The Global Warming War Is Underway.

You can be a warrior or a victim the choice is yours.

Another world war has started. This war will be the war to end all wars because if we lose the war it is a good bet that most life on Earth will perish. If we win it will likely mean significant changes in our society and our way of life. The war is about Global Warming.

In past centuries wars were often fought over land or other resources. The current war is no different but the combatants are different. They are not so much countries or ethnic groups but the shadowy manipulators and controllers hiding out of sight behind corporate logos. The new war is with the world’s super wealthy elite called Plutarchs and oligarchs, the robber barons of the modern world that own the banks and multinational companies. The war is for the control and exploitation of the world’s resources and you and I are already a part of the war.

In this series of stories. I'll look at the evidence , the players and the dangers.


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This site is for people that believe in our world and want to help preserve it for future generations. We have a hard job on our hands but no one has ever said saving a world would be easy! I hope you like it.

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Last Updated 23rd, October, 2017.

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