2. The Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment ..long form
3. WE have to cut emissions by half by 2020
4. Coal industry in Australia has shrunk 60% in value in 2014 since 2012.

5. Go Fossil Free =- excellent slide show

6. Will Divestment Work Fast Enough

7. Climate change: UN backs fossil fuel divestment campaign

8. 10 myths about fossil fuel divestment put to the sword

9. Keep it in the Ground Divestment Campaign

Global Warming Denial

1. FOX news found to be a major denier of Global Warming
2. The denial factory Koch Industries
3. The anti-science anti-Global Warming US Congress
4. Billionaire Koch brothers -major players in US climate inaction
5. The Science of Why we don’t Believe in Global Warming
6. Understanding Global Warming Denial
7. IPA Think Tank a False Climate Prophet

8. Massive Lobbying Internationally

After the Cataclysm

1. So you want to change the world.
2. Seven reasons why the US will fail on Global Warming
3. WE may be doomed
4. How to save the world

Videos and Movies (more to come)

The voice of Nature

The voice of the Ocean

The coral Reef speaks

The rainforest speaks

Is there a happy ending

Climate Change Disruption

2 degrees movie (Aussie)


Check out the Global Warming Action Kit

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last updated 17th March 2015

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