A poem about a dangererous viral meme.

Bill's Caught a Virus or is it Just Love?

This poem is about memes, those tricky little concepts which get stuck in our mind then spread like viruses from us to other people and influence our beliefs and consequently our behavior and actions.

Some memes such as Dawkin's virus are particularly difficult to cure. If you have never heard of this virus you will recognise it by the end of my poem.

This particular virus can trick you into living in a fantasy world. It can cause you to hate and kill others that are not infected; and to try to infect them with the virus if possible.

You may even be infected by it now. There is a cure available and It's called enlightenment. Use the brain that nature gave you to learn and be skeptical. Use logic and reason to distinguish between truth and fiction between reality and fantasy and above all ask questions. The cure is in the answers.



Des Pensable (copyright) 2012).

Bill's Caught a Virus (version 2)

On Sunday I went down the local club to have a quiet beer,
When my mate Ernie came along and nattered in my ear.
Bill's not coming, he's got a virus and he's got it pretty bad,
He said he's not coming here today which is really pretty sad.
He caught it off his new woman, the one that was quite rude,
The one that left that time when the jokes got a bit crude.
He said he's moved to women with spirit and real class,
Before he was quite happy with nice tits and a bit of ass.
He’s started wearing trousers as she doesn’t like jeans of any sort,
And stopped watching the footy as she doesn’t like contact sport.
He's thrown away his T shirt with F R Q across the chest,
And his green cap that names the beer he really likes the best.
He's stopped playing computer games as they’re no longer cool,
And donated all his porno books to the local public school.
He's got a second job in the gourmet pizza shop I'm told,
And has to grovel for every tip when each one is sold.
He said he's saving hard to buy her a real big diamond ring.
He said she's a real pure angel and you should hear her sing.
He's gone and cut his hair and shaved off his bushy beard,
This bloody new virus has got him acting pretty dam weird.
I asked Ernie if he had a fever, bad shivers or aches and pain.
Had it weakened any of his muscles and gotten into his brain?
I had visions of poor Bill lying motionless upon his bed,
Covered in damp blankets; looking pale and nearly dead.
Had he been to see the doctor and got some drugs to take?
‘That won't help at all.’ said Ernie. ‘It's not a curable disease.’
‘This dam virus is something that no drug can kill with ease.
You see it’s a virus of the mind that gets in and takes a hold,
It stops you asking questions, and tries to fit you in a mould.
It tells you how to dress, how to behave and what to eat,
It offers great rewards that if true are pretty hard to beat.’
‘I laughed.’ and said, ‘It’s not a virus it sounds like Bill's in love.’
'It's more serious,’ said Ernie. ‘He's seen the light from above.
He's caught the Dawkins virus and has fallen to its madness.’
I ordered another beer quite overcome with great sadness.
Bill suddenly appeared in his old jeans with his cap upon his head.
We thought we lost you mate, we thought your brain was dead.
‘No mate,’ he said. ‘When I went to church, I started asking why,
God was real and how I could live forever but only after I die.
I asked why priests rape little boys and gay marriage was a sin.
Why ban contraception if it would keep abortions from the bin?
Why to many other questions but the replies were just the same,
Adam took the apple from Eve and all humanity took the blame.’
I said ‘Surely evolution makes that creation myth a little out dated?’
The priest said ‘God’s word needed no proof, science was overrated.’
‘The book says all we need to know, to have faith and learn his way.’
He said ‘Follow the shepherd, don’t ask question, just serve and obey.’
‘That pious prick was found guilty of adultery a month ago last week,
And my angel confessed she was pregnant to that greasy religious geek.
I was angry and real annoyed until I met the priest’s de facto wife,
Jenny’s left the priest behind seeking a more honest normal life,
She said she’s seen the light and it wasn’t in any ancient religious lore,
She loves the taste of freedom and she’s no longer a religious whore,
She likes to sleep in on Sundays and have breakfast in the afternoon,
She likes to sunbake topless and swim naked under the full moon,
She loves my footy team and she loves to yell and scream and cheer,
She loves tight jeans and lipstick, drinking white wine and cold beer,
She may not be an angel but she’s a beautiful sweet loving Aussie girl,
And she’s shed that religion virus and given the wheel of fate a whirl,
We’ve moved in together and I’ve learned one lesson quite well,
Life in love is can be heaven even when you don’t believe in hell.’
The moral here is plain to see, loving a man or woman isn’t a sin,
So cast off that godly virus and give your lover a good reason to grin.

Cheers !

References to Dawkins Virus.

1. Dawkins himself

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