Despensable Political and Humanitarian Viewspoints

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If you're reading this list you are probably trying to understand my mindset. I've been around a long time and over that period I've observed much about people and society and been one of the silent majority.

I've realised that I was was wrong!

I should have spoken up when I saw people being mistreated and victimised. I should have protested about the government selling off public assets to private companies, about secret backroom deals with the wealthy, about corruption and fraud and environmental vandalism. I should have voiced my opinion about religion being being fradulent, deceptive and controlling.

Democracy can only work if we the people take an active interest in their community, their government and protest and fight for the freedoms that every child is born with but often quickly get taken away. Because there are so many humans on this Earth we MUST cooperate and try to live in peace where we respect each others rights and freedoms. I believe the best solution discovered so far is Secular Democracy. It allows all people to live in peace and harmony with respect and dignity. Both the Christian Church and Islam have proclaimed Secular Democracy as their enemy.




I would prefer to be called as a progressive secular democratic humanist.
Maybe you prefer a left wing pinko academic elitist atheist asshole.
What’s in a name? It’s what you stand for that counts.

Human Rights

  • The United Nations Charter for Human Rights
  • The United Nation Charters for the Rights or Women, Children and the Disabled.
  • Love and peaceful coexistence among all people
  • International Rule of Law
  • Secularism, atheism, humanism and free thought
  • Free secular education for all
  • Freedom of speech and liberty.
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Freedom FROM religion
  • Freedom from hunger
  • No blasphemy laws


  • Global Warming action as the major world priority
  • Divestment in Fossil Fuels and investment in renewable energy
  • A two state solution in Israel/Palestine
  • An end to US military hegemony
  • US withdrawal of all military from the middle east.
  • US withdrawal of assassination drones
  • Removal of big nation veto at United Nations
  • Elimination of International Tax Havens
  • An International Tax Treaty to ensure global companies pay tax.
  • The International Court and trying war criminals including US war criminals.
  • US and Chinese action on Global warming
  • World Reduction in sex slavery
  • World investment in secular education for all
  • Concerted effort on world conservation
  • World Ocean Fishing Treaty

Australian Government

  • A secular social secular democratic Australian Republic, free of all privilege
  • An Australian Bill of Human Rights
  • Civil Rule of Law
  • Welfare for the unemployed, disabled, poor and unprivileged.
  • Medicare and free secular education
  • Government transparency and Freedom of information
  • Government ownership of utilities.
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Renewable Energy and sustainable living.
  • A knowledge driven economy
  • Science education for all
  • Darwinian Evolution in all schools
  • Workers Unions to protect the rights of workers
  • Strong Environmental Regulation of Industry
  • Strong Taxation of Big Business
  • Taxation of Religious Organisations
  • Phasing out of religious prayers and oaths in government
  • No anti-discrimination exemptions for religious schools and businesses
  • Scientific research not to be limited by unfounded religious objections
  • Immunisation/Vaccination of children against childhood diseases

Personal Choices

  • Contraception and sex education
  • Pro-choice regarding abortion
  • Same-sex marriage recognition
  • Recognition of gay families
  • Anti-homophobia education
  • Lesbian IVF availability
  • Right to die
  • Voluntary euthanasia
  • Gun control


  • Religious mythology, zealotry, bigotry, intolerance and misogyny.
  • Plutocracy, Corporatocracy, Theocracy Oligarchy and Authoritarianism
  • Unrestrained and Unregulated Capitalism
  • CSG and Coal mining
  • Political and Religious Fear mongering and Paranoia
  • Wars and military proliferation
  • Military and police drones
  • Corporate Thuggery
  • Corporate control of the mainstream media
  • Government lobbying by large corporates
  • The Death Sentence
  • Mandatory Incarceration Laws
  • Censorship of the Internet
  • Long periods on patents
  • Patents on the genetics of living creature
  • Ignorant and malicious conservatives and other idiots
  • Unwarranted impositions of religious dogma
  • Government support for religious schools
  • Religious indoctrination of children
  • Religious abuse of women and children
  • Religious sexual mutilation of women and children
  • Creationism

If I think of any more I’ll add them.

Updated 7th August, 2014


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